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Jesus' Crucifixion

In the  Padgett Messages  Jesus tells us of his displeasure that mankind places so much emphasis on his crucifixion rather than what was in his heart.

He tells us that it is his wish for mankind to take him off the cross and seek the Father's Divine Love and that it was this Divine Love that transformed his natural love nature into the divine love nature that is the essence of God's soul and for this love that he possessed and proclaimed to his followers as the reason for his crucifixion.

Today many Christians around the world are celebrating the event of Jesus life. 

There are many productions of re-enactment of this event. How is it that so many people on earth are so blind to Jesus ministry and  his  love for God that they continually seek to expose children to the brutality and violence that our beloved King and Master suffered?  

It is appalling that the preachers and ministers and priests of the Christian churches make such a big issue of and impose this event on the souls of little children. 

Children today have enough burdens to carry on their shoulders why do these people continue to persist in imposing more burdens with this kind of teaching when it is something that is not pleasing to Jesus. 

Jesus did not die as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. For people to believe that God would make such a demand of one of his most beloved and devoted children show how ignorant mankind is of the majesty of the creator. People who continue to practice this kind of belief are actually believing in the old  ancient custom of human sacrifice for the sins of mankind.  How deplorable it is that mankind in general has not elevated their thinking beyond an ancient custom that is not pleasing in the sight of God. How can a man with love in his heart for his own son actually think that God would think less of his own beloved son by having him killed. If mankind would listen to their own heart and let God speak to them they would see the absurdity and insanity of practicing such a foolish teaching that only hinders people in their spiritual development and holds them back from becoming the kind of people that God seeks for us to become.

I am here, Jesus:
I am glad to be here tonight to write you on the various points that have come up in your discussions, and I will commence by stating that my knowledge of dematerializing my body was the result not of any psychic powers that I did possess at the time, but due to the soul knowledge which was in me with that sufficiency of the Divine Love which I had obtained through my prayers to the Father at the time.
The story of the crucifixion is one which has appealed mightily to many writers of this and of passed ages, and is the one phase of my mortal existence to which I would least refer; and yet it is a factor which must be considered as part of the life of Jesus, the Messiah, and so I will write a few facts about it.
In the first place, it was not in April that I was arrested and put to death, as has been written so often, but it occurred in March, and there are some indications of this in the New Testament, the first being that the day preceding my arrest I taught in the vicinity of the Temple and it thundered so that some of the people who were listening to my discourse thought that an Angel, or God, had spoken to me, so that the weather was cloudy and changeable at night. It was cold, for, as it is recorded in the New Testament, Peter had to warm his hands in the courtyard of the high priest, and the next day at the scene of the crucifixion it grew dark and cloudy, and there were many who thought that this darkness was an indication of God's anger at the deed.
Now, the fact is that God is Love, and His Divine Love was open to those who were responsible for my death, and He did not express anger because there is no anger in Him; and the storm that darkened that day over Jerusalem simply obeyed the natural order of a new-settled spring at the time.
I wish to say that the trial by the Sanhedrin was in accordance to a rudimentary but superficial degree with the Sadducean laws, but that in the state of that body at the time and its relationship to the ruling priests, they were willing to accept my death by unfair means through perjured witnesses in order to eliminate one whom they considered importunate and dangerous to the Hebrew religion and a source of potential danger to their harmony with the Roman authorities.
I also wish to state that my father, Joseph, was present at this unfair trial and watched me buffeted and condemned, and he was sick at heart at the treatment I received and at the confirmation of his worst fears. And his eyes were opened to the stagnant state of the Sanhedrin at the time, and he realized that what they considered religion was merely farce. And his eyes were opened to the enormous gulf between what was the religion as practiced by its most august body and what I proposed in its place, to not only restore its pristine authority and purity but to impart to it its culminating sublimity and grandeur. And, from this shame and humiliation which he suffered at seeing his first-born son condemned and executed as a criminal, was born the conviction of his son's innocence and the righteousness of his cause, and the truth of his mission.
And I should say, also, that while my body was torn and exhausted by the blows and brutalities of my execution, not once during that time did I lose faith in my Father nor in the truth of my mission; and the burning in my soul constantly told me that I could die only in the flesh and that I would retain my consciousness after my passing over. And this is true: for this same burning in my soul continued as I became a spirit and I looked upon the body which had been pierced. 

