Sunday, September 29, 2013

Helen writes on the Divine Love and Its relationship with the Law of Compensation.

March 23rd, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, your own true Helen.

You didn't think I could change the announcement of my coming, but you must know that I can do anything to please you, my dear Ned.

Yes you have, and I have been so very happy. Well, sweetheart, I must tell you that I am very happy and am progressing very rapidly.

I don't expect to remain in this sphere very much longer, for my love and faith are so great that I feel that I must get closer to God's fountainhead in the Celestial Spheres. Doesn't it seem like some fairy dream? But it is all true, and I am so happy.

I will soon be with you in a long letter, telling you of this Great Love, and how much I love God and you.

No you won't, for you are progressing too. You may not realize it, but it is true, and if you should come over now, you would be surprised to find yourself in a high sphere. Well, I know how you feel, but you must believe that I can see your spiritual condition better than you can.

Well that may be so, but when you get this Great Love in your heart in sufficient abundance, and you have much of it now, your sins will be blotted out. This is the law of regeneration; otherwise, the man who continues without this Love, and the man who receives it, would be in the same condition, and the New Birth would mean nothing. So do not think that this Great Love is not sufficient to cleanse the soul of the results of the sins of earth life; and, best of all, it cleanses while you are a mortal.

I know that the spiritualists quote and proclaim the law of recompense or compensation, but there is a higher law that nullifies that law; and when Love, this Divine Love, comes into the soul of a mortal, the law of compensation is removed from the scope of its working, for Love is the fulfilling of the law. So do not let that stumbling block make you believe that this Great Love is not sufficient to remove all sin and error, and to purify your soul so that you may become fitted to live in the kingdom of the Father and become one with Him.

No, the Love is for the vilest sinner, and no man can by a mere act of restoration fit himself for the inflowing of this Divine Love. It is waiting for the sinner as well as for the saint; and even though your sins be as scarlet they will be made white as wool. I mean that you will not have to wait to make recompense to mortals before this great Love can do the cleansing work; else what is the use of having this Great Love provided for man? If he shall first make himself pure what is the necessity for the work of the Holy Spirit?

Only pray for this Love and have faith, and you will get it. God is the judge of what a man shall do to render justice and restitution, and when He says that this Divine Love, with all its cleansing power, is for the sinner who seeks for it by true faith, who has the right to say that the sinner must first do what man may think is justice between himself and his fellow man?

I know whereof I speak, for the experience of many spirits who have been redeemed by this Love show that they were sinners, and had not "paid the last farthing," when they received this Love. God is the judge, not mortals nor spirits.

So, my dear Ned, do not let the idea that you must render to every man that which you think he may be entitled to, keep you from believing in the mercy and Love of the Father.

Oh, how I wish I could be with you a little while in my bodily form, and tell you face to face what this great Love means to you and to me and to all of us.

So sweetheart, believe me when I say that even though you may be a great sinner, yet the Father's Love is sufficient to remove all those sins just as soon as you can receive it. Such is the law of this Great Love.

Faith and prayer can open the very heart of the Celestial Spheres, and Love will flow down into your soul as the avalanche of snow that feels the warmth of the sun's bright rays rushes from its mountain heights when winter leaves with its chilling gloom and blasting breath for other climes.

Love is not only warmth, but it is the very burnings of the soul's great storehouse of God's Divine Essence.

I am not only the possessor of this Love to a large degree, but I realize that as I advance to higher spheres there is a greater abundance awaiting to fill my soul with its great undying fires of never ending burnings - by burnings so great and free from everything that makes for unhappiness and discontent.

I must stop now.

So my own dear and precious Ned, love me as I love you and we both will be so very happy, that heaven will be with us and in us even while we are writing in the earth surroundings.
                                                    Your own, Helen 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Hebrews -- Wayshowers to the Father

I am here, Jesus:

Once again, to continue my messages on the New Testament, which is to be purged of its errors and the truth regarding my real teachings and meaning as the Messiah established. And the first thing I wish to do tonight is to show the relationship between the Old Testament and how the guidance and revelation of the Heavenly Father showed me the way to the Messiahship.

The Old Testament, as you know, is the book that reveals God as the Divinity that rules the universe and, in the narrower sense, the physical world of the earth and of man, not only as an individual Being but as the Arbiter between man and his fellow beings. This was the earliest revelation of God to man, through Abraham, to whom, through his spiritual condition, it was given to gain insight into the existence of the unseen God -- the God of Eternity whose manifestations were the rules of conduct for man to follow in his relations with his neighbors.

Abraham perceived this spiritual Presence made for him through Divine messengers of the Heavenly Father and he showed his faith in the unseen spiritual Father by leaving his home and family relations to live his life in accordance with these new conceptions of God; for his people had not this condition of soul and could not understand his spiritual insight. He was not called upon, as it is written in the Old Testament, to show his faith in God by sacrificing his son, for this description was used by later writers concerning Abraham to show his faith at a period of civilization when faith in God was expressed by sacrifice, and, indeed, in his day and in much later times by various tribes and peoples of Asia Minor, and elsewhere, by sacrifice of human beings.

