Monday, July 28, 2014

Nicodemus describes his experience receiving the Father's Divine Love

July 30th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

A master in Israel, and yet I did not understand this New Birth. How few understood it then, and how few now.

Oh, the long years that have gone by since Jesus told me that I must be born again to inherit eternal life, and how comparatively seldom this great truth is taught by the churches and the teachers of religious matters.

This truth is at the very foundation of mankind's redemption, and until a man receives this New Birth he cannot possibly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Men may claim to have faith in God and believe on Jesus' name and conform to all the essentials and sacraments of the churches, and yet, unless they have this New Birth, their faith and works as Christians are vain.

This I know from my own experience as well as from the teachings of the Master, and I desire to emphasize, with all the powers that I have, that it is the only important requirement to immortality.

The New Birth means the flowing into the soul of a man the Divine Love of the Father, so that that man becomes, as it were, a part of the Father in His Divinity and Immortality.

When this truth comes to a man he commences to take on himself the Divine nature of the Father, and all that part of him that may be called the natural nature commences to leave him, and as the Divine Love continues to grow and fill his soul, the natural love and affections for things of the earth will disappear, and as a result he will become at-one with the Father and immortal.

Why don't those who profess to be teachers of Jesus' truths - which are the truths of the Father - and all followers of him, pay more attention to this vital truth?

When you shall have received the messages from the Master, I think you will find this Truth of the New Birth to be the one thing that Jesus will emphasize and reiterate most . It is the most important thing for men not only to hear about and acquiesce in their intellectual beliefs, but also to actually experience.

I wish that I had understood it when on earth as I do now. He meant as no man could see the wind or tell from whence it came or whither it was going, so no man who received this New Birth could see the operations of the Holy Spirit or know whence it came. But this latter expression must be modified, because we all know it comes from the Father; but just how we do not know. The Holy Spirit is as invisible as the wind, and yet it is just as real and existing.

But men need not trouble their intellects to know exactly what this Great Power is, for it is sufficient to know: that which causes the New Birth is the Divine Love of the Father coming into the souls of men. I must stop as I have written enough for to night.

So let me subscribe myself a brother who has received the New Birth, and a lover and follower of the Master.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

False beliefs retard the souls progress to higher spheres

June 24th, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here and want to write a little tonight with the permission of your band and yourself.

You will remember me when I tell you that I am an old friend of yours and a brother in the profession.

You knew me as G. H., and I knew you as my young lawyer friend.

I am living in the third sphere and am comparatively happy, and am trying to progress to the higher spheres, but somehow the old beliefs that I imbibed, when on earth, seem to retard my progress. 

As you know, I was a Methodist and believed in the Methodist doctrines, and yet was not so spiritual as I should have been.

I have learned or rather unlearned and learned many things since I have been here, and, as a consequence, I am in a better condition to appreciate the truth than when on earth.

Well, I know now that the blood of Jesus, as such, does not wash away sin, and also that he is not the saviour of men because of any vicarious atonement. 

These were great stumbling blocks to me when I came into the spirit world, and my disappointment growing out of these beliefs was very great, and almost caused me to believe that there never was any Jesus or any God. 

But thanks to some of my spirit friends who knew the truth, I was prevented from becoming an unbeliever in the truths of salvation and so was saved from what might have been a great stagnation of my soul and its progress.

Yes, and I am somewhat surprised at Riddle's progress, for I must tell you that he is in a higher sphere than I am, and is more filled with this Love of the Father. 

He has told me somewhat of his experience, and how you first started him to right thinking, and then how your band, I mean your grandmother, and the rest of your kinfolk, came to him and helped him to see the light, and the necessity of seeking and obtaining God's Love. He is now a very bright spirit and has much faith. 

So you see, a man may have his doubts on earth and yet succeed in progressing more rapidly than one, who, though he believes in God and the Bible, yet because of his erroneous beliefs, stands still.

Well, I must say that I have been with you a number of times when the spirits were writing to you, and I was very much surprised at first that such a thing should be; and I saw that you were doing the dark spirits a great deal of good in the way in which you helped them out of their darkness and sufferings . 

When I was on earth I did not suppose that there would ever come a time when you would be in this kind of work - in fact I did not know that there was such a work to be performed by any one. Yes, I have seen Jesus writing to you a number of times, and only tonight did he do so.

My views as to him have changed very much since I was on earth. As you may have thought, I then believed him to be God or one of three that constituted God, and that he was a way up in the heavens, sitting on the right hand of the Father, controlling the heavens and the earth.

But since I have been in the spirit world my beliefs have changed, and now I know that Jesus is not God, but only his highest, best son, and a spirit such as I am. 

He has at times talked to me and told me of many erroneous beliefs contained in the Bible and in the dogmas of the churches. He is a wonderful spirit - the brightest in all the spirit world, and the one that is closer to the Father than any of the others, ancient or modern.

He is so very filled with the Divine Love of his Father that we adore him as our Master-not worship him as God. I have been surprised at the great interest he has in you, and the abundance of love that he has for you. But I know that I need not have been surprised for he has selected you to write his messages to the world.

What a fortunate man you are. I don't sometimes understand how such a thing can be, but he says that the world must have all the truths of the Father, and he selected you because he saw that you could carry out his desires better than any other mortal; and so you are favored.

Well I must stop as I have written a very long letter and some others wish to write also. So my dear brother I will say goodnight.

Your old friend,
G. H. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who are the Angels?

July 8th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, your grandmother.

I want to tell you tonight of my experience in my new home, among the redeemed spirits who have entered that Kingdom.

I am living, as I told you, in the second Celestial Sphere, and am surrounded by everything that makes me happy and in unison with the Father.

