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Jesus is God's teacher of the truth, the way and the life

January 24th, 1915.
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

When I was on earth I was not worshiped as God, but was considered merely as the son of God in the sense that in me were imposed the Truths of my Father and many of His wonderful and mysterious powers.

I did not proclaim myself to be God, neither did I permit any of my disciples to believe that I was God, but only that I was His beloved son sent to proclaim to mankind His truths, and show them the way to the Love of the Father.

I was not different from other men, except that I possessed to a degree this Love of God, which made me free from sin, and prevented the evils that formed a part of the nature of men from becoming a part of my nature.

No man who believes that I am God has a knowledge of the truth, or is obeying the commandments of God by worshiping me. Such worshipers are blaspheming and are doing the cause of God and my teachings great injury.

Many a man would have become a true believer in and worshiper of the Father and follower of my teachings, had not this blasphemous dogma been interpolated into the Bible. It was not with my authority, or in consequence of my teachings that such a very injurious doctrine was promulgated or believed in.

I am only a son of my Father as you are, and while I was always free from sin and error, as regards the true conception of my Father's true relationship to mankind, yet you are His son also; and if you will seek earnestly and pray to the Father with faith, you may become as free from sin and error as I was then, and am now.

The Father is Himself, alone. There is no other God besides Him, and no other God to be worshiped.

I am His teacher of truth, and am the Way, the Truth and the Life, because in me are those attributes of goodness and knowledge which fit me to show the way and lead men to eternal life in the Father, and to teach them that God has prepared a Kingdom in which they may live forever, if they so desire. But not withstanding my teachings, men and those who have assumed high places in what is called the Christian Church, impose doctrines so at variance with the truth, that, in these latter days, many men in the exercise of an enlightened freedom and of reason, have become infidels and turned away from God and His Love, and have thought and taught that man, himself, is sufficient for his own salvation.

The time has come when these men must be taught to know that while the teachings of these professed authorities on the truths of God are all wrong, they, these same men, are in error when they refuse to believe in God and my teachings.

What my teachings are, I know it is difficult to understand from the writings of the New Testament, for many things therein contained I never said, and many things that I did say are not written therein. I am now going to give to the world the truths as I taught them when on earth, and many that I never disclosed to my disciples or inspired others to write.

No man can come to the Father's Love, except he be born again. This is the great and fundamental Truth which men must learn and believe, for without this New Birth men cannot partake of the Divine Essence of God's Love, which, when possessed by a man, makes him at one with the Father. This Love comes to man by the workings of the Holy Ghost, causing this love to flow into the heart and soul, and filling it, so that all sin and error, which tends to make them unhappy, must be eradicated.

I am not going to tell tonight just how this working of the spirit operates, but, I say, if a man will pray to the Father and believe, and earnestly ask that this Love be given him, he will receive it; and when it comes into his soul he will realize it.

Let not men think that by any effort of their own they can come into this union with the Father, because they cannot. No river can rise higher than its source; and no man who has only the natural love and filled with error can of his own powers cause that natural love to partake of the Divine, or his nature to be relieved of such sin and error.

Man is a mere creature and cannot create anything higher than himself; so man cannot rise to the nature of the Divine, unless the Divine first comes into that man and makes him a part of Its Own Divinity.

All men who do not get a part of this Divine Essence will be left in their natural state, and while they may progress to higher degrees of goodness and freedom from sin and from everything that tends to make them unhappy, yet, they will be only natural men, still.

I came into the world to show men the way to this Divine Love of the Father and teach them his spiritual truths, and my mission was that in all its perfection, and incidentally, to teach them the way to greater happiness on earth as well as in the spirit world by teaching them the way to the purification of the natural love; even though they neglected to seek for and obtain this Divine Love and become one with the Father.

Let men ponder this momentous question, and they will learn that the happiness of the natural man, and the happiness of the man who has obtained the attributes of Divinity, are very different, and in all eternity must be separate and distinct.My teachings are not very hard to understand and follow, and if men will only listen to them and believe them and follow them, they will learn the way and obtain the one perfect state of happiness which the father has prepared for his children. No man can obtain this state of Celestial bliss, unless he first gets this Divine Love of the Father, and so becomes at one with the Father.

I know it is thought and taught that morality and correct living and great natural love will assure a man's future happiness, and to a degree this is true, but this happiness is not that greater happiness which God desires His children to have; and to show the way to which I came to earth to teach.But in some hearts and minds my truths found a lodgement, and were preserved to save mankind from total spiritual darkness and a relapse to worship of form and ceremony only.

I have written you this to show that you must not let the teachings of the Bible, and what men wrote or professed to have written therein, keep you from receiving and understanding what I write.

I shall write no more tonight, but I will continue to tell you the Truths which will be "my New Gospel to all men," and when they have heard my messages they will believe that there is only one God, and only one to be worshiped.

With my love and blessings I close for this time. 


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Jesus wants mankind to stop worshipping him as God