Abraham's supposed sacrifice, therefore, is simply a story to illustrate this faith in God, and here is where we have the beginnings of a knowledge of the Heavenly Father in that area of the world. This is not to state that in no other lands were there manifestations of an understanding of the existence of God, if only through conviction in the truth revealed by God for the right conduct of man in his dealings with other men, for this is not so; and, in fact, earlier examples of this discovery of the attributes of God are to be found in other peoples than the Jews, and earlier in point of time.

But I wish to concentrate on the evolution of those principles of righteousness, mercy, justice and consideration that eventually found their culmination in the descent of the Divine Love to humanity through the Holy Spirit, as manifested first in me at the time of my appearance in Palestine.

I may point out that the development of the concept of the Heavenly Father through an understanding of His laws of conduct towards men was brought to a higher level through Moses, who led the Hebrew people out of slavery in Egypt; and this liberation was brought about through the knowledge that the Jewish people, as a result of their great sufferings and inheritance of God as a religious concept, were in a state in which they could be used as a whole people as witnesses of the existence of God. And thus it was that they were led to freedom by Moses and the law of righteousness of conduct and love for the unseen, eternal God given to them as law; not that the Hebrews were more virtuous as a people than others but that they were simply chosen as a means of bringing to other people the knowledge of the Father. And this they were able to do to a certain extent, and only after many, many centuries.

Yet they, instead of pushing their knowledge of things spiritual into the consciousness of other people; had to fight to preserve their own religion and not to adopt the worship of pagan deities. In this they were not exempt from great errors and iniquities, for they failed to understand that real religion consisted in righteousness of conduct and not in the form of worship or in the exactitude of carrying out prescribed ceremonies.

Moses, as the lawgiver, gave to the Hebrews the way to the perfect natural man, as later I brought the Way to the Divine Love of the Father. But my mission was not a political or national one, although it would have been had it not been for the incomprehensions and lack of spirituality on the part of the high priests who were interested in politics and the formal side of religion, barren at best, whereas Moses' mission was national and was successful because he had no opposition of a materialistic and powerful group to contend with, except the ignorance and naivety of the people.

I am not interested in providing you with a summary of the history of the Jews which, as history, is devoid of real religion, even though it is included as part of the Old Testament. But I would prefer to relate the doings of the prophets of Israel, as they contributed to the elevation of the spiritual concepts of the nation and gave the people and their leaders a deeper insight into the real nature of the Heavenly Father. And this is to be found in the prophet Nathan, who appears fearlessly before David, the King to accuse him of murder and adultery in his relations with Bathsheba; and Elijah, or Elias, who braved the haughty Jezebel and showed the power provided especially for him by angel spirits to show the power of the unseen, eternal Father, and in contest with the priests of Baal; and Amos, who came to the priests at Gilead to warn the Israelites to repent of their sins, mainly the sins of the rich and powerful who abused the poor and brought them to misery and slavery.

From these prophets, the people were able to understand that God wanted righteousness and mercy in dealing with other human beings, not only amongst their own people but for all people -- including the stranger within their gates, for they, too, had been strangers and, indeed, slaves, in Egypt. And the people were taught to trust in the one unseen and eternal God and to know Him through His attributes, which were the guides the Jews were to follow in their relations with others and in conducting all their affairs. The Jews were also given to understand that God was Ruler, not only of the Jews but of all human beings, and that punishment would be meted out for injustice in behavior as a result of inharmony against God, which would cause the operation of circumstances that would work against them.

I think I have written enough for tonight and I will come again to show how subsequent prophets revealed higher conceptions of God's Goodness and Mercy and eventually led to a period in which a New Covenant would be made with Israel through a law higher than that of righteousness in conduct for human beings -- the law of Divine Love, or Grace, as it is called by the Christian churches.

I will stop now, and I urge you and the Doctor* to seek with all earnestness for the Divine Love through earnest prayer. So with my blessings and love, I will say good night and sign myself,

                                     Your friend and elder brother,
                                            Jesus of the Bible,

Who urges you to keep praying and have more and more faith in me and trust in the Heavenly Father and continue to acquaint yourself with the Scriptures so that I can then more easily convey my thoughts on them through your brain.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jesus talks about mankinds need for God's Divine Love

Christ Jesus is here and wishes to write to you about the love of God and the needs of mankind. Let your mind be free from all thoughts of evil and sin.

The love of God is reaching out for every man so that the meanest will be the object of His care.

 Do not let the thought that He is only loving the good and righteous lead you to think that you must seek the company of these favored ones only.

Let the lost and unhappy be the objects of your efforts to show them the way to the Father. You will have an opportunity in receiving our messages to teach all mankind the love of God for His children, and that they are the children of His greatest care and love.

Be only earnest in your efforts to spread the truths which I shall teach you in my communications, and you will be a successful laborer in the work which the Father has decreed you to do. 

Give your best endeavors to the spreading of the messages and you will not only save the souls of the blinded and lost, but also will hasten the coming of the kingdom in your own life and heart. 

Let me come to you often for you are the instrument that I wish to use in "MY NEW OR REPEATED GOSPEL OF GLAD TIDINGS TO THE HUMAN RACE." Be true to the trust that I shall impose in you and let not the cares of the world keep you from spreading my gospel. 

