Sunday, November 16, 2014

One hundred years ago today Helen reaches the third sphere of the Spirit World

Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

I am very happy.
Yes, I am and I feel that God is filling my soul with His Love. I believe that He is my Father and that I am His child. He is very near me and the Holy Spirit is coming into my soul more and more.

I have commenced to have more faith in His Love and Grace, and I believe that He is waiting to fill my soul with His Love as you have told me.

I am so happy that I can realize that He is my own true Father of Love. He is with me so very much now, that I know that I have been born again, as your grandmother has told me I would be if I would only believe and let His Holy Spirit enter into my soul.

I will soon be in the Third Sphere that I told you about, and will then be so very happy. I will come to you just as soon as I realize the change in my condition and tell you of the glories that your mother tells me will be mine. So do not worry more about me as you have done and pray for my salvation. I am soon to be in my new home and then you will know that I am a spirit redeemed.

Yes, it will and you will be so very happy also. Let us both thank God for His Goodness and Love. Let us try to progress more and more until we join each other in this world of light and happiness.

Yes, it has more love for you than ever before and when you commence to really learn what the true meaning of God's Love is you will see that all our past happiness and love are merely shadows of what the real love and happiness is that we may enjoy when the Holy Spirit takes full possession of our souls and makes us feel that the Father's Love and Care are only the one thing necessary for our true happiness and love.

Yes, I will just as soon as I reach that home.

Yes, they all rejoice that I have at last found God and have His Love to that extent that makes my soul free from sin and error.

Yes, and so could I but I must not write much tonight as you are tired and sleepy.

Goodnight, my own true love,


Saturday, November 8, 2014

One Hundred Years Ago Today

November 8th, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

Yes I was, and you were benefitted by the services although you did not enjoy the full blessings of the fact that Jesus writes through you. You should not let that thought enter into your workshop as it is only one of the blessings that you can enjoy if you will try.

You did not pray to God as you should have done. He was the one that you should have thought of more.

Question and Answer:

Yes, I know, but they were only trying to feel the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. You did not get the full benefit of the service. Yes, that is so, but you must not let that idea prevent you from worshipping God, as He does not want anyone to worship Him in any other way than in Spirit and in Truth.

I am your grandmother who is dictating this message to Helen. Because she does not understand yet, the fullness of God's Love and I am trying to let you know that you must worship God only, and let your heart go out to Him in thankfulness and love.

Jesus of course is the one for you to keep in holy rapport with, so do not let the thought that he is not a God prevent you from loving and serving him. You must not think of him as your saviour from sin and error, but merely as one who is interested in you and wants to write through you, and this will help you to progress.

His blood does not save you, nor does his death, but his love and teachings do save you from sin and death. He is not going to let you feel that he is not your friend, unless you turn away from him to get the love of earth, by things and pleasures.

Question and Answer:

Yes, but you were not praying to the Father as you should have done. Do not let the thought that you are going to write for him, keep you from praying to the Father or you will not advance in your spiritual life.You are not in condition to write more tonight or I would write fully on just what you should know and will do so later. You will soon know just what I mean. Go to bed and rest.

Your Grandmother

Goodnight, with all my love