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Ulysses S. Grant the 18th President of the United States gives his testimony

October 19th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am General Grant.

I was the President of your country and also the General of the Federal armies.

Well, I want to say that I am in a condition of comparative happiness, but not entirely relieved from my darkness or sufferings. I had a great many sins to answer for and many penalties to pay, and during the years since my death I have suffered much and experienced great darkness. But thanks be to God, I am emerging from these conditions and am having my spiritual eyes opened to the truths of God and the necessity of obtaining His Love and Favor.

As you may know, when on earth I attended the Methodist Church, but my religious knowledge was merely that which comes from an assent of the mind to certain propositions, or rather doctrines, of the church. I knew nothing of the soul development or of the Divine Love, or of any of those attributes of the Father which were necessary to my becoming a redeemed spirit and an accepted child of God.

I am in the Second Sphere, where are many of my old comrades in arms, and many who were antagonistic in the great War of the Rebellion. But we are no longer enemies, for we have obtained sufficient Love to become friends, and to know that war and hatred and murder are not in accord with God's laws, or approved by Him; and we are now seeking only Love, and trying to apply the Golden Rule in our lives here.

Well, I am somewhat surprised that I can communicate with you in this way, for while I have attended some séances and made my presence known in other ways and by other manifestations, I never before had the opportunity to do so by this method of writing; and I must say, it is the most satisfactory of my experiences.

As this is my first appearance, and coming without an invitation, though some of your band which is here signified their assent, I do not feel that I should longer intrude.

Well, I have been interested in this great and bloody war, and have visited the scenes of many battles and the headquarters of the officers of both sides, and have heard their plans discussed, and have learned what their expectations were. It is rather early in the game to form an opinion as to the outcome, but judging from the facts, as I have been able to gather them, and from the conditions of the armies and means of carrying on the war, of both sides, I am rather inclined to think the Allies will win. This I say in a perfectly unbiased way, as I have no bias or prejudice for either side. But this I do know: that no human being can at all estimate the great injury that will be done to the various countries or to the progress of the human race in the things material.

But God rules, and the right will prevail, as I believe.

Sometime later, if agreeable, I will write you further on this matter.
I will now say good night.

Your friend,
U. S. Grant 

Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States seeks help

August 13th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here. Grover Cleveland.

Let me write just a line. I am a man who when on earth was prominent in the affairs of the nation, and who when I became a spirit, realized that my prominence on earth did not help me one particle in my soul's happiness, or in finding a home where goodness and congenial spirits live.

I was not a very religious man in the sense of soul development, although I attended church quite regularly and gave the appearance of being a Christian.

But, I realize now that something more than mere attendance in church is necessary to the development of the true Christian character or to fit a spirit to inhabit the heavenly places in the spirit world.

I was Grover Cleveland, and it is not necessary to tell you what my official position was, as I passed over so recently that all the citizens of my country know. But I do want to say that had I observed God in spirit and truth, as I tried to serve my country and its interests, I would not now be in such an unhappy condition as I am. I am in the earth plane, and am in darkness and suffering, and am very unhappy.

I am led to believe by my training when a boy that I must stay where I am, but when I think on the matter in a reasoning way, it does not seem to me that a just God would impose eternal punishment upon me for the sins I committed in the short earth life that I lived.

I am surrounded by many spirits who are in a similar condition to my own, and who were not especially wicked men when on earth, and yet the recollections of the sins and evil deeds which they committed while on earth seem to be sufficient to keep them in this darkened condition with accompanying suffering.

Yes, I find among these darkened spirits a great many of my old political friends as well as my political enemies; and sometimes we talk over the affairs and life of the past, and unanimously conclude that the lives we led were not worth the fame or prominence that we attained to - that it was all vanity, and that we sacrificed our future happiness for the enjoyment of the moment. What a farce it all was, except as we did some good to our country.

But it is too late now to wish to undo these things, and what we are now doing and what we may do in the future are the things that interest us now. Some of us say that our condition is not fixed and that in the future we will be relieved of this darkness and suffering, and see the light of a happier life among better surroundings and in the association of better spirits. But none of us know the way to find this relief or to bring ourselves to this light.

Of course, most of us know what the Bible teaches on this subject, but most of us believe that it teaches us that our time of probation was while we were on earth, and that now we must remain as we are until the great judgement day.

Well, as you say, it does seem strange that we should have such belief, but let me tell you that when the mortal becomes a. spirit, he finds that all the importance of his earth life and the self-conceit and self-independence leave him; and he realizes that be is a very insignificant person, and that his self-independence is a myth and that he is the most helpless creature in all the universe. Such is my experience, and having nothing upon which I can stand as a fixed foundation of truth, I naturally go back to my childhood beliefs and they become a part of my existence.

I have met some spirits who claim that there is redemption for me and a way to get out of my present condition, but I did not think that they knew any more about it than I do, and hence I never paid much attention to them.

But as you remind me, if Jesus went into the hells to preach to the lost souls in prison, he would not have gone there for that purpose unless he could have done them some good by his preaching. I had not thought of this before, and I will think of it now and attempt to find some consolation in it.

But, you also say that you know that there is just as much probation for me in my present condition as there was for me when on earth. Now how do you know this? Of course you can speculate, but that will not satisfy me, as I can speculate also. I want facts. Do you know of any spirits who were in my condition and who have been relieved of their darkness and sufferings? If you can show me that you do, then I will commence to hope.

I remember of hearing of Mr. Riddle while I lived in Washington, and I should like to meet him as a spirit, especially in view of what you say his condition and experience as a spirit were.

I see some spirits here who are very beautiful, and they say that they are of your band, and that are working for the redemption of spirits who are in darkness and suffering. One is especially glorious in her beauty and brightness, and she says that she is your grandmother, and that she has heard what I have written and is willing and anxious to show me the way to light and happiness, if I will permit her to do so. And why should I not? What a glorious beauty hers is, and how love seems to flow from her very being! I will accept her invitation and not wait longer to find relief. So I want to thank you for your kindness.

I will go with your grandmother, and will come to you again, and if I find the relief that I so much need I will thank you with all my heart for your kindness in having permitted me to write to you.

I will say good night.

Your friend,

Grover Cleveland