Friday, May 24, 2013

Creation of the First Parents

I am here, Josephus.

I come tonight to write a few lines upon a subject in which you may be interested as I have observed that recently you have been reading my History of the Jews, and there are some things in that book which require correction. 

I don't mean that I desire to correct the whole book, but I do want to say something on some of the subjects that you have been reading about.

Well, you will notice that I attempted to tell of the creation of the world and of man, and that what I said was taken from the Old Testament, and that I elaborated a little upon what is contained in Genesis.

My work was not taken entirely from the Old Testament for in my time on earth there were other books dealing with this subject that were entitled to just as much credence as was the Old Testament, and from these books I obtained much information that is contained in my writings.

But the truth of the things which I wrote, I find now to be not the truth in many particulars, and should not be accepted as such. 

The description of the creation of man is not in accordance with the facts, and the story as related in the Old Testament, and by me, is not the true story of the facts of such creation.

I have not the time now to enter in detail, into a correction of the errors contained in these descriptions, except that I wish to say a few words as to the creation of man and also his fall.

He was not made of the dust of the ground, but was made of the elements that existed in the universe of a different order from the mere dust of the ground, and was so created by God for the purpose of forming the mere physical body of man. 

The two persons called our first parents, were created at the same time, and not one out of the rib of the other. Therefore, the man and the woman are equal in their dignity, and in the relationship which they bear to God, and the one is of just as much importance in the sight of God as is the other. 

One was created stronger, physically, than the other, and also was given a stronger mentality, for the exercise of the reasoning powers, and the workings of the physical organs of the body. And the other, while weaker in these particulars, yet was given more of the spiritual and emotional nature and also, an intuition by which she could understand the existence of things just as accurately and more quickly than could the man by the exercise of his reasoning power. 

One was just as the other as respects the gifts bestowed, and together, they were the perfect pair,--male and female were they created with divers functions and duties to perform in the perfect workings of the laws of God.

Power and love were theirs, and neither was made the superior of the other, nor was the one to be subject to the other, and had it not been for their fall there never would have been the subjection of the female to the male.

When the disobedience took place and the consequent fall, the qualities of the spiritual were taken from them to a large extent, and the animal qualities, as they may be called, asserted themselves and then the male felt his superiority by reason of the fact that he possessed a greater amount of these animal qualities; and the female became subordinated and continued to be ever afterwards, for the male.

Not having these spiritual qualities to the extent that his mate possessed them, and not being able to realize the greater existence of these qualities in the female, believed that the physical was the superior, and as he possessed the physical to a larger degree than his companion, he determined that he was the superior, and therefore asserted this superiority, and the female observing that this physical superiority did exist, submitted herself unto the male and so continued until now.

As man degenerated, this domination of the male intensified, and in some parts of the earth the female became nothing better in the sight of the dominate man than one of the lower animals.

This degradation continued until man found the lowest place of his degeneracy, and when the turning point came the qualities of the woman came to be more recognized, but very slowly, and for many thousand years this inequality continued, and man remained the master.

As man evolved from this low condition and the moral qualities began to come more into his consciousness, and the animal nature became less dominant, the condition of the female commenced to improve, and as education came into the life and practices of men, woman's opportunities became more extended, and she was more and more recognized as approaching the equal of her companion. In some countries of the earth her equality was recognized, but not in many.

The Jews recognized the equality of the woman in all matters pertaining to the home or the domestic life, and continued the distinction which had previously existed, only in respect to public affairs and the qualities of the mind--women were not permitted even by them to develop their mental faculties, and were taught that they were things that belonged to the male, in all matters pertaining to the state or religion of the race.

The consequence of this course of life, was that the woman developed the spiritual qualities which were hers to a larger extent, and her refinement and emotional nature and love principle exceeded those of the man to a great degree, and she became in her soul nearer the image of the Divine.

I have noticed that this progress has continued with the passing of the years, and now in some of the nations of earth the equality of the woman has become recognized, notwithstanding the fact that the laws of these countries did not permit her to exercise the rights of man, as she is his equal only in the home or in social life.