It is also true that the Roman Centurian who was officiating at the crucifixion was deeply convinced of my innocence and, while he did not say, as it is recorded in the New Testament, that I was the Son of God (because he did not understand that term), yet he did state that he believed in my innocence; and later, at the Pentecost, and with the preaching of my disciples, and being convinced that I was resurrected, he was converted to Christianity. And the same was true of the lancer, Coriginus, as he is called, who poked his lance into my heart to determine my death: he also became imbued with my teachings in the days that followed the Pentecost, and some others of the Roman soldiery were also affected.
The story of the crucifixion is otherwise substantially the same as recorded in the New Testament, but I never voiced any complaints or doubted that God was with me; and the words attributed to me, "Oh, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I never uttered but were inserted by a copyist many years later to make my death accord with the words of the Psalmist to that effect. It is true that I was placed between two malefactors, but never did one seek to be converted nor did I tell him he would be in Paradise with me, for that was a boon I could not grant, for his place in the world of spirits depended upon his condition of soul.
With respect to the Doctor's friend, I should like to say that it is easier to contact the spirit world than is understood, for there are many spirits who abound ready and eager to make that contact; and the difficulty lies with mortals who live only for the material world and believe that the spirit world is simply a fable and not to be believed; and it is this that prevents rapport. And the type of rapport depends upon the condition of the mortal's spiritual development.
So the Doctor's friend must not think that because we have no tangible evidence of his contacting the spirits is a reason for disbelieving or not having faith in his contacting them, for the fact is that he does, and his efforts to aid them has their effects depending upon the wills of the spirits he communes with and their desire to improve their lot. And I should like to state that this also applies to the Doctor; for although he has been told that before, I think it would encourage him to continue if he hears this confirmation directly from your friend and elder brother, who is

 Jesus of the Bible
Master of the Celestial Heavens

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Helen Padgett enters the Celestial Kingdom and receives a new garment

March 10th, 1915 
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.
I am here, Helen.
Well, I am very happy, and you are happier and feel better. 
I am now going to write you about my home, as I promised, and you must not think I am not in condition to write, if I should not be able to describe it as you may think I should; the only reason for my failure will be that I cannot find words to express myself.

Well, my house is a beautiful white one of a substance that you might think of as alabaster, and two stories in height, with rooms on each side of a wide and beautiful hall. 

The rooms are very large and filled with the most beautiful furniture that you can conceive of. The walls are all hung with satin coverings, and between are lovely pictures. The parlor, as you would call it, is filled with the most exquisite and comfortable couches and chairs, and with beautiful tables and bric-a-brac, and also many pictures of landscapes and fruits and flowers. 

I don't know who painted them, but they are there and give me much delight, and satisfy to so great an extent my love for paintings and pictures. There are also many little curios that would make the heart of an aesthetic person rejoice and feel glad. My music room has in it instruments of various kinds, wonderful in sound and construction. I play some of them and also sing in my weak way, as you say on earth; but I enjoy the music more than I can tell you, and so do many spirits who call to see me.

I have other rooms, such as repose rooms, a library, and rooms for meditation and prayer. My library is full of books dealing with subjects that are to me now so congenial and necessary, for they tell me of God's Love and care for his children. There are also books that deal with the laws of the spirit world and of the other parts of the universe; but these latter I do not read much, for my whole study is so given to the laws pertaining to our own spirit world and its relationship to your world, and the Love of God, and the love that should exist among mortals and spirits, that I do not find time for these other studies; and, in fact, I have not the inclination.

There are books that you might call fiction, but really are not, for they describe the actual experience of spirits in such a vivid and interesting way, that if they were portrayed in your earthly books you would think it fiction.

Not all the books in my library deal with the higher or more substantial things of this spirit life, for we have our recreation for the mind, in the way of variety in reading, the same as you do on earth, and we are the stronger and happier for it. So you see, if you were here, I know that the library would be your place of rest from your work, although I know you like music very much.

We have a dining room also, but we do not need kitchens, as nothing is cooked, but everything eaten just as we get it from the trees and vines. We do not eat meat or bread or potatoes or things of that kind. 
Our food is principally fruits and nuts; and such fruits you never saw and never will until you come with me. The fruits, mostly, are pears and grapes and oranges and pomegranates - of course, not just the same as you know them on earth. I merely use these words of description to give you some idea of what they are like. We have them in great variety and always fresh and ripe. 

The nuts too, are of many kinds and qualities. None need nut crackers for them to be broken in order to be eaten. There are no cakes or candies or anything of that nature. We do not actually eat these things with our teeth and palate and use intestinal organs, as you do, but we inhale, as it were, the delicious flavors and aromas of the fruits; and strange as it may seem to you, we are just as much satisfied, and probably more so than you when you eat them with your physical organs. I cannot more fully explain to you just how this thing is, but, as we say, we eat the fruits and nuts.