December 25, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.
I am here, Jesus:
In my teachings I want to show that I am only my Father's son as you are His son, and not to be worshipped as God. He is the only God and the people who today are worshipping me in all parts of the world are not doing what I desire, for they are putting God in the background and making me their object of worship, which is all wrong and which I am so anxious to have ceased.
They must look upon me only as a son of God and their elder brother who has received from the Father His full Love and confidence, and which I am bidden to teach to them. You are not to let anyone tempt you to let your love of God be displaced by any love that you may have for me, for your love for me must not be of the kind that you have for Him. He is the only God and you must worship Him alone. So be careful and make the distinction, or you will make a most egregious mistake.
I am your own dear brother and teacher and love you with a love that I have for very few of the mortals. Why? Because I see that you will become a true follower of me and will love God as I love Him. Only, I do not want you to think that you are now in a condition that leaves you free from sin or the necessity of progressing to the Father with all your heart for an inflowing of His Love. You must get all this Love that is possible and that can be gotten only by prayer and faith. So in your prayers, have faith and the time will come when you will become very close to the Father and enjoy His Love to a degree that few have so far obtained.
Yes, it is possible and, as I say, it will take place, only do as I have told you. Yes, I will help you with all my power and love, and you will succeed. Only try to believe and you will realize before you come to the spirit world that God is your Father to a degree that will enable you to live very near Him as I am living. Your faith is now very great as I know, and notwithstanding the fact that at times you have doubts and get despondent, yet your faith is there and it will grow in intensity and become so strong that it will never again be shaken. You must now let me stop as you are tired and need rest.
Yes, there are many things in my life as written in the Bible which are true and many that are not true. These I will tell you when I come to write my and you must wait until then. Yes, I did, but not in the sense that it is taught. To forgive sin is only to let the true penitent feel that just as soon as he prays God to blot out his past offenses and truly believes that He will do so, the sins are no longer held against him for which he will have to account. I could not myself forgive sin, for I was not God, but I could tell them truly that if they repented, God would forgive their sins. Later I will tell you in detail what real forgiveness is and what it consists of.
As for the healing act which I performed at the pool of Bethesda, I am reported to have said, "Is it easier to say, 'Take up thy bed and walk' than for God to forgive your sin?"

Well, that is the way it is recorded, but that is not what I said. Actually I said, "That thou may know that the son of man through the power of God can forgive sin, I say unto you, `take up thy bed and walk."
It was only as God's instrument in showing man the way to His Divine Love, that I could bring about forgiveness of sin, and not by any power of my own. If God did not forgive, I could not and neither can any man.
I know that a church claims that authority, but it is not correct. It has no power to forgive sin or to grant any favor or indulgence to mankind, and its assertions of that power is a mere usurpation of what God alone has the power to give.
So let us stop now -
Your own true friend and teacher.
May God's blessing and mine rest upon you tonight.

Jesus is not God continued

September 28th, 1914
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

You are my true brother and will soon have the Love of our Father in your heart. Do not be discouraged or cast down for the Holy Spirit will soon fill your heart with the Love of the Father, and then you will be most happy and full of light and power to help yourself and fellowmen.

Go to your Father for His help. Go in prayer, firmly believing and you soon will feel His Love in your heart. My teachings, I know, you will receive in the course of time, and you will then see that your understanding will be greatly enlarged so that you will know that I am the Father's son as I explained it to you a few nights ago. You can and will receive the Father's Love so that you will not need to go through the expiation in the spirit world.

I was not conceived by the Holy Spirit, as it is taught by the preachers and teachers who are now leading mankind in the doctrines of the churches. I was born as you were born, and my earthly father was Joseph. I was conceived by God's Spirit in the sense that I was born free from sin and error, while all other human beings were born in sin and error. I never was a human being so far as my spiritual existence is concerned, as I was always free from sin and error, but I had all the feelings and longings of a human being which were not of sin. My love was human as well as spiritual, and I was subject to all the feelings of sympathy and love that any other human being was. Do not understand that I was with desires and longings for the pleasures of the world which the human passions created. I was not, only I was capable of deep feeling, and could feel and know the suffering and distress of humanity.

Yes, I will, and you will learn that many errors were written by the writers of the Bible. I will show you that the many alleged sayings of mine were not said by me or did not express my teachings of the truth. Her teachings of Christian Science do not express the true meaning of truth and love as I taught them. She is in error as to the ideas that God is spirit only, a spirit of mind. He is a spirit of everything that belongs to His Being. He is not only Mind, but Heart, Soul and Love.

You are too weak to write more.

You have my blessing and also that of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus the Christ


Jesus is not God

September 24th, 1914.
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was the instrument in God's hands of leading men to His favor and Love. When I said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," I meant that through my teachings and example men should be able to find God. I was not God and never claimed to be.

The worship of me as a God is blasphemous and I did not teach it. I am a son of God as you are. Do not let the teachings of men lead you to worship me as a God. I am not.

The trinity is a mistake of the writers of the bible. There is no trinity - only one God, the Father. He is one and alone. I am His teacher of truth, the Holy Spirit is His messenger and dispenser of Love to mankind. We are only His instruments in bringing man to a union with Him. I am not the equal of my Father - He is the only true God. I came from the spirit world to earth and took the form of man, but I did not become a God - only the son of my Father. You also lived as a spirit in that kingdom, and took the form of man merely as a son of your Father. You are the same as I am, except as to spiritual development, and you may become as greatly developed as myself.

When on earth, I was the only son who had, until then, become vested with the Divine Love of God to the extent of being wholly free from sin and error. My life was not a life of earthly pleasure or sin, but was given wholly to my Father's work. I was His only son in that light. He was my Father as I knew Him to be. He is not a spirit of form like myself or yourself.

I was born as you were born. I was the son of Mary and Joseph, and not born of the Holy Spirit as it is written in the Bible. I was only a human being as regards my birth and physical existence. The account in the New Testament is not true, and was written by those who knew not what they wrote. They have done the cause of God's truths much injury. Let not your belief in that error keep you from seeing that my teachings are the truth.

Be only a believer of God and His truths and you will soon be in the Kingdom.

Good night.

Jesus Christ

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Incarnation of the soul by Samuel

January 17th, 1916
Received by:James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Samuel - Yes, Samuel, the prophet.

Well, I will not write long tonight, as I merely want to say that you are much better in your spiritual condition, and the rapport between us is so much greater than heretofore.

Tonight, I desire to say one word on the subject of my knowledge of how a soul is born into the flesh and becomes an individualized person.

