Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salaalida, a Muslim follower of Allah shares his thoughts

August 12th, 1915
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Salaalida:

I am a Muslim and I lived in the time of the crusaders and helped to defend Jerusalem from the Christians.

I was an officer of high rank, and a general who was known among my own countrymen for my prowess in battle.

I merely want to tell you now that I am a lover of all mankind and know no difference between the Christians and the Muslims, for all are God's children and are the objects of his love, and of my love, for I am a lover of God.

I am an inhabitant of the highest Mohammedan heavens and am very happy and satisfied with my spiritual condition, and am still a follower of the Prophet who lives in our heavens and still teaches the truths of the Father, Allah.

I have no criticism to make of the Christians and believe that they are also followers of God in the way that their Jesus taught, but I cannot yet believe that his teachings are the only truths of the Father. He and his followers live in a different sphere from our sphere, and those whom I have met seem to be happy and are very beautiful.

So while I was once an antagonist of the Christians, and hated them with all the hatred that my religion taught me to hate, yet now I see that hatred is not a thing which God recognizes as being a part of the faith or practices of his true followers. 

I came merely to tell you this and to inform you that love is the ruling principle of the spiritual world where I live.

By love, I mean love for God and for my fellowman. This is the only love that I know of and I find it sufficient for my happiness.

I don't know what you mean by the Divine Love. It cannot be anything more than the love which we have for God. Well, I must stop now, and will say goodnight.

Your friend,
the mussulman 

June 22, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Abdullah ben Caliph:

I am a spirit of whom you have never heard, and I want to tell you that I am so very much interested in your work in helping the unfortunate spirits.

I am not a churchman, but a lover of mankind and a believer in God as the Father of us all. 

I write by permission of your band, for they know that my love for my fellow man is very great and that I am interested in everything that will help them both in the spirit and material worlds.

 I merely want to tell you this, and that not only the spirits called Christians have this love of their fellow man, but also we who are of other religious persuasions.

God is God, and Allah is his name and Mahomet is his prophet. And my name on earth was Abdullah ben Caliph. And I lived more than five hundred years ago in the city of Mecca and was a priest of the Mosque, and had charge of the sacred carpet of the great Prophet. 

I live in a sphere that has a name, but is not in the Celestial Spheres that the Christian Spirits tell me exists. 
In my sphere the Mohammedans live and worship Allah, and adore his prophet. Yet, I see him and he is still preaching the great truths and is happy.

Many others, not of our faith, live in certain planes of this sphere, they are not Christians either, but great intellects, and are working for the material good of humanity. We are working with them in this great purpose.

Well, we have found that there is no marrying here but that each of us has one of the opposite sex to live with, and strange as it may seem to you, and stranger yet it seems to us, we do not desire more than one.
Our dream of having our harems filled with beautiful houris, was merely a dream. We have no harems and desire none. Our happiness is complete with only one.

Yes, there is suffering among our faithful in the lower spheres, and darkness also, but many who have lived in that darkness are now with me in the heaven of happiness that I tell you of. 

God is just and he will not let a guilty one escape. We must all pay the penalties of our deeds on earth. So you see our Prophet told us the truth about there being a Paradise for us in the Spirit World.

I thank you for your kindness and will stop. 

Your friend and I hope a mutual lover of mankind.

Abdullah ben Caliph The Mohammedan 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Atlantian tells of his life on Atlantis

September 24th, 1915
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Sebastobel.

I am a spirit who has never written before, and I desire to say a few things which I consider of importance to mortals as well as to spirits. 

I live in the highest sphere where intellect rules supreme, and where spirits are happy in the knowledge that their spirit existence is free from all the cares and limitations which a life in the body imposes.

I am a student of the laws governing the relationship of the various planets to one another, and to the earth, and of the influences which the sun and moon and stars exert upon mortals of the earth. I am an ancient spirit and have been in spirit life many thousands of years - long before the great flood which submerged a great continent which men know as Atlantis.

When that continent existed and was peopled by living, active, intelligent beings, I had been a spirit many years and was in communication with the prophets, as they were called - or rather seers - of that happy land. The development of these people far surpassed that of the present inhabitants of earth in not only the purely intellectual qualities in the abstract, but also in their knowledge of what you call the arts and sciences. 

Then the inhabitants of that fair land not only did not have the necessity for using horses or automobiles or steam cars or boats, or airships, for moving from place to place and traveling, but they knew of the existence of and the way to utilize certain forces of nature which enabled each individual or group of individuals to transport themselves from place to place by mere operation of their will power, using these forces. 

These forces still exist in nature, and are just as ready to be utilized now as they were at the time these people of whom I speak brought them under their control.

Some day it will be given to man to understand and control these great forces and utilize them to their fullest extent. Just when this time will be I don't know; but considering the rapid strides that mortals have made in discovering and utilizing some of the heretofore hidden forces in nature during the last half century, I do not think it will be long before these great forces will be discovered, or rather revealed, to man.

It will not be so revealed until the higher powers consider the time ripe for man to have the knowledge of these forces revealed to him and to control them.
I know what these forces are, but I am not permitted to make them known to you or anyone else at this time. I should otherwise gladly do so. 

Well, while they had this great knowledge and power of transporting themselves, and could have done so had they been given time, the submerging of the continent was so sudden that no man knew the moment when the catastrophe took place. It was in the twinkling of an eye, as it were, and men were drowned before they had time to think or attempt to save themselves.

No, it was not like the Bible description of the flood, which never occurred; that was merely allegory and existed in other books, in a little different form, long before the Bible was written.

These Atlantians are now inhabitants of the spirit world, living in different spheres, and more or less developed in their intellects. 

Well, I merely want to say further that I am somewhat surprised that you can receive my thoughts in the way of written communication, for I never before in all my spirit experience have written my thoughts this way.

It is a wonderful gift and one which I consider superior to any other method that I know of for communing with mortals. You may ask me any question and I will answer it if I can.

Yes, I see other spirits here - some dark and ugly and some bright and beautiful. I have spoken to one who says she is your wife, and she is a most beautiful and bright spirit - the brightest that I have come in contact with.