We drink pure water, and nothing else; and spirits who say they have wines and other beverages, tell what I have never seen or heard of since I have been in the spirit world. Of course, I do not know every thing that exists in all parts of this great world of spirits. And this water is so pure and satisfying, that I cannot imagine any spirit would want anything else to drink. But, yet, as I say, I do not know as to this.

We do not actually drink the water, for we have not the internal organs that you have in the physical body, but we seem to absorb it in our system in some way that gives all the delight and satisfaction that you enjoy when you drink water.

We often have our "teas", as your fashionable women on earth might say, and very many of our spirit friends attend and help make the gatherings enjoyable and happy ones. Of course, the male spirits attend, for I must tell you that in this life there are no clubs or businesses that keep the sexes apart, as in your life. I mean that the two sexes are more together, and enjoy the society of each other to a far greater degree than in your earth life. Of course, I do not mean that these spirits have all found their soulmates, for that is not true; but each enjoys the company of the others, as friends and spirits having similar desires and aspirations. 

My companions are very similar in their love for the Father and in the development of their souls, and in their thoughts and desires for things spiritual. We discuss many questions pertaining to the soul and it progress, and to the Love of the Father, and to the love of spirits and mortals. While we are joyous and happy beyond compare, yet we do not indulge in frivolities or thoughts that have not a tendency to elevate us to higher things.
We have music and dancing, but our dancing is different from yours. We merely exercise ourselves in graceful and artistic movements, without any contact of spirit bodies, or the embracing of each other. Of course, we hold hands as we dance, but no familiarity, as you would say, is indulged in.

Well, I have a room for repose, where after working long and, to some extent, feeling tired, I rest on these couches that I tell you of. We do not sleep, but sometimes we go into a kind of dreamy state that gives us much refreshment and vigor. I am now resting from some hard work that I have been doing in your earth plane. I mean that when I am not writing to you, I am resting.

So, you see, we are not enjoying one continuous condition of feeling, as that might become monotonous.I am now trying to help some of the spirits who have recently come over from your city, and who were acquaintances of yours on earth. I will tell you of them when next I write you.

I am tired now and must stop.

So with all my love, I am your own true and loving,

December 22nd, 1915 
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:
Oh my dear, how I wish that you could see me as I am now, and the great love that is in my soul, then you would never doubt me. 

Well my garment is a beautiful, white flowing gown which has all the splendor of the sun shining on the polished silver roof of some Turkish Mosque.

I am dressed all in white and have a golden girdle, and jewels, as you would say, on my head, and an aura that shows the condition of my soul development.My form is very beautiful, the spirits tell me, and my features are very classical and mobile also. 

But wait until you come over and you will see, and if you can't wait, ask your friend Judge Syrick, who is here, what he thinks of my appearance.

So sweetheart I will say goodnight.

Your own true and loving,


December 22nd, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Judge Syrick:

Well Padgett, I heard what your wife said, and I would like to tell you what her appearance is, but I have not words to describe it.

She is a beauty that you have never had the faintest conception or, notwithstanding what has been written you, and your vision also. But I tell you this, that she has a form of the greatest perfection, and countenance, which you have never seen the shadow of on earth, and hence; I can't give you any idea of it.

But her garments are all shining white, with a brilliancy that dazzles us, who look upon her, and her face - oh, what a beautiful face!

I want soon to come and write you a long letter. So I will say with my best wishes.


Your friend,

Frank D. S

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Helen Padgett shares her experience passing over

December 9th, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am so very happy as you are loving me very much to night, for I can see that your thoughts are with me so much more than of late; so let me continue to feel that you love me so much.
When I realized that the time had come for me to go, I did not fear to do so, but calmly waited and thought that all my sufferings would soon end. And when my spirit left the body I commenced to feel as if I was rising out of it and that I was going upward to the place that I had so often heard my father speak about. 

I had scarcely awakened to the fact that my spirit had left the body, before your mother had me in her arms and was trying to tell me that I had nothing to fear or cause me to feel that I was not with those that loved me. She was so beautiful that I hardly realized that it was she, and when I commenced to see that I was no longer in my body, I asked her not to leave me but to take me with her to where she lived. She told me that I could not go there, but that God had prepared a place for me to go to, and that she would accompany me and show me the truth of my future existence. 

I went with her, and she took me to a place that was very beautiful and filled with spirits who had recently passed over. She did not leave me for a long time, and when she did, your father came to me and said, "I am Ned's father and want to help you to realize that you are now in the spirit world, and must not let the thoughts of the earth keep you from getting in a condition to learn that all of us are only waiting for the Love of God to help us to higher and better things."

