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Helen Padgett's experience passing over

December 9th, 1914
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am so very happy as you are loving me very much tonight, for I can see that your thoughts are with me so much more than of late; so let me continue to feel that you love me so much.

When I realized that the time had come for me to go, I did not fear to do so, but calmly waited and thought that all my sufferings would soon end. And when my spirit left the body I commenced to feel as if I was rising out of it and that I was going upward to the place that I had so often heard my father speak about.

But I had scarcely awakened to the fact that my spirit had left the body, before your mother had me in her arms and was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear or cause me to feel that I was not with those that loved me. She was so beautiful that I hardly realized that it was she, and when I commenced to see that I was no longer in my body, I asked her not to leave me but to take me with her to where she lived.

She told me that I could not go there, but that God had prepared a place for me to go to, and that she would accompany me and show me the truth of my future existence. I went with her, and she took me to a place that was very beautiful and filled with spirits who had recently passed over. She did not leave me for a long time, and when she did, your father came to me and said, "I am Ned's father and want to help you to realize that you are now in the spirit world, and must not let the thoughts of the earth keep you from getting in a condition to learn that all of us are only waiting for the Love of God to help us to higher and better things."

Your grandmother soon came to me and told me who she was, and was so beautiful and bright that I scarcely could look at her, for her face was all aglow with what seemed to me to be a heavenly light; and her voice was so sweet and musical that I thought she must be one of God's angels that I had read about in the Bible. She told me of the things that God had prepared for me, and that He wanted me to love Him and feel that He Loved me.

But after awhile I commenced to think that I must be deceived in my sight and hearing, and was still on earth, and needed only my body again to know that I was still a mortal. Some time elapsed before I really became conscious that I was a spirit and was not on earth; for when I tried to talk to you, as I did, you would not listen to me and turned away from me as if you did not see or hear me. After a short time your mother and father came to me again, and tried to persuade me that I must not continue in my belief that I was still of the earth, but must believe that I was in spirit life, and needed only the things of the spirit to make me more contented.

So you see, I was so very fortunate in having your dear parents and grandmother welcome me when I passed over. If they had not received me I do not know to what condition of fear and distraction I might have been subjected. No spirit can learn the truth of the change, unless in some way helped by others.

So you see, when you come over I will be there to receive you and love you so much that you will never have to go through the period of doubt that I did. Your father is also waiting to receive you, and in fact, all your spirit band have agreed that when you come, you will have nothing to fear for want of help and love.

I first saw my parents after I commenced to believe that I was in the spirit world; and when I saw them they did not know me, but thought that I was still in the body and that they were still on earth, as they had not yet awakened to the fact that they were in the spirit world.

They were very unhappy, and it took considerable talking to make them believe that they were spirits and not mortals. My father was more easily convinced than was my mother, for he commenced sooner to recall that when death comes, the spirit must go to God who gave it. My mother would not believe so soon, for she continued to think that she was with her acquaintances on earth, and that they were not treating her very courteously, for when she spoke to them, they would not answer. But thank God, they both now realize that they are in the spirit world, and that they must learn to love God, if they would be happy.

When I commenced to leave the body there was no pain or suffering, only a feeling that I was rising out of it. No darkness appeared to me, and I saw my body lying there as if it were asleep. I did not try to hold it, but thought that it was merely taking a rest, and that as soon as it felt refreshed I would enter it again and continue to live as before. I did not wait for it to awaken, but continued to arise until, as I told you, your mother clasped me in her arms - she was my own dear mother as well as yours.

I did not know that I was dying, but felt that something unusual was happening, and I was not afraid. As I always in life dreaded death, as you know, the strange thing to me was that I did not look upon death as dying. It was only a pleasant dreamy feeling, and I only thought that I was going to become absent from my body until it was refreshed.