I heard what Luke wrote you, and I agree with him in his explanation of the character and qualities of the soul in its state before its incarnation; but I want to add one other thing to what he wrote, and that is, that when the soul first separates into its two component parts, and one of these parts enters into the physical body, the other part remains a mere soul, invisible even to us, but having an existence of which we are conscious, and hovers close to the earth plane seeking the opportunity to also incarnate and become individualized; and this happens within a short time after the separation from the half that has already incarnated. Of course, when I say a short time, I do not mean in a few months or even a few years, because sometimes there is a space of several scores of years between the two incarnations; but such time seems short to us who know nothing of time.

The soul which remains, as Luke has told you, as well as the soul that enters the human body, loses its consciousness of having been a part only of one complete soul, and of its relationship to the other part of that soul, and exists in the supposition that it is still a complete soul and needs no other soul to make it complete. This is a provision of the Father's goodness, so that the soul that continues in its pristine existence will not become lonely or unhappy.

You will naturally ask how I know this, as we have said these souls are not visible to us, and I can only answer that we spirits who have developed our souls to a high degree have acquired certain faculties, or what you may call senses, which enable us to know these things. It is not necessary that we should see these unindividualized souls in order to know of their existences and the qualities that they possess, any more than it is that we should be able to see the Great Oversoul of the Father in order to understand its qualities and attributes and existence. I know it is hard for you to understand this, and I cannot now satisfactorily explain it, for your senses of the earth life are not capable of comprehending the explanation, but what I tell you is true.

We often see the birth of the two parts of the souls into mortals and know that such souls then, for the first time, assumes a shape and form, for this invisible image of God fills the whole of the spirit body, and from that body assumes or receives its form, and thereby becomes individualized. The soul is the life of the spirit body and never leaves it during the earth life of the mortal; and comes with it at the death of the physical body, and remains a part of it during all the time of the existence of the spirit body in the spirit world. Whether it can ever become lost is a question upon which I shall write you later. You will remember that Jesus said, according to the Bible, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

I will say this though, at this time, that a man may retain his soul as a fact and yet have a consciousness of having lost it, and he is then as if he had no soul.

I have said to you what I intended to write, because Luke had omitted to speak of the condition of that half of the soul that remained in the spirit world, after the other half had been incarnated.

Matters of this kind, though, are not important as regards the salvation of man, or the perfecting of his soul to such a degree that that soul may become at-one with the Great Soul, having what it did not possess before its seeking a dwelling place in the flesh - and that is, the Divine nature of the Father, and immortality, as an individualized, never dying person.

As we proceed in these writings you will understand the importance of the soul's becoming incarnated, and then leaving the flesh and again returning to the spirit spheres. And you will also learn that the doctrine of evolution is to an extent correct, but not as commencing from an atom or from an animal inferior to man. Back of and greater than this doctrine of evolution is the great and more Divine doctrine of involution; for if the soul had not come from above and been placed in the physical man, there would never have been any evolution; and if the soul had never received its individualized existence by coming into the body of the human, it would never have evolved to the Divine nature, as well as to the individualized being that follows that incarnation.

When I say the Divine nature, I do not mean that all souls, either on earth or in the great eternity, necessarily receive that Divine nature, for many of them do not and never will; but all, no matter whether they come into the Divine nature or retain the nature which was theirs in their preexistence, will become individualized personalities, and which will be theirs so long as that soul and its spirit body shall continue to exist.

I have written enough for tonight, but will come again and write you other truths. So with my love and blessings

I am your brother in Christ,


Incarnation of the soul by Luke

January 13th, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I want to tell you tonight of the mystery of the birth of the soul in the human being. All souls which enter into mortal bodies are, previous to such advent, real, living existences, and made in the likeness of the Great Soul, though not having the qualities and potentialities of that Soul, and also, not having the form of individualized personality that they have after they become parts of the composition, or form, of the mortal and spiritual bodies of human beings.

The soul, in its existence prior to becoming an indweller in the mortal body, has a consciousness of its existence and of its relationship to God and to other parts of the Great Soul, and more especially of the duplex character of its being; and by this I mean the sexual1 differences in the two parts of the soul, which, in the way that they are united, constitutes the one complete soul.

When the time comes for this soul to become an indweller in the mortal frame, the two parts that I speak of separate, and only one of the parts enters at the same time into a mortal and never into the same mortal; and while this separation is necessary for the individualization of each part of this one complete soul, yet the two parts never lose that interrelationship, or the binding qualities that existed before their separation, and which continue to exist thereafter, and in the great future, after the work of individualization shall be completed, will come together again and reunite in a complete one.

This separation may exist a longer or shorter time, depending upon the similar development of those similar qualities that is absolutely necessary in order that this coming together in the original one, as it were, may take place.

While, as I have said, this soul before its separation has a consciousness of its existence, and when its duplex character leaves it, or rather leaves the two separated parts, and thereafter, until its re-entrance into the spirit world, does not again return to these parts. But in order to regain this consciousness, it is not necessary that both of these parts at the same time shall come again into the spirit life, for if one part becomes a spirit, free from the physical body, and the other part remains in the mortal body, that part that comes into the spirit world may receive the awakening to this consciousness, depending upon certain conditions and developments .

It often happens that both these parts will return to the spirit world, and yet, for a long time, live as spirits without having a restoration of this consciousness, because of various reasons that may exist. The conditions of the development of the two parts may be so vastly different that the realization of this consciousness may be wholly impossible; and very often it is the case that when these two individualized parts are informed that they are the soulmates of each other, they will not believe that information, and live on in utter indifference to the fact.

But ultimately, the consciousness of their relationship will come to them, because their development, no matter whether intellectual or spiritual, will tend towards the awakening of this consciousness, which is always present with them, although dormant.