Come to the love of God in a more enlarged and truthful meaning and you will be my true follower. Let me lead you to the fountainhead of all the truths of God I have in store for humanity. 

My own love and power will guide you and keep you in the way of Light and Truth that you may teach to your fellow man. Your own soul must be first purified and then you will be able to show others the power and love that I have for them. You are not to seek the help of other spirits until I teach you the truths of my Father. 

He is the only one who has the power to save men from their sins and errors. Be true and earnest in your work, and don't let other things distract your mind or work from the task set before you. 

The world needs a new awakening, and the infidelity and unbelief of men who think themselves wise but who are foolish as they will ultimately find out, and the material things must not fill their souls much longer or they will suffer more than they can imagine. 

The material needs of mankind are not the only clouds that must be lifted from their souls. You are too weak to write more now. Yes, but I am not able to write more now because you are not in condition.

You must stop writing now.

 Jesus of the Bible 
and Master of the Celestial Heavens

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The meaning of the New Heart that is mentioned in the Old Testament

Received by Daniel Samuels

I am here, Jesus:

I see that you have been studying the teachings and prophecies of the Old Testament, and I should like to write you just a few words tonight on how I came to know that I was the Messiah who had been proclaimed as the Savior of the Israelites. 

Now, I have written to you before concerning what I learned from the Father, but I shall supplement this with material which will help to make things clearer to you. 

The people of Israel had broken the covenant which God had made with them, and He foresaw that it would be necessary to actually bestow upon them His own Divine personality through His Love in order to purify and transform their souls so as to be free from the temptation of sin and evil. 

This is what the Father meant by giving the people a new heart, which He voiced through Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and pouring His Spirit out upon them. 

This, of course, was not His Spirit which functions in the realm of the intellectual or moral, but was the Spirit that conveys His Divine Love which He had shown He possessed for His people despite their sinful ways. For, through the prophet Hosea, He had revealed that He loved Israel, His people, as the husband loves the wife, though unfaithful. 

He was, therefore, going to pour out His Love upon His people through His Spirit -- the Holy Spirit -- and in this way give them a New Heart. 

The Divine Love in my heart kept telling me that I was the Messiah who should come to bring salvation to the people through the Love which should not only be given to me, but to all those who should return to the Father and seek it through earnest desire, as people seek to do righteousness and kindly acts because they so desire to do them. 

The obtaining of the Father's Love was a soul action springing from the emotions and the will exercised by the emotions, and comprised trust in the Father's Love and mercy, and prayer to Him that it would be bestowed on sincere seeking. Many of the prophecies about the Messiah's coming made by the prophets dealt with times previous to my coming and nearer to their own times, and dealt with Zerubbabel, by Haggai and Zechariah, after Cyrus, the Persian king, permitted the exiles to return to Jerusalem; and also Onias, in the days of the Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes. 

At the same time, it was given to me to understand that the prophecies of God's spokesmen were applicable not only to their own generation but could also apply just as forcibly to later times, when these times brought into operation circumstances like unto those which were originally referred to. And this can be seen in Isaiah and Jeremiah, in seeking to keep Judah free from the wars between Egypt and the Eastern empires Assyria and Babylonia.

I knew from the Love glowing in my soul that the prophecy of the New Heart was being fulfilled in my soul and I began to see that many of the Messianic passages in the (books of the) prophets referred to me as well as to predecessors. 

I saw that I fulfilled many of the requirements, such as being of the House of David, being born at Bethlehem, that I came at a time when Judah was a dependency of a foreign power, and that the prophecies of Daniel brought the time of the coming of the Messiah to my own days. 

While Isaiah's passages of the suffering servant referred to Israel, a man as the personification of Israel fitted perfectly into the Messianic picture; for, in Hosea, God had pictured Israel as an adulterous woman, and in Isaiah as a vineyard, and in Jeremiah in various forms; and it seemed that when God referred to Israel, He meant one who would represent Israel through suffering for the salvation of all of God's children. 

By Israel, He meant one of His children who would suffer because of his faith. And, thus, when God meant Israel, He meant the Messiah. 

The one sign that I waited for was the desecration of the Temple, prophesied in the Book of Daniel; and when Pilate did that early in the year A.D. 26, I knew that what had occurred in the days of Antiochus Epiphanes had not been limited to his day, alone, and had been repeated in my own, and made me realize that I must come forth and proclaim the rebestowal of the Father's Love -- the New Heart -- as proclaimed by the prophets, and that I had been anointed the Messiah of God.

I also knew that from the life of Jeremiah and his troubles as well as the prophecies of Isaiah and Daniel, that I would be cut off, but this would come as a result of the sins of mankind and not because I was fated to be crucified or because I voluntarily assumed the sins of all mankind and saved mankind from sin by paying the penalty for sin with my blood. 

Now, I know this is what is being taught, but it is all wrong and has no basis in fact.

I will stop now, for it is late and you should get some sleep. So, with my love to you and the Doctor,* and to all my workers, I will say good night and sign myself, 

Jesus of the Bible 
Master of the Celestial Heavens