My thoughts were not of death at all. I had been suffering pain, but I thought that I was getting well, and the feeling of relief that came over me was the result of my getting better. As my spirit arose, I thought only of my condition and how soon I would be able to return home and see my friends. No other thoughts came to me - not even my love for God, or the fact that I was not in condition, as regards my soul, to meet my Maker, as I had been taught.

There was absolutely no fear of what might happen to me, or that I would soon be called upon to account for the sins I had committed. Just before my spirit left my body I was unconscious, but just as soon as the separation commenced I became fully conscious and knew everything that took place, and did not feel at all as if I were in danger or needed the help of anyone.

I did not stay with my body at all, when I commenced to leave it, but continued to rise, as I have told you, until your mother met me. So you see death, which I so much feared, was not such a dreadful thing to experience.

Yes, when my son came to where my body lay, I returned to it, and saw it taken away, and afterwards buried; but I still did not understand what it all meant, and only when your grandmother told me that I would no more inhabit it, did I commence to realize that I had left it forever. But even then I had some feeling that she was mistaken, and that in some way I would return to it again and continue to live on earth.

Yes, when I had been in the spirit world a short time, I saw other spirit forms and, even then, I was not in a condition of mind to fully understand that they were spirits and not mortals. The resemblance is very real to one who has never had his spiritual eyes opened; and even though the spirit forms all appear much more beautiful and bright, yet to me they all seemed to be human forms, and I thought that I was not in condition to fully see just what they were.

You must let me stop now, for I am tired.
Your own true and loving, Helen.

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Jesus Throws More Light on His Trial and Crucifixion

I am here, Jesus:

I am glad to be here tonight to write you on the various points that have come up in your discussions, and I will commence by stating that my knowledge of dematerializing my body was the result not of any psychic powers that I did possess at the time, but due to the soul knowledge which was in me with that sufficiency of the Divine Love which I had obtained through my prayers to the Father at the time.

The story of the crucifixion is one which has appealed mightily to many writers of this and of passed ages, and is the one phase of my mortal existence to which I would least refer; and yet it is a factor which must be considered as part of the life of Jesus, the Messiah, and so I will write a few facts about it.

In the first place, it was not in April that I was arrested and put to death, as has been written so often, but it occurred in March, and there are some indications of this in the New Testament, the first being that the day preceding my arrest I taught in the vicinity of the Temple and it thundered so that some of the people who were listening to my discourse thought that an Angel, or God, had spoken to me, so that the weather was cloudy and changeable at night. It was cold, for, as it is recorded in the New Testament, Peter had to warm his hands in the courtyard of the high priest, and the next day at the scene of the crucifixion it grew dark and cloudy, and there were many who thought that this darkness was an indication of God's anger at the deed.

Now, the fact is that God is Love, and His Divine Love was open to those who were responsible for my death, and He did not express anger because there is no anger in Him; and the storm that darkened that day over Jerusalem simply obeyed the natural order of a new-settled spring at the time.

I wish to say that the trial by the Sanhedrin was in accordance to a rudimentary but superficial degree with the Sadducean laws, but that in the state of that body at the time and its relationship to the ruling priests, they were willing to accept my death by unfair means through perjured witnesses in order to eliminate one whom they considered importunate and dangerous to the Hebrew religion and a source of potential danger to their harmony with the Roman authorities.

I also wish to state that my father, Joseph, was present at this unfair trial and watched me buffeted and condemned, and he was sick at heart at the treatment I received and at the confirmation of his worst fears. And his eyes were opened to the stagnant state of the Sanhedrin at the time, and he realized that what they considered religion was merely farce. And his eyes were opened to the enormous gulf between what was the religion as practiced by its most august body and what I proposed in its place, to not only restore its pristine authority and purity but to impart to it its culminating sublimity and grandeur. And, from this shame and humiliation which he suffered at seeing his first-born son condemned and executed as a criminal, was born the conviction of his son's innocence and the righteousness of his cause, and the truth of his mission.