Now, as to what this soul is in its constituent parts or shape or form prior to its separation for the purpose of becoming an inhabitant of the mortal body, we spirits are not informed and do not know. We are often present at the conception, and also the birth of a child, and realize that a soul has become enveloped in the flesh, but we cannot see that soul as it enters into that home of mortal environment, because as to us it is invisible and has no form; but after its lodgment in the human body we can perceive it and realize its existence, for then it assumes a form, and that form varies in different incarnations, or in the incarnations in different humans.

We have never seen the Soul of God, although we know that there is this Great Oversoul, and hence we cannot see the soul of any image of the Great Soul until it becomes, as I say, individualized.

I know that men have often wondered and asked the question as to the preexistence of the soul that has been incarnated, and what qualities and attributes it had during its preexistence, and as to these particulars I wish to say, that we spirits, although we are inhabitants of God's Celestial Heavens, have little information, though we know that the soul, and I mean the complete soul in oneness, has an existence prior to its becoming individualized. You may ask how we know this. Well, it will be hard to explain this to you, so that you may comprehend, but this I can say, that we spirits of the higher soul development can, by our soul perceptions, understand the existence of these souls as images of the Great Soul, and the qualities of these images are such, that while we cannot sensibly, as you would say, see these souls or their dualities, yet we are conscious of their existence. To use an illustration, that is not altogether appropriate, you understand that the wind blows, yet you cannot see it.

And we further understand, and such is the result of our observations, that when the soul, and keep in mind that I mean the two parts when I say soul, once becomes incarnated and assumes an individualized form, it never thereafter loses that individuality, and hence, never again returns to its condition of preexistence, and can never again become reincarnated in the existence of any human being.

There is no such thing as reincarnation, and all the theories and speculations of men upon that question, which conclude that a soul once incarnated can again become incarnated, are wrong, for the incarnation of a soul is only one step in its destined progress from an invisible formless existence to a glorious angel or to a perfected spirit.

A soul in this progress never retraces its steps - it is always progress, though sometimes stagnation takes place - but continues as an individualized spirit until it reaches its goal in fulfillment of the Father's plan for the perfecting of His universe.

This is a subject that is difficult of treatment for several reasons, among which is the fact that we spirits, no matter how high our attainments, do not have the information in order to give a full and complete description of the soul and its qualities prior to its incarnation, and you mortals are not capable of comprehending the full truth as we may try to convey it to you.

I have made this effort to give you some faint idea of the soul, as you are in good condition tonight to receive my ideas, but I realize how inadequate my attempt has proved to be. But from it, you can understand that the soul has an existence prior to its finding its home in the physical body, that it is duplex and has a consciousness of the relationship of its two parts, that after it has received the experience of the mortal life and received an individuality, it returns to the spirit world, and that at some time that consciousness will come to it again, and the two parts will become one, unless in the development of these separate parts have arisen barriers that may prevent their reuniting. And further, that this soul will never again retrace the steps of its progression and become reincarnated.

I will now close, and with my love and blessings say good night.

Your brother in Christ, Luke

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Who and What is God by St.Luke

November 22nd, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

I want to add my testimony to that of Professor Salyards as to "Who and what is God." Of course, since the Master has substantiated what the Professor wrote and enlarged on it, my testimony is not necessary, yet, I desire to say a few words which are expressive of my knowledge arising from my own experience.

I have a soul development which is greater than that of the Professor, and a perception which is clearer and more convincing than his, and yet, what he has said is all that I can say as to the truth of the personality of God, except that to me it is undoubtedly much clearer and of longer acquaintance.

I know that God is a being that has personality, though not a form like unto man, but has all the attributes that have been mentioned. These attributes are not God, but merely qualities which he possesses, and which in their workings upon the hearts and souls of men emanate and flow from Him. You may better understand this if I call your attention to the fact that while you can see and feel and hear and love and dislike, yet these attributes or qualities are not you, but only those things that belong to your personality. You may be deprived of any or all of them, and yet you may not cease to exist as a personality. And so with God; while these things of Love and wisdom, and loving and hearing do not constitute God, yet they are a part of Him and are exercised by Him, just as the qualities I have mentioned are exercised by you.

I know it is difficult for the mere mind to comprehend this great truth of God having a personality, yet it is a truth, and just as real to the perceptions of the developed soul as is the existence of yours or any man's personality to the finite mind.And here is another fact in connection with this great truth, and that is that only the spirits who have experienced the New Birth and become filled with the Divine Love of the Father, and hence a partaker of His Divinity, will ever be able to perceive this great truth of the personality of God.

No other spirit will ever receive that soul development which is absolutely necessary for it to possess in order to perceive the great truth under discussion.Yet the mere fact that these other spirits do not comprehend or understand this truth does not make it any the less a truth, and all men and spirits are subject to its operations, and must come under the benefits that they may receive by reason of the workings of this truth upon their lives and thoughts.

Just because men cannot see God it does not follow that He does not see them, for He does; and their every thought is known to Him and taken account of. And strange as it may seem to you, or as I should more appropriately say, surprising as it may seem to you, that account is kept in the memories and consciences of men themselves, and when the time comes for them to render an account of their acts and thoughts, no other place or receptacle is sought for or examined to find this account than these very memories and consciences; and nothing can be hidden or lost, until it has fulfilled the purpose of its existence.

Men may create, but they cannot destroy - I refer now to their actions and their thoughts. While on earth they may forget and ease their consciences by forgetting, yet, when they come to the spirit world, and are called to render an account, the inexorable laws that are really their judges and executioners show them that there is no such thing as forgetting - and has been said, they have forgotten to forget.

God is being, self-existing, unchangeable, but full of Love and mercy, and these He does not exercise in any individual case, but has made certain that His laws of mercy will so operate that all the spirits of men and mortals also, may by their own acts and desires place themselves in such condition of soul, that these spirits will receive the benefit of this mercy. Yes, His mercy is from the beginning waiting for all men to ask for it and want it, just as is His Love.