Well, I must confess that I have never seen in my sphere any spirit so beautiful or bright, or pure looking or lovely as she, and I wonder why it is. I am at a loss to know, and I would like to know, I assure you.

No, my intellect does not tell me, and I see that there is here presented a phenomenon which is worthy of all investigation and study.

Well, she has told me, and I am astonished at her explanation. I never before knew or heard of the existence of such a thing as this New Birth or Divine Love, and even now I cannot comprehend what she means, but I see a result or effect for which I can find no cause, and it seems reasonable that I should accept the cause which she gives me. 

But I am astonished, as I thought that there is nothing in all the spirit world equal to the mind, and nothing which brings such happiness. But she tells me of a happiness of which I had no conception. Well, as you say, I see an effect and there must be a cause; and as I am an investigator of the truth, I feel it my duty to search for that cause, and I will.

She has invited me to go with her and meet her band, and also one who, she tells me, is the most magnificent and beautiful in all the spirit universe. I will go with her and investigate this matter; and will come to you again. So I will say good night.

My name when on earth was Sebastobel. 

I lived in the Upper Nile when the human race was very early developed into thinking beings.

Sebastobel Ancient Spirit

Jayemas, Teacher of Atlantis, tells his story

October 7th, 1915
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jayemas:

I am the spirit of a man who when on earth was an inhabitant of the great continent of Atlantis which was submerged in a cataclysm and by which great calamity all the inhabitants of that country were drowned.

I am now in the sixth sphere where are many others of my countrymen, and wherein are enjoying much happiness and great intellectual pursuits that bring to us knowledge of the wonderful laws of the universe.

I was, when on earth, a teacher of the arts and sciences, and of the philosophy of life as well. I made many inventions which enabled my people to progress in the development of the use of forces which existed in the unseen world, and which are now still in existence and operating.

If mortals would only understand and had means for utilizing these forces; they would enjoy wonderful facilities for traveling and propelling the different engines of trade and manufacture that they are engaged in, and also for making easy much of the labor which is now done by hand or by imperfect machinery.

You must not think that the forces of nature have all been discovered by your great scientists and inventors for that is not true; and in the near future you will have revealed to your investigators some wonderful forces that will revolutionize many of the means of conducting the communications between nations, and of leading men to a knowledge of what the possibilities are.

Well, I am not permitted to disclose any of these secrets at this time, but in the near future they will be made known, and you will live to see some of these forces applied to the actual working out of what you suppose to be the ideas of your inventors.

I merely wanted to introduce myself at this time as I hope to come to you later and tell you about my life on the submerged continent. 

So I will not write more.

Your friend,
Jayemas the Atlantian

Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Original Message from Jesus received by James Padgett

Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God and such truth is possible only by the working of the Holy Spirit. Oh preacher, upon whom a great responsibility rests, learn the truth and then lead men unto the way of salvation.

I will not write more now but will come soon and deliver another message. Believe that I love you and am
Your friend and brother

As you know I love you as my brother and disciple and am with you as you pray each night uniting in your prayers and you must let your faith increase and believe that your prayers are being and will be answered to the fullest.

I will not write more now so my brother good night and may the Father bless you with His greatest blessing.
Your brother and friend, Jesus


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ancient Spirit Anaxylabis, builder of the Pyramid of Giza

July 22nd, 1915

Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Anaxylabis.

Let me tell you about the great pyramid of Gizeh. 

I want to do so in detail, as I was its designer, and I built it under the direction of the great Egyptian king, Monyabasis the Great, who lived many centuries ago, before Rameses, who is credited with its construction.

I know that mankind has no records which tell of the reign of this monarch, but such records did exist, and in them was contained the history and the description of the occasion which called for the building of this great pyramid. 

These records were destroyed long before the present extant histories of the world were written - long before the Book of the Dead was written and long before any of the present kingdoms of the earth had their beginnings. 

Centuries and centuries have passed since that time and no man has knowledge of what was then the condition of the human race or, as I should say, speaking for myself, of the race that inhabited the region of what you call the Lower Nile. 

We were a race of a great intelligence, and of what you would now describe as a wonderful civilization. Many of our arts and sciences disappeared from earth and have never been rediscovered, and may never be, for that race no longer has communication with the present race.

I came tonight because I saw pass me by wonderful spirits of light and beauty, evidently bent on some great mission; and I followed them and found myself with you. 

Listening to the communications which they gave you, I found that there came to me a desire to write also. 

Well, as I listened I soon saw that the communications were written in a language different from my own, and that you understood only that language and that I must write in that language to make myself understood; so I commenced at once to learn it and I learned it in the short space of time that I listened to them in their communications. 

This may seem impossible to you, but I can read the thoughts of spirits and men without difficulty, and as all thoughts in the spirit world require no language such as you understand, I soon found that I could clothe my thoughts in your words as I am doing now.

Well, I know it may not be very satisfactory to you, but it is true, and I cannot more clearly explain it so that you may comprehend it. 

Well, I have diverged or digressed from my intention of telling you what the design of the great pyramid was, and I find that I have written too long to attempt it now, as this is my first effort at writing. So I will postpone it until later, but I will come and give you the explanation.

I don't know in years, but when the Egyptian Book of the Dead was written I had lived as a spirit many thousands of years. I must stop now and say good night.


Saleeba makes it to the Kingdom

I am here, Saleeba.

I want to say only a few words that you may know how happy I am, and how much my soul is filled with this Divine Love of which you first told me. 

Oh, my friend, it is difficult to keep from shouting the fact that I am a redeemed child of the Father, and one who knows that His love is mine, and that I shall live through all eternity, enjoying the happiness which His love and mercy have given me.

I intended to keep my promise and tell you of my life on earth many thousand years ago, and so I will sometime, but now I am so happy in this great possession that I cannot think of those earthly things in such a way as to relate to you my experience as a mortal. 

Wait a little while and I will try to describe to you all the things of my earth life that may be of interest to you.