But a time will come when she will be recognized not only by the individual man but by the man-made laws as his equal in every particular, and the further fact will appear that she will be his superior in matters pertaining to the spiritual.

As the time approaches when man shall return to his former state of purity and harmony with the laws of God, the spiritual qualities will assert themselves and the animal will become subordinated, and woman will stand before God and man as the latter's equal, and in these soul qualities, his superior; for in the beginning, in this particular, she was his superior; but that superiority existed only in order that what in this regard was lacking in man, was supplied by the woman, and the perfect pair was one.

You may think that this is a digression from what I first intended to write, and so it is, but I thought the occasion a proper one to tell mankind the future of the two integral parts of the perfect creation of God.

I will not write more tonight, but sometimes will come again and write.
So with my love I will say good-night.
Your brother in Christ,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aman and Amon. The First Parents

Aman, the first parent.

You don't believe me, I can see, but I am whom I say, and want to tell you that I am now a follower of Jesus and a lover of God, and live in the Celestial Heavens far up near where the Master lives.
I know it is hard for men to believe that I am the father of all physical manhood, and that I can come and communicate with mortals; but Jesus has rendered this possible in his opening the way for the higher spirits to communicate through you. 

You should feel specially blessed at having this great privilege, and feel that the Master has conferred on you a great favor, as he has.

Well, I have never before come to earth to communicate with mortals, and, the experience being new, I find some difficulty in doing so. But I will try to write a few more lines.

I and my soulmate lived in a paradise which God had given us, and were very happy until the great fall. 

We were so filled with the thought that we were all powerful and all wise, that we concluded that the obedience which God had required of us, was not necessary for us to observe, and that if we only exerted our powers, we would be as great as He is great, and would be able to obtain that immortality which he possessed.

But, alas the day. We were mere creatures, although wonderful and beautiful, and we soon realized that fact.

The disobedience was in not waiting for God to bestow upon us the great Divine Love that would make us like Him in substance as well as in image. 

We were like Him in our possession of souls and also in the possibility of obtaining the Divine Love.

We disobeyed Him in that we tried to make ourselves believe that we were as He was, and that we need not submit further to His decrees.

We tried to make this belief a thing of reality, and in our vanity tried to appear as gods; but as soon as we did this the scales dropped from our eyes, and we saw how naked and impotent we were.

God did not drive us from His paradise, but the inexorable laws of our creation and of the workings of His will, showed us that no longer could we expect this Divine Love, which He said would make us Divine.

And so we became mere mortals, deprived of the potentiality of obtaining this Divine Love, and we had thereafter to become subject to all the appetites of the natural man and to work to satisfy these natural appetites.

We continued to live in the same place as formerly, but no more could we be satisfied with the spiritual food that had supplied our wants and enabled us to subdue the appetites which formed a part of our physical being.

The physical then asserted itself and the spiritual became subjected to it, and we became as mortals now are, and had to find our substance in mother earth. We were compelled to till the soil and earn our living by work. I mean we had to work in order to make the earth supply us with food for our physical wants.

It was a bitter time of sorrow but the law had imposed its penalty, and we were without power to relieve ourselves of that penalty, and had to live thereafter without the possibility of obtaining this Divine Love and of having our spiritual natures reassert themselves over the physical, and subdue it.

When Amon and I were created, there were no other human beings living on earth, and none came there to live, until we had sons and daughters who intermarried and produced other sons and daughters.

I cannot tell you how long ago our creation was, but many thousand years before the coming of Jesus. I will not write more to night, but will come again sometime and write.
Your brother in Christ, AMAN.


I am the first mother of all the human race, and I want you to know that before Aman and myself, no human beings ever existed.

We were created by God at the same time, and were ready, just after the moment of our creation, to live the lives of natural beings.

So that there was no gradual growth on our part from any other creature or thing.

I know it has been said that the first man was not created, but developed from some animal of the lower order, and as the process of evolution proceeded, this being became in the end a man, with all the wonderful organism and structure of his body, but I want to tell you that this is not true.

When I was created I was as perfect in my physical organism as I ever was afterwards or as any man or woman ever became from that time into the present.