I could write on this subject for a longer time, but I must not write more to night as you are tired, so I will close.

With all my love and blessings, I am your brother in Christ,

St. Luke

The Personality of God

I am here, Jesus.

I have heard what the Professor said to you and you must try your best to comprehend its meaning, for it contains a description of the true conception of God in a way that only one having the developed soul perceptions could explain. 

The only difficulty in the way of your fully understanding this idea of who and what God is, is that the idea is not one that the mere mind can grasp, for only the soul that has been developed to a sufficient degree can comprehend.

But yet, you may be able to conceive of its meaning to an extent that will enable you to get closer to our Father as a real, personal Father, and not as a being of formless existence only. I mean that the idea of personality may bring the Father nearer to you, so that you may realize a deeper meaning of His Love and care and mercy and interest in you and in all His creatures.

In my message on God, you will find that the idea of personality is spoken of, but not emphasized so much as in the writing of the Professor; but the truth is that our Father is, to the soul perceptions, a being of real existence and personality.

I know how difficult it is for the mind to conceive, even in a faint way, how such a personality can be a part of a being who is declared to be a mere spirit without form or limitation, and everywhere at the same time; but I tell you that it is a truth that by the soul's faculties is comprehensible the personal attributes of the Father.

Of course, men will not understand this truth so long as they depend upon the mere intellect to comprehend it, and to them it may not mean much; but it is of the greatest importance to mankind, both in their lives on earth and in the spirit world. "Thou, God seest me", is not a mere meaningless generality which men repeat and do not understand, for God does see every act of man; and as I said when on earth, not even a sparrow falls without my Father knowing it, and the hairs of your head are all numbered. So if men will only learn that this great truth is of such importance, they will take more care of the manner in which they live their lives.

Men must realize that God knows not only their acts but their thoughts, and every idle thought will have to be accounted for, and the penalties which his laws impose will have to be paid.

So, if men would only realize this fact, of God's being able to see and know what their lives on earth are, they would many times, think before they do some things which they do, supposing that no one but themselves know of them. I am very glad that the Professor wrote to you on this subject to night, for it is one that is very important in our plan of revealing the truths of God and His attributes.

Very soon I will write you another message, and one that will be very important to mankind. I will come again soon, and tell you of some things that you must learn. So with all my love and blessings, I am,

Your own brother and friend,

God sees and hears and knows the thoughts of man

November 21st, 1915
received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Stephen.
I want to say only a word. 
At the time of my martyrdom I saw the heavens opened and the spirits of the just made perfect, so now I can by my soul perceptions see my God as a real personal being, full of Love and Mercy. 
Let no man rest in the assurance that God is only a formless spirit, without the attributes of seeing and hearing and knowing what the thoughts and deeds of men and spirits are, for if he does, in the time of accounting, he will be deceived in his false security. 
I am in a condition of soul development to know the great truth that God is a God of real personality, and when I say this I don't mean individuality in the sense that you are an individual. But what I mean by personality is that all these attributes of Love and power and knowledge and mercy do not constitute God, but are merely a part of His being and flow from Him in their operations upon men, and in fact upon all the things of the universe. 
I will not enlarge upon this truth, as it has been explained by those who preceded me, but I will say this, that because a man with a finite mind cannot understand this truth, it by no means follows that it is not a truth, for it is, and in the great future every man who has received the necessary soul development will learn and know this truth. 
I will not write more to night, but will say to you, continue to seek this great development of your soul, and you will not be disappointed in coming to the realization that God is our Father of the Master, the close personal and loving Father.
With all my love I will say good night,

Your brother in Christ,St. Stephen

Who and what is God by Professor Salyards

November 21st, 1915.
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Your old Professor Salyards.

I merely want to say that I am very happy, and want you to know that I am progressing in my condition of soul development and in my knowledge of the truths that pertain to the spirit world. I have not written you for a long time, and would like to tell you of certain truths that I have learned since last I wrote you.

Well, I find that I am now in a condition of soul development that enables me to see the truth of what the Master has told us in reference to the real existence of God, who knows what His creatures are doing and in what way they are making use of their souls and bodies. I mean that this God is one having all the faculties that you would suppose only a being would have who had a personality and form; but can hardly understand how a mere essence or formless existence could have such powers and qualities.

I never, until recently, could comprehend the real truth and meaning of God (I believing him to be mere essence, void of form or personality), who could have the wisdom and love and power that I was taught such God possessed. Such comprehension is beyond the finite mind, and can only be accepted as a realization of an existing condition or truth by means of faith. Yet now I have more than faith to enable me to understand the fact that this God, whom we call our Father, for He is, has all these qualities and powers; and such understanding is to me a wonderful and unexpected addition to my knowledge of God.

This understanding, of course, is not a thing that arises from any exercise of the mind, or the result of any mental power or quality which I may never have realized that I possessed, but is the result of the exercise of my soul perceptions, which have become so great and in such condition of unison or harmony with our Father's qualities of soul that He and all these attributes appear to me as real, perceptible existences, having a certainty of comprehensible being, as do the existence of spirits and their attributes. So you see what soul development may mean and what its possibilities are.

No mere development of the intellectual qualities or attributes could ever lead to a comprehension of the personality of God as I have described it. I never in all my life, natural or spiritual, conceived or expected that it were possible for any soul of mortal or spirit to see God as I now see Him, and I never could understand what was meant by the beatitude, "the pure in heart shall see God", except in this sense, that as we became pure in heart those qualities that were ascribed to God would become a part of us, and as such possessors, we could see God, or rather the result of those attributes of God in our souls.

I don't know whether you can fully comprehend what I intend to convey to you, but I have tried my best to put the idea in such language that your mind may understand, to some extent, what my meaning is. I know that you will never fully know what this great soul perception is, until you have experienced what this development is in your own soul, which is necessary to enable it to see with the clearness that I now see.