I will go very soon now to my people and tell them what I have found and urge them to seek for it, and I trust that they will follow my advice. 

There are many of them that are good and pure spirits, with a natural love in such a state that they are very happy and contented, and yet, when I realize the great difference in the happiness that is theirs and that which may be theirs, I cannot refrain from going to them and telling them of it.

I know that you are glad that I am happy and are interested in my progress, and hence, I love to come and let you know what my condition is.

I will not write more tonight. So believe that I love you as a sister and pray for you and ask the Father to make you happy and fill your soul with His love, and bless you.
Your sister, 

Jesus coments on Saleeba's progress and life in the spirit spheres

I AM HERE. Jesus.

The spheres in which  Saleeba  lived are the ones that your grandmother described as being the homes of merely intellectual spirits.

In these different spheres are many subspheres, and the different races of mankind naturally congregate with those spirits of their own race so that while this Egyptian may have lived in these different spheres, it does not follow that she lived in the same subspheres with the spirits of other races, and in all probability she did not. 

She is a very ancient spirit, but her age as compared with eternity--that which is passed as well as that to follow--is a grain of sand on the seashore to all the rest of the sand. 

She is old as men consider age, but as we look upon it, she is of the now--and not very old.

She will tell you of the spheres in which she lived, but they will not be any different, or any greater than the ones your grandmother described. And she has not progressed above the sixth, and cannot until she receives the Divine Love and essence of the Father.
So, as she describes these spheres to you, keep in mind the fact, that she has never gotten beyond the sixth, as described by your grandmother.

She may have passed through what seems to her many more spheres than the ones described by your grandmother, but all the various stages through which she passed constitute no more than the six lower spheres. She never was in the seventh or passed through it.

So let your mind be settled on this point: No spirit who is without this love has ever gotten beyond the sixth sphere.

The ancient Bible patriarchs and prophets, such as Moses, Abraham, Elisha, and the others, never got beyond the sixth sphere until my coming, when they received the Divine Love--and the fact that they are ancient spirits does not necessarily imply that they are in a very high sphere now.

Your grandmother, for instance, is in a much higher sphere than all of the ancients who have never received the Divine Love.

So the fact that a spirit is ancient, does not, of itself, mean that it is of a very high order of spirit. 

Many a spirit who passed over comparatively recently is as high in the sixth sphere as are these ancient ones. And many a spirit who came to the spirit world within a short time, your wife for instance, is in a higher sphere than many of these ancient ones, who have been in the spirit life for centuries--yes, centuries upon centuries--and for the reason, that these ancients have only the mental development, which can carry them into the sixth sphere only, while your wife has the soul development which has already carried her to the Celestial Spheres.

So do not think that because a spirit who comes to you may be an ancient spirit, it may be in a high sphere, or can instruct you in those things which will lead you to the Father's kingdom; for it is not true.

The Egyptian who came to you is now seeking this love and she will receive it, and progress higher as she develops her soul, but she will never get higher than the sixth sphere until her soul development fits her for the higher spheres. The mere fact that she has the mental development which enabled her to progress to the sixth sphere will not help her in any degree to progress above it.

As her soul develops she will leave the sixth sphere and inhabit a sphere of soul education which is in unison with her development, and it may be the third only--but this sphere will enable her to make more rapid progress than if she should remain in the sixth, because of the reasons that your grandmother portrayed in her message.

So do not be impressed with the thought, that because a spirit is an ancient one it can help you or instruct you in those things which pertain to your soul development.

Of course, their mental qualities are developed to a high degree, and they can tell you many interesting things about the times in which they lived, and of their experiences in the spirit world; but these things, while interesting, do not help you to attain to the Divine Kingdom. 

As regards this soul knowledge, they may be mere babes, and totally devoid of all the things necessary for the soul development by obtaining the Divine Love.
I have many things yet to write about, and as we write you will see that I am the true Jesus, and that my knowledge of the Father's kingdom is the greatest possessed by any 

I wish that I could write to you every night, but under present earthly conditions I cannot, because it might interfere with your life on earth. But, as I have told you, very soon you will be in the condition, when I will have your services all to myself and my work.
I will not write more tonight, but only say believe, and you will see the glories of the Father and your own salvation and happiness.
Your friend and brother, 

Saleeba meets Jesus

October 1st, 1915
Received: by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Saleeba.

I want to tell you that I was a witness the other night to the wonderful display by Jesus of his great power and glory - and what a wonderful demonstration it was!

I never in all my long experience in the spiritual spheres saw anything that approached it, and no spirit in the highest intellectual sphere could for a moment show the great effulgence of light that Jesus did. 

So you see, I now know positively that the Master is the son of God, and has this Divine Love to a degree that, as I am informed, no spirit who was then present, except probably, some of the apostles, had any conception of.

I am now convinced to the depths of my soul that the Divine Love of the Father is a real existing thing and that it makes beautiful and Godlike those who possess it. 

Now I shall strive harder than ever to get it, and the great happiness which I now know must be the experience of those who have this Divine Love to a great degree. 

I merely wanted to tell you this, because, as you know, I am one who a short time ago had never heard of this Great Love.

So thanking you for your kindness, I am 

Your sister in Christ,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saleeba is in the Third Sphere and progressing

October 26th, 1915

Received: by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Saleeba.
I am in a much happier condition than when I wrote before, and I want to tell you that the Love of God in my soul is the cause of my being happier.

Your sweet wife was with me a great deal, telling me of this Love and showing me the way to seek for it, and I believed her and followed her advice, and as a result, I found a great deal of that Love. It is so very great a creator of happiness - and I want more of it. 

I am living in the third sphere because I find so much more of that soul Love there than in the sixth, and what I want now is that Love.

So you see I cannot live where this Love is not so abundant.

When I get more of it I shall go to the sixth and tell the spirits there what a great happiness I have found, and try to persuade them to seek it also, and I believe that many will. 

I am so glad that I broke into your writing when I did, for if I had not, I would not have learned the way to this Love and happiness.

I shall always look upon you as my friend and brother, and will do anything in my power to help you. 