In fact, I believe, that at the time of our creation we were more perfect than mankind are now, because we had no physical ailments, no sickness, no deformity of any kind.

We certainly were more beautiful in face and form than mankind now are or have been for many long centuries; and besides, our bodies and organism lasted for longer years than do the bodies of mankind at this time.

Before our fall we were very happy in our conjugal love, and knew not troubles or worries of any kind, and never had anything to make us afraid or draw us apart from each other or from God; nor until the great temptation came, and then because of our ideas of our greatness and power and want of dependence on God we fell, and never again were restored to our position of beauty and happiness that were ours in the beginning of our lives on earth.

So you must see that we were specially created and not evolved from any other thing.

Some men now may marvel and wonder at the Bible description of the creation of man, and reject the description as the imaginings of a mind of romance or imagery and not true, but I tell you now that the essentials of this creation and the fall, are true.

Of course the parts played by the apple and the snake and the devil are not true literally, but are symbolical of the principles that entered into the temptation and fall.

Well, I was as much to blame as was Aman, but I did not entice him after I had the ambition to become immortal without waiting till that time came when God would give us that quality of His own nature; but our ambitions grew together and we discussed the matter of making the great effort between us, and acted as one in trying to obtain this great immortality.

So the story in the Bible is not exactly true just as far as I am concerned, for I did not entice or seduce Aman to do the great wrong; neither did he seduce me to enter into the effort.

But all this is past, and many thousand years have gone by since our fall, and we have suffered much because of our first sin. As you have been told, many thousands of years passed since the time that we forfeited the gift of immortality, until it was restored and made known to humanity by Jesus the son of God, for he was the son of God, and as being a part of his Father's divine nature he was divine, and partook of those qualities of the Father which gave to him immortality, and those who follow his teachings and receive the New Birth will become divine and immortal also.
I must not write more tonight.

Yes, I will, and now I will say good night
Your sister, AMON.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Love of Man and the Mother's Love

I am here, Jesus. 

I want to write tonight on the love of man.

This love is one that is not understood by humanity in its most important particular. I mean that this love is not one that is sufficient to give man the highest degree of happiness which he may obtain in either the mortal life or in the life to come. 

This love is of a nature that changes with the change in the ideas and desires of man, and has no stability that will serve to keep him constant in his affections.

No man who has only this love can ever be in condition to say that he will continue to have this love for a longer time than the present; and when he thinks that his love can never change, or leave him, he is only giving wish to the thought.

But this love is one that may last for a long time, and sometimes it seems that it can never die or grow less; yet, in it's very nature, it has not that constancy which ensures its lasting longer than a moment of time.

I do not mean to say anything disparaging of this natural love, for it is undoubtedly the greatest gift that the Father has bestowed upon mankind, and without it, men would be in a very unhappy condition.

Yet, it is not the Great Love of the Father which all men may receive, if they will only seek and strive to obtain it by prayer and faith.

This natural love is that which unites men and women in unity while on earth, and enables them to approach nearer to a life of happiness than does any other human quality; but still it has the danger always accompanying it, that some time, in some way, it may cease to exist.

The Mother's love is the strongest of all loves given to mortals, and apparently it can never end or grow old, yet a time may come when even that love will die or cease to retain all its vitality or beauty.

I know it is said that love never dies; but that is not true as regards this natural love; and no man can say that his love of today will remain his love of a few years hence.

Yet, there is a love that may be called the natural love that will last forever, providing these souls seek and obtain the Divine Love, and that is the love that God has implanted in two souls that he has designed to become one in spirit life.

This love is in reality not the love of two souls, but one and the same love manifested in the two opposite sexes, and which is only a complete one when these two apparently independent souls come together in perfect unity.

This is what is commonly called the love of soulmates, and which is that essence of spiritual love which makes the happiness of the two spirits or mortals seemingly complete.

Yet this love is not of a Divine nature, but merely the highest type of the natural love. But still not God's Divine Essence.

So, when men speak of the love of one mortal for his fellow man, it means merely the love which his human nature is capable of having and giving to another mortal.