I thought that I would tell you of this progress of my soul, so that you might have some faint idea of what the development of the soul means in a way other than an addition to the development of the love principle. But really all phases of its development are part of or dependent upon and resultant from the development of this love principle; for Divine Love is the fulfilling of the law, and law includes that which enables us to perceive that God is a personalty, having these qualities that I speak of.

I see that I have written enough for tonight, and if you will carefully read what I have written, you will find much food for thought, and probably some help to a correct, concrete comprehension of who and what God is.

So expressing to you my gratification and pleasure in being able to come to you again and having you take down my ideas of who our Father is, and also for the opportunity to declare that God is a being, having an existence of His own, comprehensible by the soul perceptions of the redeemed of His creatures, I will say, good night.

Your old professor and brother in Christ,
Joseph H. Salyards

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who and What is God continued by Ann Rollins

I am here, your Grandmother

I come to resume if you think that you are in condition to receive the same. Well we will try, and if I find that you are not, I will stop.

As I was saying, God is not in man or material things as regards His personality, but only those attributes of His, which men generally consider to be God, are manifested in the material things.

As I have said, God is not the creator of all things that appear to have an existence, for many things which control and govern the conduct of men are entirely the creatures of man, and are not in harmony with the laws of God or with His will. And hence, when it is realized that there exists in the souls and minds of men evil that are not in harmony with God's creations, you can readily see that God cannot be and is not in such souls and minds, nor are His attributes, because, as is said in the laws of physical philosophy, two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time, so we may say as regards spiritual philosophy two things cannot occupy the same soul or mind at the same time, especially when they be antagonistic or opposed to each other in their qualities or fundamentals. Until the one vacates its occupancy the other cannot come in, and this is invariably true of the creatures of God and the creatures of man, for they are always and under all circumstances opposed to each other.

But it must be understood that when I speak of the creatures of God my meaning must not be taken as including God, for He as the Creator is altogether different from His creatures; and while His creatures or certain attributes may find a lodgement and habitation in the souls of men and the minds of men and in the existence of material things, yet He, God, never finds such lodgement, and is never a part of such existences. He is as distinct from the creatures, or better probably, emanations of His, as are the thoughts and desires of man distinct from the man himself.

God is in His Heavens, and those Heavens have a locality, just as the different spheres of the spirit world, in which spirits have their homes, have localities; and His locality is way beyond the highest Celestial spheres known to the highest spirit, and towards which spirits are always progressing, and as they progress, the more and closer they come in contact with these Attributes of God, which are constantly flowing from Him.

Even Jesus, who, as you know, is the brightest of all the spirits and the one possessing more of these attributes of the Father than any other spirit, has never seen God except through the soul perception, nor ever realized that God is in him or forms a part of him; and mistaken and deceived are men when they say or believe that God is in them or that in Him they live and move and have their being.

To believe this as true, God can only be a kind of nebulous something - inconsistent as the air - and, as many of the spiritualists say, merely a force permeating the whole universe, divided into many and infinitesimal manifestations, seen and felt today and tomorrow having no existence. A something less substantial than man - weak at once and powerful at the same time - a contradiction beyond conception or explanation.

Such is not God; but all these manifestations are merely evidence of the existence of a substantial and, I may say, never varying, Self Existing Being, who is not the creature of man's mind or of man's necessities or desires, but the Creator of all, even of these wise men who cannot conceive of any God, but nature, the mere creature of His being and wisdom and power.

The human mind, when left to itself, that is to its own evolution as your scientists say, and not influenced by the revelations of spiritual truths or the suggestions of spirits who have advanced in knowledge of things beyond the material, has not improved much since the days when they lived and died as sun worshipers, and the worshipers of the sacred cats, and bulls and elephants, and of the storms, and thunders and lightnings. God was in all these manifestations, immanent and real, to be appeased or loved as necessity required; and today among your civilized nations, and the wise men of these nations, who can see no God in the spiritual, the aggregate of all these material things is the God, which they must worship, if they worship at all.

Nature is God to them, and you see, that the only improvement, if any there be, that their minds have over the minds of the worshipers of the sun and of animals etc., that I have mentioned, is that those minds are not satisfied to see God in a single manifestation, but there must be a combination of all these manifestations, which they call Nature. You see, it is only a difference in degree, and the scientist of today who refuses to accept or believe in any God, who may be of a spiritual nature, is exactly the counterpart of his so-called barbarian brother who could see Him only in the sun, etc., in everything, except that he demands a larger God, who must be in the lowest form of mineral existence as well as in the highest form of solar excellence and even in man, for with some, man is his own and only God.

And it is questionable whether these wise men are not more limited in their conception and acceptance of a God, than were the earlier uncivilized brothers, because many of the latter saw beyond and behind their Sun God and God of thunders, etc., another and greater God whom they could not see, but could feel and in their souls realized His existence. But the wise men of civilizations have so evolved their intellects that they have lost their soul perceptions, and no God beyond the horizon of their intellectual perceptions can exist, and, hence, as they think they know nature, nature as all of the creation, and there can be no other God than nature. But, Oh, the terrible mistake!

God then, as I have said, is a being - a soul - with a personality that has a location, high up in the heavens, towards whom all spirits of the Celestial and many of the spiritual spheres are striving to approach in greater and greater nearness; and as they approach they realize and know the increased Love and Life and Light that emanates from the Fountainhead of these Attributes of Perfection.

And so I repeat, God is not in man or beast or plant or mineral, but only are His Attributes as he sees the necessity for their workings, and man does not live and move and have his being in God.

Well, my son, I have in my imperfect way, given you some idea of Who and What God is, and my explanation is in substance the consensus of the knowledge of the Celestial spirits, whose knowledge is based upon the truths that no mortal or all the mortals combined can possibly learn with their finite minds.