I have not found any of my race in these soul spheres as yet, but there may be some of them there. But if I can possibly accomplish it, there will be some of them in my sphere very soon.

I have forgotten a great many things in connection with my earth life, but I remember my parents and some of my associates and some portions of my religious beliefs. And sometime I will tell you of these things. 

I will also tell you of my experiences in passing through these spheres, in my progress to the sixth, where I had to stop progressing. It is strange that I did not find this out until recently, but it is a fact. 

No spirit who lives in the sixth sphere is as beautiful as the spirits of the third sphere who have the soul development - and the merely intellectual spirit can never become as beautiful as those having the soul love. 

Well, I must stop, as I only wanted to let you know that I had not forgotten you.

I will come again soon and tell you what I promised.

So I will say goodnight.

Your friend and sister,

Saleeba is happy as she progresses

October 16th, 1915
Received: by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.
I am here, Saleeba.
Yes, I only wanted to say that I am very happy, and feel that I must tell you because you first caused me to seek this Love and to find the way to my soul's development. 

I know that you are not so much interested in me as in some others who write to you, but I further know that no one feels more grateful to you than I do. So you see as I progress I must come and tell you of my happiness. 

Yes, that is what I want, and you seem to understand just what is necessary, and I am glad that I can come to you.

So my dear brother, think of me sometimes and pray to the Father to give me more of His Divine Love that makes me at-one with Him. 

I will not write more, but will say goodnight. 
Your sister in Christ, 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Saleeba is progressing with James's help

July 5th, 1915
Received: by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

 I am here, Saleeba. 

Well, I am with you again, and I want to tell you that I am so very happy, as I have progressed so much since I wrote you a short time ago. 

I am still in the Third Sphere, but I am in a higher plane, and with spirits who have the soul development to a very great degree, and in their love I am just so happy that I cannot express to you its extent. 

Oh, what a wonderful thing the Divine Love is, and when I consider the long years that I lived as a spirit without knowing anything about this Love, I can scarcely express my regret at the unfortunate position in which I lived.

I know now that Jesus is the true leader of all the spirits who have this great soul development, and that he can show the way to the Father's Kingdom as no other spirit can; and besides, when I come in contact with him, I realize that he has so much of this Love himself that what he says must be true.

I will soon progress to a higher sphere, they tell me, and will get Love in more abundance, and then in a little while I shall go to my own people and tell them of the wonders and glories of my new found home. 

What a blessed, happy time I anticipate among these spirits who are now in such ignorance of the only thing that brings this great happiness. I am not in condition now to tell you of my residence or life on earth as I promised, but sometime I will keep my promise.

You must think kind thoughts of me, and let your love come to me so that I may feel its benefit; for I must tell you that the loving thoughts of a mortal who knows what this Divine Love is have a wonderful influence on spirits, and their advancement in the spirit spheres. 

I will not write more tonight. 

So with my love and kindest thoughts I am, 

Your sister in Christ, 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saleeba,Egyptian Princess seeks help from James Padgett

June 2nd, 1915
Received by James Padgett.
Washinton D.C.

Let me write just a little as I need help, and I saw how you helped the last spirit who wrote.

It was wonderful what a change came to her as you told her of God's Love, and when she went with that beautiful spirit who spoke so lovingly to her, I thought that hope is for me too.

So, I know you will help me, as I need it so much, and you seem willing to help us all.

I am a woman who lived a great many years ago in a land that is far distant from your home; and at a time that runs back into the centuries.

I was an Egyptian Princess, and lived in the time when your Jesus, that I heard you speak of, was not known to the world.

I was taught the philosophy of the ancient Egyptians, and Osiris and Isis were our God and Goddess. We worshipped them, but not in love or soul adoration, but in fear and dread.

They were not the loving Father that you say your God is, but the dread things of power and wrath that called for our obedience through fear of punishment, and the tortures of the hells which they were supposed to rule in, and there torment the spirits of mortals who disobeyed them.

So you see, our souls were not developed with love, but our minds were controlled with fear, and we offered our sacrifices to appease the terrible threatenings of their wrath.

I was naturally a loving woman, and in my life outside of my religious beliefs, I was compassionate and sympathetic.

Those who were subject to me in our intercourse of government loved me, and were grateful and obedient subjects; but when it became a question as to our worship and religious duties, I sacrificed many of them to satisfy the wrath and demands of our Gods.

These sacrifices were made at first openly, but so great did they become, and deleterious to the good of the nation in its political aspect, that latterly our sacrifices were made in private, but they were made nevertheless.

Our beliefs were as real and as earnest as are the beliefs of you Christians in your God of Love and mercy; and we did the will of our Gods with as much belief that we were doing our duty, as do you the will of the Father in the belief that you are doing your duty.

But as I now see, what a difference in the motives, and what a difference in the results.

Our motives were to appease our angry Gods, and thereby prevent their wrath from falling upon us who continued to live, and your motives are to get and be filled with the Love and Mercy of a Father of Love, and to have your souls filled with that which will enable you to live in His presence and become supremely happy.

In the long years that I have lived in the spirit world, I have learned all this intellectually, and many other things that show me the cruelty and degradation of the beliefs that prevailed when I was a mortal and which resulted in the deaths, physically, of many of my subjects, and the death also of their souls.

Love to us, was not a thing divine. Obedience and placating the anger of the gods were the divine things to us.

And now, while I have heard of this Love of your Father, and have seen the results of this Love upon their appearances, and the apparent happiness of the worshippers of your God, yet I have never understood this Great Love, except in an intellectual way.

My soul has never felt the influence of this Love, and I had never before thought it necessary for me to seek the secret of obtaining the benefit of this Love.

But I now see that there is something more to this secret than the mere knowledge of the Love's existence, which the mind tells me must exist; and so having, in my journeys to earth, heard of your meetings with the spirits who are seeking this Love, or rather a way out of their darkness and sufferings, and having seen the effect of some of their efforts, I came to you to learn the way, if possible, by which I may obtain the soul experience which I have heard you, and the beautiful spirits who come to you, speak of.