And I should say, also, that while my body was torn and exhausted by the blows and brutalities of my execution, not once during that time did I lose faith in my Father nor in the truth of my mission; and the burning in my soul constantly told me that I could die only in the flesh and that I would retain my consciousness after my passing over. And this is true: for this same burning in my soul continued as I became a spirit and I looked upon the body which had been pierced. It is also true that the Roman Centurian who was officiating at the crucifixion was deeply convinced of my innocence and, while he did not say, as it is recorded in the New Testament, that I was the Son of God (because he did not understand that term), yet he did state that he believed in my innocence; and later, at the Pentecost, and with the preaching of my disciples, and being convinced that I was resurrected, he was converted to Christianity. And the same was true of the lancer, Coriginus, as he is called, who poked his lance into my heart to determine my death: he also became imbued with my teachings in the days that followed the Pentecost, and some others of the Roman soldiery were also affected.

The story of the crucifixion is otherwise substantially the same as recorded in the New Testament, but I never voiced any complaints or doubted that God was with me; and the words attributed to me, "Oh, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I never uttered but were inserted by a copyist many years later to make my death accord with the words of the Psalmist to that effect. It is true that I was placed between two malefactors, but never did one seek to be converted nor did I tell him he would be in Paradise with me, for that was a boon I could not grant, for his place in the world of spirits depended upon his condition of soul.

With respect to the Doctor's friend, I should like to say that it is easier to contact the spirit world than is understood, for there are many spirits who abound ready and eager to make that contact; and the difficulty lies with mortals who live only for the material world and believe that the spirit world is simply a fable and not to be believed; and it is this that prevents rapport. And the type of rapport depends upon the condition of the mortal's spiritual development.

So the Doctor's friend must not think that because we have no tangible evidence of his contacting the spirits is a reason for disbelieving or not having faith in his contacting them, for the fact is that he does, and his efforts to aid them has their effects depending upon the wills of the spirits he communes with and their desire to improve their lot. And I should like to state that this also applies to the Doctor; for although he has been told that before, I think it would encourage him to continue if he hears this confirmation directly from your friend and elder brother, who is

Jesus of the Bible
Master of the Celestial Heavens

John confirms the exprience of the "Wandering Jew"

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

He is truly the man known as the Wandering Jew, and the legend is true so far as his having treated the Master as he said and the Master's sentence upon him to "tarry until he should come." Naturally the question arises, how could the Master have imposed such a sentence, or what power had the Master to do that which is so contrary to all the ordinary known laws of God?

Well, the question is a pertinent and proper one and is entitled to an answer. At the time of the Master's crucifixion he was surrounded by a great host of spirits, in whom was vested the most wonderful powers of the spirit world, and they accompanied him in his weary march to the cursed cross, all trying to sustain him, and listening to his words, and many of them knowing his thoughts and the travail of his soul; and when he rested because of the burden of carrying the cross, they were with him and heard the inhuman command of the Jew and the Master's reply, and then they determined that the sentence should be carried out and never end until the Jew had traveled the weary road of suffering that he saw Jesus was travelling, and until he should seek relief in that way that the very Master came to earth to make known to mortals, and this Jew was among them.

The spirits were with the Jew continually sustaining him in his physical life so that the friend that he hoped and prayed for - I mean death - should not come to him, until first should come the Great Love of the Father to redeem him from the results of the sentence. And strange as it may seem to you, at the very time that these spirits were exercising their powers to prolong the physical life of the man, they were also trying to influence him so that he would open up his soul to the inflowing of the Love; and among those who thus worked was the Master himself.

But the old beliefs of this Jew in the teachings of the laws of Moses, and in Abraham as his father and the great medium of his salvation, and that great power which he possessed - the human will - prevented the opening up of his soul for many long years, and not until he was convinced that the sentence of the Master was being carried out, did he commence to realize that the teachings of his church and father Abraham were not sufficient for his salvation from the awful doom pronounced upon him; and there came to him the thought that the man whom he had cursed might be the truly son of God, and that his teachings of the only way to the Father and happiness was through this Love; for in the meantime he had lived among the Christians and had learned what the teachings of this love were, and that it was waiting for all, and could be obtained by all through prayer and the submission of the human will.