Your grandmother soon came to me and told me who she was, and was so beautiful and bright that I scarcely could look at her, for her face was all aglow with what seemed to me to be a heavenly light; and her voice was so sweet and musical that I thought she must be one of God's angels that I had read about in the Bible. She told me of the things that God had prepared for me, and that He wanted me to love Him and feel that He Loved me.

But after awhile I commenced to think that I must be deceived in my sight and hearing, and was still on earth, and needed only my body again to know that I was still a mortal. Some time elapsed before I really became conscious that I was a spirit and was not on earth; for when I tried to talk to you, as I did, you would not listen to me and turned away from me as if you did not see or hear me. After a short time your mother and father came to me again, and tried to persuade me that I must not continue in my belief that I was still of the earth, but must believe that I was in spirit life, and needed only the things of the spirit to make me more contented.

So you see, I was so very fortunate in having your dear parents and grandmother welcome me when I passed over. If they had not received me I do not know to what condition of fear and distraction I might have been subjected. No spirit can learn the truth of the change, unless in some way helped by others.

When you come over I will be there to receive you and love you so much that you will never have to go through the period of doubt that I did. Your father is also waiting to receive you, and in fact, all your spirit band have agreed that when you come, you will have nothing to fear for want of help and love.

I first saw my parents after I commenced to believe that I was in the spirit world; and when I saw them they did not know me, but thought that I was still in the body and that they were still on earth, as they had not yet awakened to the fact that they were in the spirit world. They were very unhappy, and it took considerable talking to make them believe that they were spirits and not mortals. My father was more easily convinced than was my mother, for he commenced sooner to recall that when death comes, the spirit must go to God who gave it. My mother would not believe so soon, for she continued to think that she was with her acquaintances on earth, and that they were not treating her very courteously, for when she spoke to them, they would not answer. But thank God, they both now realize that they are in the spirit world, and that they must learn to love God, if they would be happy.

When I commenced to leave the body there was no pain or suffering, only a feeling that I was rising out of it. No darkness appeared to me, and I saw my body lying there as if it were asleep. I did not try to hold it, but thought that it was merely taking a rest, and that as soon as it felt refreshed I would enter it again and continue to live as before. I did not wait for it to awaken, but continued to arise until, as I told you, your mother clasped me in her arms - she was my own dear mother as well as yours.

I did not know that I was dying, but felt that something unusual was happening, and I was not afraid. As I always in life dreaded death (as you know), the strange thing to me was that I did not look upon death as dying. It was only a pleasant dreamy feeling, and I only thought that I was going to become absent from my body until it was refreshed. My thoughts were not of death at all. I had been suffering pain, but I thought that I was getting well, and the feeling of relief that came over me was the result of my getting better. 

As my spirit arose, I thought only of my condition and how soon I would be able to return home and see my friends. No other thoughts came to me - not even my love for God, or the fact that I was not in condition, as regards my soul, to meet my Maker, as I had been taught. There was absolutely no fear of what might happen to me, or that I would soon be called upon to account for the sins I had committed. Just before my spirit left my body I was unconscious, but just as soon as the separation commenced I became fully conscious and knew everything that took place, and did not feel at all as if I were in danger or needed the help of anyone.

I did not stay with my body at all, when I commenced to leave it, but continued to rise, as I have told you, until your mother met me. So you see death, which I so much feared, was not such a dreadful thing to experience.

Yes, when my son came to where my body lay, I returned to it, and saw it taken away, and afterwards buried; but I still did not understand what it all meant, and only when your grandmother told me that I would no more inhabit it, did I commence to realize that I had left it forever. But even then I had some feeling that she was mistaken, and that in some way I would return to it again and continue to live on earth.

Yes, when I had been in the spirit world a short time, I saw other spirit forms and, even then, I was not in a condition of mind to fully understand that they were spirits and not mortals. The resemblance is very real to one who has never had his spiritual eyes opened; and even though the spirit forms all appear much more beautiful and bright, yet to me they all seemed to be human forms, and I thought that I was not in condition to fully see just what they were.

You must let me stop now, for I am tired. 

Your own true and loving, 

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Mary Kennedy describes her home in the Celestial Kingdom

spirit photo of Mary Kennedy
October 8th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary:

Well Doctor, I am here, as you may be surprised to know, if you had forgotten my last secret, but I don't believe that you have. I want to say that I am in a happier condition than I have ever been yet, for I am now in the Celestial Sphere where I know that happiness is so much greater than it has ever been. So you must believe me when I tell you that my love is so very much more abundant, and that you are dearer to me than ever before. So try to realize what I mean, and imagine that you are with me, even for a little while, and then you will be happier too. I have said what I wanted to say and must stop.