Of course, my ancient beliefs still have some influence over me, though I have found that Osiris and Isis are myths; but yet, that negative knowledge has not supplied me with the means by which I can get this Love you speak of.

While I know that the angry gods do not exist, still there is a void in my soul which I realize has never been filled. So I pray that if you can help me to the way that will lead to my finding this soul filling Love that you speak of, I will be greatly obliged if you will do so, and will follow that way.

In the years since my coming into the spirit world, I have lived in a number of spheres, each one in succession a progressive one.

But in none of these spheres which I have lived in, have I found that the inhabitants are possessed of this soul Love that I am anxious to obtain.

In the higher spheres in which I have lived and in the highest, there is a wonderful development of the mental qualities, and the knowledge possessed by these spirit inhabitants is beyond all conception of mortals.

Sin does not exist in these highest spheres, and happiness is very great, and the spirits are very beautiful and bright. But in my comparison of the beauty and brightness of these spirits with those who claim this soul development of Love, I notice a great difference.

We have our loves and our harmonies, and peace reigns supreme, but yet I am not satisfied, and so with many others who live where I do.

But the cause of this dissatisfaction is not revealed to us, and only, as I say, in my visits to the earth plane and hearing of this Love, have I become convinced that the great secret of our dissatisfaction may be found among those spirits who claim to have this wonderful Love. So I come to you and ask you to show me the way to learn of it.

Well, I have visited the earth plane many times since I have been a spirit, and occasionally, have conversed with the spirits who claim to have this Love, and they have to some degree told me of this Love, but I never thought much about it until lately. I was happy in my condition as I have told you of it, and did not think it worth while to inquire into the fact of what this Love meant. But somehow, lately, the desire to learn of it has taken possession of me, and hence I come to you because I see others coming to you who say they need help.

I did not go to the others you speak of because I thought that I might get more help by coming to you first.

The spirits who are seeking your help say that they can in some way obtain an advantage in coming to you first. I don't know why, but they believe it; and when I saw the effect of their coming to you, I thought it might be so, and hence I came. I was the daughter of one of the early Pharaohs and my name was Princess Saleeba.

I do not know how to compute the centuries, but I lived before the pyramids were built, so you see I have been in the spirit world a long time.

Not now, but sometime I will come again and write you more in detail a description of the spheres through which I have progressed. I have called for your mother, and she is so very beautiful. She must have a great amount of this Love. She says that she will show me the way to obtain it, and will love me herself - and take me to the greatest spirit in all the spirit world, in whom I can see this Love developed in its greatest perfection. And I am going with her.

So remember my promise to come again, for I will.

So with many thanks and my kindest regards, I will say goodnight,


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The destiny of the man who has not the Divine Love in his soul

September 28th, 1916.
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus. 

Well, I will write on the subject: Of the destiny of the man who has not the Divine Love in his soul, and dies with only the natural love and a belief in the creeds and dogmas of the churches.
I know that many men believe that the creeds of the churches is what is necessary for the salvation of mankind. I mean as to baptism and observance of the sacraments, and the belief that in my name men may be saved - are sufficient and all that are necessary to ensure them an entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven; and in such belief rest, with the feeling of assurance that nothing else is required or in any way to be sought for and acquired. 

The large majority of professing Christians are in this state of belief, and hence the greater number of mankind will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, or become in their natures Divine. 

I have already told you what is the future of those who possess this Divine Nature of the Father, and now I will confine my message to the future of this great majority. 

As you may know, the river can never run higher than its source and neither can this majority attain to a perfection and happiness superior to that which was possessed by man before the time of the fall from the state of his perfect creation, and hence, no matter how great his progress may be in his natural love or in his moral or mental qualities, he can never excel the first created man as he was before the fall. And the only possible future for this vast majority is the condition and development that existed in the perfect man of God's first creation. 

I know it is said that man has in him that which is a part of the Divinity of God, and that by his own efforts he may develop that Divine Substance until he becomes Divine himself, and of the nature of the Father. 

But this is not true, and it is not possible to develop the Divine Love or any Essence of the Divine out of that which has not in itself,  there is nothing of the Nature of the Divine . In the spirit world, and I mean the spiritual as well as Celestial, laws prevail, and are just as certain in their operations as are the laws of the material world and a fundamental law is, that only like produces like; although in the physical world it may appear that a derivative is not like that from which it is derived, but this is in appearance only, for in substance and essence the likeness exists and cannot be eradicated. 

And so as to the real condition of the soul of man. If he has only the natural love - the created love - the development of that love will result in that which cannot possibly be greater or other than that which in its constituent parts is only the natural love, and no matter what the perfection may become, the Divine element is absent, and all the limitations that are inherent in the created being still continue to form a part of and control that being. 

There is a limit to the development of this natural love and to the state of happiness beyond which it is not possible for this being to go, and that limit is the qualities and excellence possessed by the first man before he became defiled and impregnated with sin. 

The mind of such being is also limited in the progress which it may make in obtaining knowledge, for that mind being a thing of creation is bound by the limitations that that creation imposed. 

So I say, such a man can never progress higher than those attributes or qualities with which he was endowed when he was the perfect man, either spiritually or mentally, unless he seeks for and obtains the Divine Love. 

When spirits come and write that life in this spirit world is always progressive, these spirits who write, have never attained to this limit of which I speak and hence to them progression is endless; and this belief is very beneficial, because it inspires them to make an effort to progress. 

There are many spirits in this perfect state in the highest sphere of natural love or mentality, but they are spirits who have been in the spirit world for a vast number of years, and are what you might call ancient spirits. 

These spirits have realized this limitation of which I write, and while they can change the objects of their seeking and the sources of their happiness, yet their progress has its ending, and often there comes to them dissatisfaction and a realization that over and beyond their sphere, there must be something that may be obtained, that surpasses their perfect state and development. 