I do not wish to be understood as in any way implying that this love is not a great boon and blessing to mankind, for it is, and without it, there would not be the harmony that exists on earth even to its present extent; when hatred and anger seems to have taken its place in the hearts of many men who are now striving to kill and destroy.(World War I)

But this is only for a season; the war will cease and then men will realize, more than for a long time that only their love for one another can make the earth a happy and desirable place to live on.

Love, I know it is said, is the fulfilling of the law, but no man can thoroughly understand this until he knows what love is. I do not mean that in order to fulfill every law man must have the Divine Love of the Father, because there are laws that govern the Divine existence, and laws that govern the human and merely spiritual existence; and the Love of the Divine is the fulfillment of the former laws, and the natural love is the fulfillment of the latter laws.

So you must see that only as men have the Love of the Divine can they fulfill the laws of the Divine existence; and so, as they have the natural love only, can they fulfill the natural laws.

But this natural love will not suffice to make them at-one with the Father, as I have before written; and the utmost of its powers and functions is to give them that happiness which they will receive in living the life of a spirit or man unredeemed.

I will not say that man should not cultivate this love for his fellow man to the greatest possible degree, for he should; and if that should be the only kind of love that he may have, either on earth or in the spirit world, the more of it that he possesses the happier will he be, and the greater will be the happiness of his fellow man and fellow spirit.

So when I said, while on earth, that men should love their God and love their fellow men as themselves, I meant that they should do so with all the possibilities of whatever love they might possess.

Yet, if men would only learn, as they can, that there is no necessity for them to have only the natural love, but that they can all seek the Greater Love, and obtain the correspondingly greater happiness, and immortality. Men do not realize this, though, and seem to be satisfied with this natural love and the pleasures that ensue from its possession.

I would not have them do anything that would lessen this love or shut their hearts to its influence, when it is pure and good; but yet, I cannot help trying to impress upon them the great desirability of having this higher Love in their souls.

I am a lover of all men, and I want them to feel the happiness of the inflowing of the Divine Love, and thereby learn what the Love of God means, and what they may have if they will only seek.

This love of the purely natural will not suffice for the temptations that beset men on earth; and, also, will not insure against temptations when they become spirits. I know this, and hence I say it with the positiveness of one who knows - you may say, with authority.

As you are tired I must stop. 

With all my blessings and love, I am,
Your brother in spirit, Jesus

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to become a Divine Angel

May 28th, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Your Grandmother,

I will tell you to-night of a truth that may be of interest to you, and I know that it is of importance to all who may long for happiness in the future life. 

As you know, I am now in the Celestial Spheres, in a place higher than the third Celestial Sphere, and where are no special lines of demarcation separating it from what you may call the higher planes. 

In my plane, the inhabitants are those who have received the Divine Love in their souls to an extent that makes them know that they are of a nature that is Divine and in at-onement with that of the Father.

Of course, those who have entered the first Celestial Sphere have the knowledge of having partaken of the divine nature, but they are not so filled with this love as we are who live in the sphere that I am in. 

It is not possible for me to tell you of the extent of our happiness, because you have no words in your language that can possibly convey a faint conception of this happiness, and I will not attempt to describe it; but if you will combine all the emotions of joy and happiness which you have received or experienced in all the years of your life, you would not be able to realize the meaning of our happiness in the faintest degree. 

I merely recite this truth to show to you and all mankind what is possible for you and them to obtain, if you will only pursue the course that the Father has provided, and the Master has pointed out in his messages to you. 

The great instrument that causes this great happiness is Divine love, and by this I mean the Divine Love of which we have so often written, and without which it is impossible for a soul to obtain this condition or to become a dweller in the Celestial Heavens. 

Man, as you have been instructed, was not created with this Divine Love, and could only obtain it by his own longings and aspirations being exercised in the way that the Father had provided - in no other way could these desires for this divine love be realized. 