Well, he suffered and sought in every way to obtain this death, but it always evaded him, until at last his will broke and the truth came to him and with it prayer, and then came freedom; for I must tell you that when the soul of a mortal prays in earnestness and with true longings, all the powers of all the spirits in the spiritual or Celestial Heavens cannot prevent that Love from responding to the prayers, and from making the longing soul free and at one, to a degree, with the Father.

The sentences of spirits and angels cannot exist contrary to that Love's demands. And this being so, mortals can readily understand that all the powers of the hells and the evil ones cannot prevail against that Love. And thus further will you understand that the true prayers of a longing soul are more powerful and will bring the response from the Father, than all the powers of angels, and spirits and devils combined. Thus you may comprehend what an important creature is one poor mite of a mortal when in truth and earnestness he comes to the Father, seeking His Love.

Well, when I came tonight, I had no thought of writing such a message as I have written, but as I realized that you may in thinking about the message of the Wandering Jew, and doubt that the laws of nature may be set aside even at the command of the Master, I thought it best to write you as I have. No laws of nature were, in fact, set aside, but the powers of the spirits were exercised upon preserving the physical organs and functions of this Jew, so that life would remain, and the vitalizing principle perform its work in preserving the Jew as a living mortal.

Do not wonder at this, for I must tell you that before these messages shall be completed you will be told of many truths that will be more astonishing and contrary to what men call the laws of nature, than is the case of the Wandering Jew. I will not write more now, and with my love to you and your friend, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

The wandering Jew.

l am the man who said to Jesus as he bore his cross to Calvary, "Pass on," and to whom he said, "Tarry thou till I come;" and for years and years I waited, until at last he came to me, not as the reincarnated Jesus, but as my brother and friend in the possession of the Divine Love, which I received in my soul after the long years of waiting and suffering on earth.

I know that this is considered a legend by mortals, but to me it was a vital and painful fact. I was truly the wandering Jew and found rest nowhere, and even death would not come to me to release me of a life that was a torture, and a cause of recollection of my inhumanity to the truly Jesus.

I have now been in spirit life for many centuries and am in the Celestial Heavens, for the Divine Love of the Father is sufficient to redeem the vilest of mortals and the perpetrators of the greatest sins from their conditions of darkness and sufferings. If I had only known what a beloved son of God the Master was when I uttered my vile words and cruel curses, I would never have opened my mouth, except to bless him and comfort him as he walked his weary way to the cross; but, I did not know, and thought that I was serving my God, when I reviled him, who, as I thought, was a blasphemer and destroyer of our religion.

But, I paid the penalty even while on earth, and suffered the tortures that no man can understand, for as I continued to live, and death was always fleeing from me, I commenced to and did realize that I had committed a sin against the chosen of the Father, and his, I mean Jesus' sentence upon me became a thing of wonderful and ever present reality. But now, I know that he loved even me, and that while I was wandering and suffering he was with me trying to help me open up my soul to the Divine Love, which was my only liberator from my doom.

I know that this may seem strange and unbelievable to you, and not possible in the workings of God's economy in dealing with His creatures, but it was true, and I know. But the Wonderful Love! Oh, how can I ever express my feelings of gratitude to the Father and to Jesus! While I remained in my ignorant and disheartened state, that very Jesus was with me many times in his love, trying to help me. Many spirits have told me this, and it is true.

I write this because I want you and the world to know that this Love is waiting for all mankind, and that there is no sinner so vile that it cannot turn him into the Divine Angel of God's Celestial Heavens. I will not write more now, except to say that whenever you read of me, remember that I am no longer the wandering Jew but a redeemed child from sin and error, and much beloved by that very Jesus whom I treated so cruelly.