And as a result of this dissatisfaction many of these spirits, in moments of their unrest, give heed to the suggestions of those spirits who have become possessed of the Divine Essence, and upon whom there is no limitation of progress; for these latter spirits are at all times in the highest sphere of these spirits of perfected natural love, trying to show them the way to the higher development and happiness of the Celestial Spheres. 

It may seem surprising to you, but it is a fact, that these spirits of the natural love, during their periods of progression and especially as they make nearer approach to their perfection, in the satisfaction and happiness that they experience in that progression, will not listen to the spirits of the Divine Spheres, or believe that there can be any other methods of progress more desirable or excellent than the ones that they are pursuing, and only when they come to realize the dissatisfaction that I speak of, will awaken to the fact, or consent to be awakened to the fact, that there may be a way that leads to things beyond their limits of progress and the perfection that they may have acquired. 

So, as I say, the higher the progress of these spirits and the farther away they advance from the earth plane, the greater the difficulty in persuading them that there is a state of perfection and happiness surpassing that which they are seeking for, and a way, different from the way they are pursuing. 

As these spirits progress in their natural love and in the development of their created minds, much happiness and satisfaction come to them, and in each stage of progress, so much greater do these experiences become, that they readily conceive that there can be no way superior to the one that they are travelling, and, hence, having such belief, the difficulty of convincing them to the contrary, becomes almost insurmountable.

As a consequence the spirits of the Celestial Spheres and those of the spirit spheres, who are progressing in the Divine Love, give the greater part of their time and efforts to convincing spirits of these higher truths while they are in the earth planes, before the happiness that I mention is experienced. 

The life on earth and that in the earth planes of the spirit world are the states in which the souls of mortals and of spirits have the best opportunities for learning and believing these truths that show them the way to the progression that is without limitation or ending, and hence, the importance of men knowing these truths, and of spirits also, before they experience the satisfaction and pride, I may say, that the advancement in the development of their natural love and mental and moral qualities gives them. 

Until the time comes when the Father shall withdraw from man and spirit the privilege of obtaining this Divine Love and Essence, which time will bring the second death, these spirits and all spirits and mortals will have the opportunity of seeking for and finding the way to the Celestial Spheres and Immortality. 

But after that time this privilege will no longer exist, and then those spirits and mortals who have not found and followed the way of that privilege, will be and become only the perfect beings, as were their first parents. They will have no assurance of Immortality, or even continuous life, and that dissatisfaction and longing for something unknown, will be theirs. 

They will remain only the created beings in spirit body, soul and mind, and as the first parents had all the qualities that these restored men will have and fell, and why may it not be that they will fall, that there may come some change in the individualized spirit that will destroy that individuality and dissolve it into its elements of pre-creation? 

No spirit knows that such a change will take place, that the perfect spirit will not always retain the same individuality, or that the happiness of such spirit will not always exist. And neither does any spirit know that these things will continue to be. 

Then why should he not choose that course which leads to Divinity and certainty of Immortality and progress, rather than the one which leads to limitation of progress and happiness, and to uncertainty of Immortality? 

I have written enough for tonight. I will come again soon. So remember that I love you and am with you trying to help you spiritually and that I pray to the Father to bless you. 

Good night.
Your brother and friend,

William Richards describes his life in darkness

June 24th, 1915.
Received by:James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, William S. Richards:

Let me write just a little bit, as I need help. I am in darkness and suffering. 

I am a man who lived the life of an infidel when on earth and did not believe in God or Jesus, or in anything that was taught in the Bible in reference to a future life, or in anything of a religious value. 

I was not a bad man, in the sense of being immoral more than men ordinarily are, but I did not have thoughts which tended to develop my soul qualities, or make me what is called a spiritual man. 

So you see that when I died and found myself still living I was somewhat surprised, and for quite a while could not realize that I was a spirit pure and simple. 

But since that time I have discovered many things that show me that my beliefs on earth were all wrong. Yet that discovery does not remedy the failings of soul development which my beliefs caused, and I am now like a man without anything to guide or direct him in the way in which he may recover these lost possessions. 

I have met a great many spirits but they are, like myself, without knowledge of those things which may be necessary to help us in the way of progression. I am a spirit that enjoys some happiness and has some light, but it is that which arises from the exercise of my mental powers. 

I don't know anything about any happiness that may come from the development of the soul, and yet I have heard that there is such a thing, and that a wonderful happiness ensues from such development. 

Of course, I must find this happiness if I can, and if you can help me in any way to find it, I will be very thankful if you will do so. 

I am in darkness most of the time and I suffer also, but at other infrequent times I have some light and some happiness; but the former conditions are the ones that are mostly mine. 

I live in what we call the earth plane and I have the privilege of roaming over that plane with certain restrictions. I cannot go into what you might call the higher planes of that plane, but in my own plane and in the lower ones I may go, and I do sometimes. 

I find many spirits who are in a very great condition of darkness and in torture, and their places must be the hells of the Bible but without the fires or the devils, as men believe. I never see any devils but the spirits themselves, and some of them are the only devils that are necessary to make a hell. 

I do not know just who I am in this darkness that I speak of, except it must be because of the stagnation of my spiritual self. My soul is nearly dead so far as any development is concerned, and my mind, while active and eager for knowledge, does not give me any great happiness. 

So I suppose the great happiness that I hear is possessed by others must come from the soul development. At any rate I want to find the cause if I can, and I thought that maybe you could help me. 

My name was William S. Richards. I lived in Germantown, Pa., and died in 1901.
So I am waiting for your advice. 

I have called for him and he says that he will show me the way, and that I must go with him. So I will say, 

Good night,
William S. Richards 

Friday, June 7, 2013

St.Paul on The Hells

November 19th, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Paul

I merely want to say that I was present at the church to-night and listened to the preacher tell his congregation what he didn't know about hell, because what he said, in many particulars was untrue and it was pleasing to hear him tell his people that there was no physical suffering, although he didn't explain to them why there could be no such suffering, and I mean that no spirit, when he goes into hell carries with him his physical body, or any other body, that has such substance as would be affected by fire and brimstone and the other unreasonable things that the churches have for so many years taught and terrified their members with - and as a consequence caused them to believe that the Father is such a cruel and wrathful Father, demanding that His cravings for satisfaction be supplied by the sizzling in fire of the bodies of His children. No, this damnable doctrine is not true and I am glad to see that the churches are ceasing to believe or teach it. 