I think that you have received my ideas and words quite correctly, and I hope the truths which I have written may prove beneficial to all mankind.

I am very happy and will come again soon, and write you some other truths, which may interest you.

I must stop now.
With all my love and blessings,

I am your own loving Grandmother,

Ann Rollins

Who and What is God by Ann Rollins

I am here, your Grandmother.

Well, my son, I come tonight, as I promised, for the purpose of writing you a letter, telling you of a certain spiritual truth that I desire you to know.

I am now in the third Celestial Sphere, as I already told you, and am in a much more exalted condition in my knowledge of spiritual truths that I have ever been, and have opened up to me a spiritual view that increases my understanding of truth and of the question of the Father's provisions for the happiness and salvation of His children.

I know now more than ever that He is a real existing God of Love and Power and Wisdom, and that wrath, such as is taught in the Bible, is no part of His nature, and that He has for His children on earth as well as in the spirit world, only love and solicitude and sympathy.

He is not a God that is afar off waiting for the arrival of the Great Judgment day, in order to approve or condemn His children according to the deeds done on earth, but He is with all men and spirits in a way that His influence of love and beneficence may be felt by them, if they will only place themselves in that condition of receptivity of soul that such influence may be felt, for, as we have before said, the relationship and nearness of God to man depends, to a very large extent, upon the will and desires of man, himself.

God is not, in what may be called His personality, with men as has been taught by the teachers of the religions of the Bibles of the world, and men do not live, move and have in Him their being, as Saint Paul wrote, for His personality has a location which is not everywhere but in the high Heavens.

I know that this will appear startling to many persons, orthodox and otherwise, and that it apparently takes from them the consolation of believing and feeling that God is with and in them; but, nevertheless, what I say is true.

He is not in them or in nature as some of the scientists who believe in God, say. He is not in every flower or tree or other manifestation of His creation. And, as regards His personality, is not omnipresent, though He has a knowledge of all things which He created, I say which He has created, for there are some things which appear to man as a part of the realities of the universe, which He did not create, but which man alone created, and for these things has no love and does not approve of or favor their existence, and in the end they will be destroyed from the face of His universe.

And when I say that God, in His personality, is not everywhere and not with men at all times forming a part of their being, I do not mean that it shall be understood that He is not the loving watchful Father, trying to make them happy and save them from the results of their own many wrong doings, for such inference would not be true.

And while, as I say, He is not with men in this personality, yet He is with them in the sense and truth, that His attributes of Love and Wisdom and Knowledge and Power are with them always. Life emanates from God, but life is not God, it is only one of His attributes conferred upon the objects of His creation, that they may live and grow and fulfill the designs of their creation; and when that purpose has been accomplished, He withdraws from them this attribute of life, and men can realize that fact. God has not, Himself, ceased to be a part of that object, for He never was a part of it, but only this attribute has ceased to be a part of the object. God is the source and origin of all life, but that life is merely one of His creatures, as we say, as is man or other things which mortals call matter.

Man does not live and move and have his being in God, but merely in the attributes of God. So you see not all these attributes together constitute God, for He is a personality from which all these attributes flow.

I know that it is difficult for you to comprehend the full purport of what I intend to convey, but you may in a way grasp my meaning.

Love is a greater attribute than even life, but love is not God, just as love is not man, though it is his greatest possession when it exists in its purity; and as man has many attributes which all together do not make the man, so God has many, and yet they are only parts of His nature and not He.

Man has a physical body and a mind and yet, they do not constitute man, for he may lose them both and still be man, or spirit - that is, the ego - the soul is the real man - the personality - and all the wonderful parts of man, such as the mind and affections and desires and will are merely of him, and if he were deprived of any of them, he would still be man - though not the perfect man as when they are all with him performing their proper functions.

And man is so created that, unless he has these qualities, which in his creation were made parts of him, and which were necessary to make him the perfect creature that he was, while he is still man, yet he is not the perfect man that God decreed him to be; and until these qualities are fully restored or regained by him he will not be the man that was the greatest handiwork of the Almighty.

And God is not God by reason of having these qualities, but these qualities exist, because they are the attributes of God. He never loses them, nor do they become hidden or cease to do their functioning, but always are they existing and working and obedient to His being.

God is Soul, and Soul is God, and in this soul does his personality consist without individuality, but real and existing - and life from which flow all these Attributes of Life and Love, etc., of which I have spoken. God is Spirit, but spirit is not God, only one of His Qualities.

I write this to give you some additional conception of who and what God is, and to show you that He is not in man nor does man have his being in God. To further show you that God does not and could not exist in the same place with those things which are not in accord with His nature and qualities; and were He in man or man in Him then no sin or error or things which violate, would exist.

I must stop now, but will come soon to finish my message.

With all my love, I am your Grandmother.

Who and What is God

May 25th, 1917
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have been with you as you prayed, and joined in your prayer to the Father for the inflowing of His Great Love into your soul in great abundance; and I know that His Holy Spirit is present and that His love is flowing into your soul, and that you are becoming in at-onement with the Father. His love will always come to you when you pray as you have tonight, and His listening ear is always open to the earnest aspirations of His children who come to him with the true longings of the soul. 

You have the secret of reaching the Father's love, and on all occasions, when you feel that you need that Love or desire a nearness to the Father, use the secret and you will not be disappointed.

You are in better condition tonight in your soul development and perceptions and can receive my message which I have desired for some time to communicate, and to do which I was waiting only for you to be in a complete rapport with me.
Well, you will remember, that in the early stages of our writings,I communicated to you my knowledge and conception of who and what God is," and that I have recently told you that I desired to rewrite the message, as your condition is now so much better to receive these truths than it was when the message was written; and so, tonight, I will deliver the message, and will take a more complete possession of your brain and control of your hand than I was able to do at the time mentioned.