But the great pity is that the first of the human race declined or rather refused to pursue this way, and thought that they were wise enough to know a better way; and in attempting to pursue this way brought about their own fall and the loss of the privilege of obtaining this Love; and in all the long years until the coming of Jesus, no man, after the first created, had the privilege, and hence, it was not possible for them to find any greater happiness than that which might come from their natural love. 

At the coming of Jesus, God again had bestowed upon man this great privilege, and a possibility of the knowledge of the way in which the privilege could be exercised.

This was not declared to all men, for the territory in which Jesus taught and proclaimed this important truth was very limited, and the great majority of men died without knowing that this gift had been rebestowed. 

But God in His goodness and love did not restrict the bestowal of this divne love to those who might be fortunate enough to learn of it from Jesus and his apostles, but sent His Holy Spirit to implant it in the souls of all men who might be in such condition of soul aspiration and longing as to permit this Love to enter their souls. 

When spirits became possessed of this knowledge they commenced the work of trying to influence men in such a way that there arose in them a longing for a closer unity with God, and an opening up of the soul perceptions, and as a result many men, in various parts of the world, received this Love in their souls without knowing that it was this Divine Love; but it was, and when these men in their spirit forms entered the spirit world, they soon found that, to some extent, they were possessed of this Love, and it was not difficult for them to listen to the explanations and teachings of those spirits who had received it, as to the truth of its existence. 

Now all this may not appear to be of much importance to present man, and hardly worth attention, but my great object in writing in this manner is to show that God had no special or peculiar people, and that it was not even necessary that all peoples should learn from Jesus the fact of this gift, for in such a case, the great majority of mankind could not possibly have heard of this Divine Love while they were yet mortals. 

No, this was not a necessity, but the knowledge which came to mortals through Jesus enabled them, who possessed it and believed, to the more readily pursue the way to obtaining this Love. 

Many spirits had received the benefit of the rebestowal of this Divine Love, or rather the privilege of seeking for and obtaining it, before Jesus came to the spirit world, yet they understood that the greater extent of the possession of this Love was in Jesus; and no spirit now possesses it to the degree that he does. 

But whether the souls of mortals or spirits received the knowledge of this truth from Jesus or from the workings of the Holy Spirit in its ministrations, they all know that the seeking for and getting this Divine Love are the only means by which the soul may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens. 

I realize that what I have written conflicts with the orthodox belief that it is only through the death and blood of Jesus that men can be saved from their sins and become children of God and at one with Him. 

If this belief were true, then by Jesus' sacrifice all men would he saved, irrespective of their obtaining this Divine Love, or only those would be saved who had heard of Jesus and accepted him as their saviour. 

Neither of these propositions is true, for without this Divine Love entering into the soul of a man, it would be impossible for him to partake of the Divine Nature of the Father, and become fitted to occupy a home in the Celestial Spheres. 

This love in the soul, whether it is a result of the workings of God's ministering Angels, causing a real soul longing, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, makes the man of a nature divine, and a redeemed child of God. 

Now from what I have said it must not be inferred that the mission of Jesus, and his work on earth and in the spirit world are not the great things connected with man's redemption, for they are.

It was not until Jesus' coming that this Great Gift was rebestowed, and it was not until his declaring this fact and teaching the Great Truth of the New Birth could either mortals or spirits receive this privilege. 

The ministering Angels could not influence the souls of men to seek for the inflowing of this Divine Love until they had first received it themselves, and understood its existence; and here let me declare a fact, that when Jesus preached to mortals on earth the necessity for the Second Birth, myriads of spirit beings heard these teachings and became possessed of this knowledge. 

And to-day, men are attended by hosts of spirits of all kinds, and the sayings and teachings of men are heard by more spirits than men, and the influence of such teachings has its effect upon spirits as upon men, for the spirits of men which are existing in the earth planes are the same spirits substantially, that they were when on earth, and an earthly friend frequently has more influence upon them than do other spirits no matter how high their condition may be. 

I am so happy to be able to write you again, and let you know that I have not forsaken you. 

I am with you quite often and am trying to help you. Pray more to the Father, and exercise more faith and you will grow in soul development and happiness.

I will not write more now. 

So with all my love and blessings, I am Your Grandmother

Ann Rollins