With my love I will say, good night. I will sign myself as I am best known,

The Wandering Jew

Elohiam: A member of the Sanhedrin and judge at the trial of Jesus states the reasons for condemning the Master at the time.

I am here, Elohiam

I am the spirit of a Jew who lived in the time of Jesus and was a member of the Sanhedrin and sat as one of his judges at the time of his condemnation for blasphemy and iconoclastic teachings against the beliefs and doctrines of the Hebrew faith, and was one of those who voted for the sentence of death upon him, and in doing so was as honest in my conviction and action as it was possible for an earnest believer in his faith to be.

Consequently, I was without prejudice against Jesus as a man and, as I believed, a fanatic; and it was only because I was convinced that he was an assailer of, and dangerous to, our religion and the welfare of my race that I consented to his death. Mortals of these days cannot fully understand the exact relationship of Jesus and his teachings to the security of our religion and the preservation of the faith which we believed had been handed down to us by God direct through our prophets and teachers, and when we were confronted with what we believed to be the destructive and irreligious teachings of Jesus and after making the numerous efforts to suppress him by threats and persuasion without effect, we concluded that our absolute and indisputable duty to God demanded that he be removed from the sphere of his activity even though such result could only be accomplished by his death.

And if mortals of the present day could understand our deep religious convictions and the sense of obligation that rested upon us to protect and keep whole the divine doctrines and teachings of our faith and especially that one which declared the oneness of God, they would not judge the action of the Jews in condemning Jesus to death to be a thing unusual or unexpected. He stood in the position to us and to our religion of a breeder of sedition just as in modern times men have occupied the position towards the civil governments of breeders of treason and have suffered the punishments which have been with approval inflicted upon them by such governments.

But to us he appeared not only guilty of treason to our national life, but of treason to the higher and God-given life of the religious government of our race, the chosen one of God, as we sincerely and zealously believed. Even in latter days men have appeared and claimed to be the especially anointed of God with missions to perform and have gathered around them a following of people whom they have impressed with the truth of their character and mission and of their teachings, and for a short time were permitted to declare their claims and doctrines and then suddenly brought to death by the decree of those who were in authority, as trouble-makers and enemies of the church or state, and have been forgotten and their doctrines disappeared from memory. And only in the instance of Jesus has his death been remembered through all the ages, and those who were the cause and responsible for his death have been desecrated and cursed and charged with the murder of God.

Well, I write this to show you that the Jews who took the life and demanded the crucifixion of that just man were actuated by motives other or different from those that have many times since caused the very followers and worshippers of that Jesus to murder and crucify other men who have claimed to be the sons of God endowed with special missions for the salvation of mankind.

The sincerity of the Jews who took part in this great tragedy cannot be assailed, and even their Roman masters at the time understood that the demands for the death of Jesus did not arise from personal spite, or the satisfaction of any revenge against the individual, but solely because they believed and so declared that Jesus was an enemy and would-be destroyer of the divine faith and teachings of the Israelite nation, and a seducer of the people, and it is only because of the subsequent rise and spread of his teachings and the truths that he declared - which have made so large a portion of the inhabitants of the earth followers of him - that the act of the Jews in causing his death has been called the great crime of the world and the people themselves to be hated and persecuted and destroyed as a nation and scattered to all points of the earth.

I do not write this to excuse or palliate the great error which we committed in causing the crucifixion and death of the true son of God, but only to show that they, though as I now know, mistakenly, did that which other men with the same faith and convictions and zealous for the religious preservation of the nation, be these men Jews or Gentiles or pagans, would have done in similar circumstances. But the great element of tragedy in all this is not that Jesus was crucified, but that the Jews were so mistaken and failed to recognize and accept Jesus as their long looked for Messiah and Deliverer, not from their material conditions of bondage, but from the bondage of sin and error in which they have lived for so many centuries. This, I say, was their tragedy, and it has been their lasting and deadly tragedy from that time until the present day, and the prospects are that it will continue theirs for many years to come, and that generations of them will pass from the earth life to the spirit world under the shadow of that great tragedy.