But the doctrine that the preacher taught is quite as bad, and useless as the former, for the reason, that punishment of sinners and those who are out of harmony with God is a fact which they all will realize when they come to the spirit world, and that being so, to teach that this punishment is everlasting is as harmful as the one that I first mentioned. 

How strange that preachers and teachers will try to cause their people and listeners to believe that God is such a wrathful and vindictive being, having less love and mercy than the most wicked and earthly father has for his children. 

It is so very deplorable that such attempts are made by these supposed instructors of what God is, to blaspheme Him in His great qualities of Love and Tenderness, and the desire that all His children become happy. 

Oh, I tell you that these preachers will have a woeful sin to answer for when they come to an accounting, and that will not be at the great judgment day, as they teach, but just as soon as they enter spirit life and realize the great harm that they have done to many who have followed them in their teachings - and they will realize that awful result very soon after their entrance into the spirit world, for they will have come to them, as clouds of witnesses, the spirits of those who were under their instructions on earth, bringing with them all the evidence of the results of their erroneous beliefs and the stains of this great sin of blasphemy. 

I, Paul, write this for I know I have suffered from this very cause myself, because, when on earth, I taught some doctrine like unto the one that these preachers are now teaching, and even now I realize that to some extent I am responsible for many false beliefs; but I thank God that all that is ascribed to me in the Bible, I am not responsible for, and that if my true teachings were known and taught, the blind and erroneous beliefs that are now so prevalent among Christians would not exist.

I tell you that mortals do not conceive the great harmful and deplorable results that flow from their beliefs in the Bible, in many particulars. 

This Book is one of falsehoods and forgery and imputations that have no resemblance to what the Master or any of his apostles taught, and you can readily realize how anxious we all are that these errors and untruths be removed from the minds and souls of men.

But I must not permit myself to become too enthusiastic in considering these things to-night, or I might not stop as I should under the circumstances.
I will come, though, very soon and write you on the subject, as it is a vital one to mankind, and I will explain the truths connected with it as fully as is possible for men to understand.

I should like to write more to-night but I must not.

So with my love, I will say, good-night.
Your brother in Christ,

November 21st, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Paul. I desire tonight to finish my message on Hell - what it is and what its purpose is.

As I said before hell is a place as well as a condition, and, the man who believes that it is nothing more than a condition of his mind or soul will be wonderfully surprised as well as disappointed.

I know the condition of mind and soul to a very large extent creates a man's hell and is the chief source of his suffering and the darkness that surrounds and envelops him; yet this condition is not the only source of that suffering or of darkness in which he finds himself.

Hell is a place, and a place that has all the appearances and ingredients that are in exact agreement with his state as produced or caused by the condition of his mind or soul, and is not a place of universal character and fitted for the habitation of souls, irrespective of conditions of degrees of defilement and sin and darkness.

It is not a single place forming a common home for all fallen souls, but is composed of many and different places, and as has been said, there are many hells having gradations of appearances and surroundings that are suitable for causing additional sufferings which souls may have to endure.

The expression, "the lowest depths of hell" is not a meaningless one, but portrays a truth, a real existing fact that many spirits are now experiencing the reality of.

In its broadest sense, hell is every place outside of heaven, and heaven is that place where everything entering into it - its appearance and qualities and its inhabitants - is in perfect harmony with the respective laws of God and His will concerning the same.

And this statement involves the fact that there are several heavens, because the heaven of the redeemed, or those who have received the Divine Essence in their souls and become of the divine nature of the Father, is a distinct heaven from that wherein live those who have been restored in their natural love to the perfect condition that the first parent possessed before the fall - the condition of the restitution to mankind of that perfection which was lost by the disobedience of the first man and woman.

Mortals usually believe that heaven is a condition, and the Bible, in which so many believe, attempts to describe this heaven with its streets of gold, and pearly gates, etc., and as a fact it is a real, substantial place, having all the elements and appearances of a home of bliss, which help to bring to its inhabitants happiness and joy in addition to the happiness which their soul perfection and development cause them to have.

Then, as heaven is a place, having real substance, perceptible to the spirits that inhabit it, why should not hell be a place of real substance also, with those qualities and appearances, exactly suited to add to the unhappiness of those who are fitted for it?

The spirit world, both heaven and hell are places of substance, having their planes and divisions and limitations of occupancy, and not mythical, invisible conceptions of mind as you mortals ordinarily conceive ghosts to be. The spirits of mortals are real and more substantial than are the physical bodies of mortals, and these planes and divisions, whether of heaven or hell, have a more real existence, than have the mortals in their places of habitation or confinement in the earth life.

The hells are places of darkness and sufferings but in them are no fires or brimstone, etc., as have been so commonly represented by the preachers and teachers of the orthodox churches, because there is nothing therein that would feed fires or that fires could affect, and there are no devils or Satan, though there are evil spirits of men that are more wicked and vicious and horrifying than have ever been pictured of the devil and his angels.

In your communications you have had some very realistic descriptions of hell from those who are actually living therein and are realizing its tortures and realities, and I will not take the time here to attempt to describe it in detail, and will only say that as it has not entered into the minds of men to conceive the wonders and beauties of heaven, neither have they ever conceived of the horrors and sufferings of hell.

But from all this men must not understand that the punishment and darkness which the spirits of evil endure in the hells are specifically inflicted by the Father because of any wrath that He may have towards these spirits, or to gratify any feelings of revenge, or even to satisfy any outraged justice, for it is not true.

 Man, when he becomes a spirit, is his own judge and executioner, submitting to and receiving the inexorable results of the law, that "whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap."

This is a law that is necessary to preserve or bring about the harmony of God's Universe, which, of course, is absolutely necessary, and while it may appear to man, at first sight, to be a harsh and cruel law, yet in its workings and results, even to the individual spirit who may suffer in the reaping, it is a most benign and beneficial law, for the darkness and sufferings of a few years, as you mortals say, bring about an eternity of light and happiness.