I am also in close attachment with the Master, although he lives in a sphere much higher in the Celestial Heavens, and which, he tells me, is close to the fountainhead of God's Love.

I have with me a great number of spirits who have received the Great Love of the Father in great abundance, and who are so good and beautiful that they are as of the Father. And here I must tell you that all angels in His Kingdom, which is ruled over by Jesus, are the spirits of mortals who once lived on earth, and not what the Old Testament called angels are.

I am informed there are beings who never had the experience of living in the flesh. I have never seen any of these angels and I don't know where they live, but Jesus says they are a distinct class of God's creation, and that they live in spheres that are separated from the heavens that he rules in. I have often wished to see some of these angels, but it does not appear that they ever come to our Celestial Heavens.

So when you hear us speak of angels we mean only those who were mortals, and who have been redeemed by the Love of the Father and who are living in the higher spheres of our own Celestial Heavens.

Of course I don't know whether these other angels will ever know anything about our Heavens or not, but if they ever should, I doubt that they will ever realize the full meaning of a soul redeemed, because only those who have gone through the experience of living in the flesh and having all the sorrows of mortals and the redemption from their condition of sin and error by the Love of the Father, can ever fully understand what redemption means.

So I believe that no angel without this experience can ever enjoy the happiness that we who become inhabitants of Christ's Kingdom, enjoy. I may be mistaken in this, but this is my belief.

All ministering angels are spirits who once inhabited the physical body, and only such, it seems to me, can have that sympathy and love which fits them to understand and be able to sympathize with the sufferings of humanity.

Why, if you will think a moment, you will remember that even Jesus was not fitted to perform his great mission and to declare the Love of the Father, until he had entered into the physical body so that he could understand fully all the frailties and sufferings and longings of mortals.

At any rate, no angel that comes to mortal to minister is other than the spirit of one who has passed through these sufferings and sins of the mortal.

Well, as I have said, I am surrounded by many of these beautiful redeemed spirits, and they are all happy beyond conception by you who live on earth.

I am in a state of perfect happiness myself, and want for nothing that is necessary to make me realize that God is my Father of Love and mercy.

Yet I desire the progression that will take me to the higher spheres, but not on account of any discontent on my part, but because I am told that there are homes awaiting me and my companions in these higher spheres that are so much more beautiful than those which we now have.

And besides, the law of progression is constantly working here, and never are we permitted to cease our longing for the higher life and the greater abundance of the Divine Love that our Father promises us will be ours, if we desire and seek for it.

But you must never forget that while we strive to progress, we are never dissatisfied with what our Father has provided for us and what we possess.

My home here is a part of the Celestial Kingdom, and we who live in this sphere are all immortal, in the sense that that word has been explained to you.

We are greater in our attributes and qualities than were the first parents at the time of their creation. We can never die again and have passed beyond the second death, as it is written, for our Love is now so abundant that we are all partakers of the Father's divinity to such an extent that it can never be taken from us. No, not in all eternity.

And yet, with all this knowledge and consolation that it brings to us, we still have our love for those who live on earth, who have not yet acquired this Great Gift of the Father; and our work in trying to help mortals is a joy to us and never anything but a labor of love.

I will not tell you at this time how much our interests center in the work that the Master is doing for the salvation of mankind, but only say, that his love for man and his desire for their redemption are greater than they were when he was on earth; and all his followers - all who are in the Celestial Heavens as well as those who are in the spirit spheres - are working in unison with him to accomplish this great work to its fullest extent.

And many mortals are inspired by him and by his spirit followers, to assist in this work and make known to mankind the truths of his teachings and the wonderful Love of the Father which passeth all understanding.

So while the dogmas and teachings of many of the churches are not in accord with the truth, yet the teachings of the spiritual truths of Christ's mission, and of the gifts of the Father are now being bestowed upon mankind, and are the causes of many a soul being turned to God's Love and thereby securing their own salvation.

False beliefs and false doctrines as taught in most of the churches do much harm and retard the soul's progress, and keep many souls from the light while on earth as well as in the spirit world, but yet, with all these false teachings are mingled some truths of the soul's qualities for progress, and of the way in which it may find the entrance of God's Love into the soul and into His Kingdom.

I know that many men die with these false beliefs and retain them for a more or less longer time after they become spirits, yet the fact that they have as a part of their beliefs the faith in God's Love and in Jesus' teachings, will help them to grasp the real truth and to progress more rapidly after they have gotten rid of these false beliefs.

So while you must pity the followers of most of these orthodox churches because they are living in the security, as they think, of these false ideas, yet you would not be justified in attempting to do anything to abolish these churches in toto, because there is nothing to supply their places, and the truths which they teach would be destroyed and nothing left to serve the soul's interests.

But I tell you that the time is coming when the churches will teach the real truths of God's Love and of Jesus' mission and the way to man's salvation; and then humanity will be happier, and the Kingdom of Heaven will exist on earth as it does in our Celestial Heavens.

The time is now ripe for these churches to receive these truths, and men's longings for light and happiness will demand that the true gospel be preached, and it will be.

So my dear son, you see the necessity for providing the means by which these great truths may be conveyed to mortals.

The Bible is losing its hold on many - not only the students but the common people as well - and the truths which were intended that that book should contain must be brought to the knowledge and consciousness of men and women.

For many years the powers of the spirit world have been making efforts to have these truths communicated to men, but with very indifferent success.

Now I believe that I can see before me, as a vision, that many good men and women will develop their psychic powers to such an extent that they can be used as mediums of communication, and they will be so honest and earnest in their work, that men will believe the communications and learn the real truths that the Master is striving to teach.

I must stop now, as I have written a long time and you must rest awhile before you continue to write.

Your loving grandmother