They still believe - and that belief is a part of their existence and as firmly fixed as in the days of the great mistake - that they have Abraham for their father and that his faith and example are sufficient to show them the true way to God and salvation and that they are the chosen people of God, and by worshipping the one and only God and observing the sacraments and feasts and commands of God that were given to them by and through Moses and the prophets and as are contained in the Old Testament, they will find the heaven of God here on earth and after death rest in the bosom of Abraham. That the observance of the moral and ethical precepts of their Bible is all that is necessary to develop their spiritual natures, and that beyond such development there is nothing to be desired or to be sought for. That some time they will attain the Adamic condition of reward and happiness, which is the ultimate of man's future existence.

Some are still looking for the coming of the Messiah who will restore to them their former glory and rule on earth as the king and governor of all the nations and that they will be his chosen subjects and selected to assist in the administration of that Messiah's kingdom. How certain it is that their dreams will never be realized and that unless they have an awakening to the true nature of their God they will never become inhabitants of the Father's kingdom!

And I want to say to my people with the certainty of knowledge arising from experience and actual observation, that Jesus of Nazareth was the true Messiah who brought to the world, and first to the Jews, the truths of God and His plans for the salvation of mankind and their restoration to all that they had lost by the fall of their first parents because of their disobedience, and that if the people of my nation had received him and accepted and followed his teachings, they would not now on earth be the scattered, homeless and persecuted race that they are, and in the spirit world would not now be satisfied with their homes and happiness in the spiritual heavens, but would be, many of them, inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens and the possessors of immortality and God's Divine Love.

You have received many messages describing the plan of the Father for the salvation of men and what the Divine Love is and how it may be obtained and its effect on the soul of man and spirit when once possessed, and I will not attempt here to enter into an explanation of these things, but with all the love that I have for my race, superadded to a knowledge of the great error and insufficiency of their faith to bring them into at-onement with God, I advise and urge them to seek the truth and apply it to their individual souls, and affirm that the truth is contained and the way be found in the messages that you have received from Jesus and the other high spirits.

I am a believer in these truths, a follower of the Master and an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens; but I want to say that these truths did not come to me as a part of my faith until many long years of life in the spirit world, and that some of these years I lived in darkness and suffering. So I will say good night and subscribe myself your brother in Christ,


Joseph of Arimathea describes what happened after the remains of Jesus were put in the tomb

I am here, Joseph of Arimathea.
I desire merely to write a few lines to let you know that I really did exist as a mortal, and that I am the same man who laid the body of Jesus in the tomb where never before had anybody been laid.

I was with him at his death, and I was with his body when it was laid in the tomb and sealed, and I know and testify that no man or men or society of men, as it has been said, stole his body from the tomb. His body was entombed as was the custom of my time, and he was wrapped in cerements and fitted for the long sleep in the tomb, as we supposed.

While I was not a full Christian, yet his doctrines appealed to me as containing the truth, having about them a living inspiration, which I did not find in the teachings of the Jewish theology, for I was a Pharisee. I never thought that his death was justifiable or approved it, but I was not able to prevent it; and feeling that a great crime had been committed by the people of whom I was one, I tried to make a small atonement for the great crime by giving him burial in my new tomb.

Of course, I did not believe that he would rise again in the way that he had made known to some of his disciples, and when we buried him, I only thought that that tomb would be his sepulchre until nature had destroyed the body as it had done in the cases of all others who had been entombed.

As you may realize, I was interested in the proceedings taken by the Jewish leaders in their efforts to prove that he, Jesus, would not arise from the tomb on the third day, and I kept watch as well as did the soldiers, and I can testify that no mortal ever removed the stones from the mouth of the tomb.