Then the question is: Who and what is God?

In dealing with this question, you must realize that it is not so easy to describe in language that mortals can comprehend the Essence and Attributes of God, and I feel the limitations that I am under in endeavoring to give you a satisfactory description of the only and true God; not because of the paucity of knowledge and conception on my part, but because of the fact that you have not the required soul development to enable me to form the necessary rapport with you, in order that through your brain, may be expressed the exact truth as to who the Father is.

Well, to begin, God is Soul, and Soul is God. Not the soul that is in the created man, but the Soul that is Deity and self-existent, without beginning or ending, and whose entity is the one great fact in the universe of being.

God is without form, such as has been conceived of by man in nearly all ages, and especially by those who believe in the Bible of the Hebrews as well as in that of the Christians. But nevertheless, He is of form, which only the soul perceptions of the soul of a man which has arrived at a certain degree of development, that is taken on the Divine nature of the Father and thus become a part of the Soul of God, can discern and realize as an entity. 

There is nothing in all nature with which men are acquainted or have knowledge of, that can be used to make a comparison, even in the spirit perceptions, with this Great Soul; and hence, for men to conceive of God as having a form in any manner resembling that of man, is all erroneous; and those who, in their beliefs and teachings, deny the anthropomorphic God, are correct.

But, nevertheless, God is of form such as to give him an entity and Substance and seat of habitation, in contradistinction to that God which, in the teachings of some men, is said to be everywhere in this Substance and entity - in the trees and rocks, and thunder and lightning, and in men and beasts, and in all created things, and in whom men are said to live and move and have their being. No, this concept of God is not in accord with the truth, and it is vital to the knowledge and salvation of men that such conception of God be not entertained or believed in.

To believe that God is without form is to believe that he is a mere force or principle or nebulous power, and, as some say, the resultant of laws; which laws, as a fact, He has established for the controlling of His universe of creation, and which are expressed to men by these very powers and principles, that to some extent, they can comprehend.

The child has asked: "Who made God?" And because the wise men cannot answer that question, in their wisdom, they conclude and assert that there can be no real God of personality or soul form, and, hence, only force, principle or evolved laws can be God; and in their own conceit think that they have solved the question. But the child may not be satisfied with the answer, and may ask the wise men: "Who made principle and force and laws that must be accepted as the only God?" And then, the wise men cannot answer, unless they answer: "God," which they do not believe, but which let me say, is the true and only answer.

God is back of force and principle and law, which are only expressions of His being, and which without Him could not exist; and they are only existences, changeable, dependent and subject to the will of God, who only, is Being.
God then, is Soul, and that Soul has its form, perceptible only to Itself, or that of man, which, by reason of the sufficient possession of the very Substance of the Great Soul has become like unto God, not in image only, but in very Essence. We spirits of the highest soul progression are enabled by our soul perceptions to see God and His form. But here, I use the words "see" and "form," as being the only words that I can use to give mortals a comparative conception of what I am endeavoring to describe.

When it is remembered that mortals can scarcely conceive of the form of the spirit body of a man, which is composed or formed of the material of the universe, though not usually accepted to be of the material, it will be readily seen that it is hardly possible for me to convey to them a faint idea even of the Soul form of God, which is composed of that which is purely spiritual - that is, not of the material, even though to the highest degree sublimated.

And although I am not able because of the limitations mentioned, to describe to men that form which they may glean a conception of the Soul's form - as such form can be seen only with the soul's eye, which eyes men do not possess - it must not be believed that because men cannot understand or perceive the truth of the Soul's form, therefore, it is not a truth. 

A truth, though not conceived or perceived by men, spirits or angels, is still a truth, and its existence does not depend upon its being known; and even though all the mortals of earth, and the spirits and angels of heaven, save one, could not perceive the existence of that truth, yet its existence perceived by that one irrefutably proves its reality.

But, as I have said, the truth of God's form - the Soul's form can be testified to by more than one of the celestial spirits of men passed from earth; and the possibility is before mortals of the present life, in the great future, if their souls have become possessed of the Divine Substance of God's Love in sufficient abundance to perceive God as I have attempted to explain.

The created soul of man has its form, it being made in the image of God, yet man cannot see that form, although it is a fact and can be testified to by many in the spirit realms. And here it needs to be said, that when in our message we speak of God as being without form, we mean any such form as men have or think they have conceived of, and our expressions must not be considered as contradictory to what I have tried to explain as the form of God.

Well, in addition to the form, God has a personality, and this is expressed and made known to man by certain attributes, which to the consciousness of man is existent in the universe; and to some philosophers and scientists and wise men these attributes are their impersonal God himself, and to them the only God. They make the created, the Creator, not realizing that behind the expression must be the Cause; and that greater than the attribute must be That from which the expression of the attribute is projected, or, as they better like to say, evolved.

And here, I, who know, desire to say that these manifested attributes or forces and powers and principles and laws and expressions do not, all together, constitute or be that from which they flow or in which they have their source. God is Himself, alone. His Attributes or expressions manifested to mortals or spirits, are only the results or effects of the workings of His Spirit, which Spirit is only the active energy of His Soul - Himself. And hence, the form of God is not distributed over the whole universe of creation where His attributes may be, or because they are everywhere manifested. 

No, as was said by Moses of old, and as was said by me when on earth: God is in His Heavens. And although it may be surprising and startling to mortals to hear, God has His habitation, and God the Substance, the Self-existing and Soul form, has His locality, and men do not live and move and have their existence in God; but in His emanations and expressions and spirit they do. 

As you are somewhat exhausted, I think this a good place to stop. I am pleased that you are in such good condition. So be prepared for an early resumption of the message.
With my love and blessings, I will say, good night. 

Your brother and friend,