The law must rule; and in all the apparent harshness and suffering and want of mercy, the Great Divine Love of the Father overshadows the sufferer and finally makes the defiled and wicked soul become one of purity and goodness.

 Men may never have thought of the fact; that if it were possible for these evil spirits to live in heaven, their sufferings and unhappiness would be greater than what they endure by living in the place that is more in agreement in its surroundings and appearances, with their own distorted conditions of soul. So even in their hells, the Father is Merciful and Good.

And regarding the second proposition of the preacher (Dr. Ratcliff) in his sermon, namely, the duration of suffering or of the life of the spirit in hell. His conclusion was, that this duration of the spirit is eternal, everlasting and without end.

How it must have hurt and violated the teachings of his soul and his conception of the loving Father, to come to such a conclusion!

But, yet, being bound by his creeds and the domination of his belief that the Bible is the sole authority upon hell, as well as heaven, in the conviction of his mind - and here I want to emphasize mind, for his heart was not in agreement, he declared that the duration of the sufferings and life of the hells is eternal, and the saying of Jesus proved it to be, not only because it was in the Bible, but because the true meaning of the original Greek word, can have no other translation; not knowing, or if knowing, not recalling, that Jesus, even if he used such expression, did not speak in Greek, and that back of the Greek word, in order to obtain the true meaning of the word used by Jesus, he, the preacher, must go to the word as it was uttered by Jesus and its true meaning.

So many preachers and commentators on the Bible attempt to determine a most vital truth by a shade of meaning that they conceive a particular word in its original, may have, when they are not justified in concluding that such word had at the time used, such shade of meaning, or that the original as they conceive it to be, was the original word actually spoken or written.

They seem to lose sight of the fact that the writings of the Bible, I mean the manuscripts to which they make reference to prove the correctness of their conclusions, are far removed from the original writings, and that by reason of the copying and recopying of the word upon which they rely, and the shade of meaning that they give it in their interpretations may not have been the word originally used. Of course, they have no way of learning this fact, and, consequently, they have to resort to the best authority that they can have access to.

But under such circumstances, it is not a justifiable thing to have a vital question of man's future and destiny determined by the shade of meaning that may be given to one word or more words, without reference to other declarations of the same Book, having relation to the subject matter of the inquiry.

The preacher said that in his conclusion as to the question he must be governed by the Bible alone, and had no right to indulge in speculation of the philosophies of other men, and that in the Bible he could find nothing that would justify him in coming to any other conclusion than that the duration of punishment in hell is eternal.

Well, he was not honest with himself, for if he had searched a little more deeply and have given as much credence to other parts of the Bible as to the passage that he quoted, he would have found a strong statement to the effect that the evil spirits in hell have the possibility of leaving it, and not only that but that a part of the great mission of Jesus, upon whose supposed declaration the preacher based his conclusion, was to show the way and induce these spirits of evil to leave their hells.

This was the Master's first work after he became a spirit, and he would not have attempted to preach to these wicked spirits in hell, so wicked, according to the Bible, that God because of their great sins when mortals, punished them as He never punished any other of His children, for their disobedience, utterly destroying them as a race and His only living human creatures from the face of the earth, by one great catastrophe, leaving only Noah and his family as a reminder of the great failure of God in His creation - the most perfect and the "very good."

So I say, if the preacher had searched the Bible he would have found that the hell that contained the spirits of all the human race that was living at the time of the flood, except Noah and his family was not in its duration eternal.

And again, had the preached searched further he would have found that the Master Himself, declared by necessary implication, that, at least, for some of the wicked who became inhabitants of hell, there was possibility of release, and certainty upon conditions. I refer to the declaration attributed to him where he said, "He that sinneth against the son of man, it shall be forgiven him, but he that sinneth against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, nor in the world to come." (Matt. Chapter 12--Verse 32)

Now, to any reasonable man there is only one interpretation of this declaration and that is, that for any and all sins, except that against the Holy Ghost there is forgiveness in the next world as well as in the mortal world, and that being a fact, it is an irresistible conclusion that the Father would not compel a spirit to remain in hell after He had forgiven that spirit's sins.

No, the preacher had not searched the Scriptures, as he was in duty bound to do, else his conclusion, could he have ridden his mind of the beliefs that the creeds of his church had driven into his intellect, and of the teachings of the ancient fathers, and of the churches that had taught such false and damnable doctrines for so many years, would have been very different.

The preacher repudiated the old teachings that there would be physical suffering in hell, or fire or brimstone, etc., and expressed his commiseration for those preachers and others who had taught such doctrine, and for their awful responsibility and accounting, and his commiseration was needed and appropriate. But l want to say here that he needs as much, if not more, commiseration for the preaching of his false doctrines, as did those preachers to whom he refers. He has more light, or may have, and his accounting will be correspondingly greater.

I have written a long letter, and you are tired and I must stop, but before doing so, let me declare the truth to be, that hell is not a place of eternal punishment.

That all the hells as well as other parts of the spirit world are places of progression and the privilege of probation is not taken from any spirit no matter how wicked, for all are God's children and in His Plans for the perfecting of the harmony of the universe, and man's salvation, all the hells will be emptied and the hells themselves destroyed.

But men must not think from this that the duration of suffering in these hells is necessarily short, for that is not true; some of the evil inhabitants of these places have been in such darkness and suffering for centuries, as mortals count time, and may be for centuries more, but the time will come when they will have the awakening to the fact that they may become children of light, and then when they make the effort to progress, they will succeed.

The sooner that mankind learns that hell is not a place of punishment to satisfy the wrath of an angry God, but merely the natural and necessary living place of the spirit, whose condition of soul and mind demands, and that condition changes, and it will change, the hell of its habitation will change until finally for that spirit all the hells will disappear.
You are tired and I must stop.

So thanking you, and leaving you my love and blessings,

I am your brother in Christ,