I was there when the angel came and the soldiers were put in the sleep that the Bible speaks of, and I Joseph say this, knowing that it may not be believed and the Bible makes no mention of it, that I saw the stones rolled away and the shining one standing guard at the entrance of the tomb. I was frightened and I left the place, and was so overcome that I did not return there until the early morning, and then I saw Mary and heard her inquiring for the whereabouts of her beloved Master, and more wonderful, I saw the man of whom she inquired suddenly reveal himself to her, and I can testify also, that it was the same Jesus whom I had helped lay his body in my tomb.

He was not of flesh and blood, as they say, for he suddenly appeared, and his appearance was not the same as that of the Jesus whose body had been entombed; but when he revealed himself to Mary, there was the same countenance and the same wonderful eyes of love that I was familiar with, and the same voice of love and affection. I know this and I want to tell the world that it is true.

Before Peter came, I went into the tomb, and it was empty and when Peter came I was with him in the tomb and saw his astonishment, and heard his words of wonder and amazement, for notwithstanding what the Master had told him prior to the crucifixion, he did not believe or comprehend, and he was astonished and bewildered as were all of us.

Jesus of Nazareth arose from that tomb, and his fleshly body was de-materialized. As to his disappearance, I could not then explain, as could none who saw him after he had arisen, but now I know that because of his great psychic powers, as you would call them, he caused the disintegration of that body into its elements, as can be done now by many spirits who have that power. Yes, Jesus arose from the tomb, but not from the dead, for he never died, as you will never die, only the physical vestment that enveloped his soul.

I am now in the Celestial Heaven and am with him a great deal, and know that he is the greatest and most wonderful of all the spirits in the Celestial Spheres, and the nearest to the fountainhead of God's Love. He is truly His best beloved Son.

I also want to say that he writes to you his messages of truth, and was with you tonight for a short time. Listen to him and know that you have in him a friend who is closer than a brother, or father or mother.

My brother, I will stop now, and in leaving, say, that you have my love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ,


Luke explains the dematerialization of Jesus' earthly body

I am here, St. Luke,

I was not present at the crucifixion, and, of course, do not personally know what became of the body of Jesus, but I have been told by those who were present that the Bible description of his burial in the tomb of Joseph was true. The body was buried in the tomb of Joseph and was left there by those who placed it in the tomb, which was sealed and a guard set over it to prevent anyone from approaching and interfering with the body, because Jesus had predicted that in three days he would rise again.

After the tomb was sealed Jesus arose, and without his body of flesh passed from the tomb and descended into the lower spheres where the dark spirits lived in their ignorance and sufferings, and preached to them the rebestowal of the gift of immortality.

The body of flesh by the power which Jesus possessed, became so spiritualized or etherialized that its component parts became disseminated by Jesus in the surrounding atmosphere and he retained only the spiritual body in which he afterwards appeared to the disciples and others.

When he appeared at the meeting of the apostles, where Thomas, the doubter, was present, he recalled to his form, as you will better understand by my using such expression, elements of the material, so that in appearance the body was as much like flesh and blood as when it was placed in the tomb, and before he disseminated these elements, as I have said.

The flesh and blood which encloses the spirit form of man, as you may have heard, is continually changing in obedience to the ordinary laws of nature as understood by man. And when Jesus who understood and had power to call into operation other laws of nature, caused such other laws to operate, that the dissemination of the elements of flesh and blood took place, and he was left only with the spirit form.

This, I know, has been a great mystery to mankind since the time of the discovery of its absence by the watchmen at his tomb, and because of being such mystery, and as an only explanation of such disappearance, men have believed and taught that his body of flesh and blood actually arose from the dead, and, therefore, the real body of flesh and blood of mortals will also arise in what they call the great resurrection day.

But no body of flesh and blood arose, and the spirit form of Jesus did not remain in the tomb after the dissemination of the material body, for no tomb or other place could confine the spirit. You will remember that on the third day Jesus appeared to Mary, who was most intimate and familiar with the appearance of Jesus, and yet she did not recognize him, but thought he was the gardener; and so with the disciples who were travelling with him to Emmaus. Now, if he had retained his body of flesh and blood, do you not suppose that they would have recognized him?

If he had the power to resume that material body into which Thomas thrust his hand and found it to be a body in appearance of flesh and blood, do you think it strange or wonderful that he would have had the power to cast off his earthly body while in the tomb and cause it to disappear into thin air?

This I am informed is the true explanation of the disappearance of the material body of Jesus; and to me and to others who understand the laws of nature - I mean that nature that is beyond the ken of men - it is not surprising or worthy to be deemed a mystery.

I am glad that I went with you to the meeting tonight, as I became impressed with the desirability of making this great mystery a mystery no longer.

With all my love, I am,

Your brother in Christ,

St. Luke

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The condition of the world when Jesus came to teach

I am here, Jesus;

When I came to the world to teach the truths of my Father, the world was almost devoid of spiritual conception of the true relationship of God to man, and God was a being of power and wrath only. It was because of this conception of Him that the Jews were so devoid of the true knowledge of His nature and attributes.

They only knew Him as a God who was interested in their material welfare, and did not realize that He was a God who wanted them to know Him as their Spiritual Father and Saviour from the sins and evil natures that they possessed. And consequently when I came they looked upon me - I mean those who accepted me as their Messiah - as one who would redeem them from the slavery which their Roman conquerors had placed them in and make them a great and independent nation; more powerful than all the nations of the earth, and fitted to rule the whole world.

They had no conception of my true mission on earth, and even my disciples, until shortly before my death, looked upon me merely as a saviour of them from the burdens which the Roman yoke had placed upon them. The only one of my disciples who had any approximate realization of what my coming to earth meant, was John, and that was because of the great amount of love that seemed to be a part of his nature and being. To him I explained my real mission and taught him the spiritual truths which I came to teach, and the only way in which mortals could receive that Love of the Father, which was necessary to make them one with the Father and enable them to partake of the Divinity of the Father. 

Hence, only in John's Gospel is written the one necessary requirement to a full salvation and redemption of mankind. I mean the declaration that men must be born again in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the only true way by which a man can become a true child of the Father, and fitted to live in and enjoy the Father's Kingdom to the fullest.

The other disciples had more or less conception of this necessary truth, but not the full comprehension of what it involved. Peter was more possessed of this Love than were the other disciples, except John, and with it he also understood that I was the true son of my Father; but he never understood nor declared that l was God. He was a man filled with zeal and ambition, but his development of love was not sufficient to enable him to fully realize that my Kingdom was not to be an earthly one, until after my death, and then the conviction came to him in all its truth and fullness, and he became the most powerful and influential of all my disciples.

After the Pentecost, all of my disciples understood what my real mission was, and they went into the world and preached the true doctrines of my mission on earth, and the Love of the Father for His children, and the fact that that Love was waiting for all who should seek for it.

So you see that many of my disciples when on earth were not possessed of the true conception of my mission, and were not true followers of me in that inner meaning of what the Love of the Father meant, and what I tried to preach to them.

I have on earth now many mortals who understand my teachings better, and with a greater extent of soul knowledge, than did my disciples when journeying with me through Palestine.

But there are a great many men and women now living who do not understand my teachings, even though they think they understand the Bible and the interpretations of its discourses in accordance with the accepted doctrines of the learned and so-called teachers of its truths.

I don't feel that you can write more tonight and so will stop, and say that you must continue to get stronger, spiritually and physically, so that we can continue our writings more rapidly and with greater satisfaction. So believe that I am Jesus and your true friend and brother who is with you very much trying to help you and make you happy and contented.

With my love and prayers, I am