(A few days later when the opportunity presented itself, Mary Kennedy wrote as follows.)

I am the spirit of a woman who once lived on earth in the far away land across the ocean, and was known to my people as a little English girl of not much importance in the world, but now I am of great importance to a human who loves to have me with him; and I merely write this to let him know that he is not always in condition to sense when I am really with him, for I heard him say that I was not with him all the evening, and heard all that he said, and enjoyed hearing him talk, but until just now did not mention my name; and if that were the only sign that I have to know that he is thinking of me, I would suppose that he had forgotten me, but thanks to my powers to read his mind, that calling my name is not necessary.

What do you think of that for a sentence?

It is only representative of my love, for just as that sentence is long drawn out, so is my love. But I must not tell him or he may become alarmed at what awaits him when he comes over. Well, I have introduced myself, and now I want to tell him how happy I am and describe briefly my home.My house is a beautiful one of which you might call alabaster, and in it I have many rooms suited to my various moods and conditions; all beautiful and full of the most perfect harmony, and everything to make me happy and contented.

My music room is filled with many instruments of various kinds on which I can perform and bring forth the most beautiful harmonies; and I can sing too, and when he comes over I am going to surprise him by playing and singing some of the songs he so much enjoys at the Colburns. I will prove to him that I was with him many times while he was a mortal and could not see and feel my presence.

I have a library but not many of the spiritual books which he has read or heard of, for they do not contain anything that is helpful or beneficial to spirits who live in the soul spheres, because very few of them contain anything which shows or teaches the development of the soul or the grandeur of the Father's Divine Love.

I have the most beautiful vines and roses all over the porches of my home. And in all the rooms are flowers and plants of the most exquisite colors and delicious perfumes. And the pictures on my walls are such as he has never seen on earth; the subjects portrayed are not of scenes that lend to make inharmony or strife or mortal passions appear, but all teach by their realism the truths of love and happiness.

I do not have any beds to lie on, for as you know we never sleep, but we do have couches which I sometimes lie on to rest when I have become a little tired from work, and strange to say, I sometimes dream of him, as you mortals say. I have no kitchen, for we cook nothing, but my dining room is fitted up in a style that would make your mouth water, as it is filled with pictures of fruit and nuts and flowers, and other things, to suggest good eating. We eat and enjoy our eating as do you mortals, but our food is nuts and fruits, and our drink is pure water, with all the life-giving qualities that spirits need.

The lawns around my home are very beautiful in the freshness and greenness; and the trees are grand old oaks, as you say, that cast their shade over the greensward, and over the many little nooks that abound in our gardens. And then the flowers are so abundant and so variegated in color, and delve in perfume. I have also a beautiful little lake of water in which are boats that carry one without the physical exertion that you have to exercise on earth.

All is more beautiful than I can give you the faintest idea of, and there is only one thing wanting in all this beauty and happiness, and that is that man sitting opposite you; but I would not care to have him bring that mortal body, though he is a pretty good-looking boy as mortals go. But I can see beyond the mortal body, and I know that his soul is much more beautiful than his physical appearance, and yet I am afraid that his soul is not yet in that condition of development that would enable him to come to me just now. But he is developing, and before he comes over, I feel that he will be in condition that will bring him closer to me and closer, so that the distance between us will not be so great.

If he will only try for this development as I am trying to help him develop, he will come very close to me when he comes over, and then he will have such Love all around him that he will not find it difficult to progress to where his other half is, as Luke said.

And speaking of this message of Luke, I want to say that I have my individualized form and a perfect one, so Helen says, and I know that I shall never lose it to enter into some other mortal. Why the very thought of such a thing makes me wonder what all this great Love of the Father was given to me for, if I am to be deprived of it and again become a mere mortal with all the passions and appetites of a mortal.

No. I have no fear of that, and he need not either think that when he once comes to his soulmate he will ever be separated again, and go back to that dark and gloomy earth to live.

Well, I have written a long letter and must stop.

So give him my love and tell him that I am with him more than he realizes, and will continue, to do until he comes over. And thanking you for your kindness in permitting me to write so long, I will say good night, and subscribe myself your friend and his ever true and loving, Mary

(On February 19th another short message from Mary Kennedy on her spiritual progress which is as follows.)

I am progressing again and this time to the Third Celestial Kingdom and of the great glory of it all, never did I conceive of such wonders and beauty; and when I come to the earth plane I want to bring my glory and beauty with me and wish that my soulmate could see it, but he cannot, and I can't describe it to him for it is beyond all conception and description. But I must prove to him that I love him for I am willing to leave all that beauty and grandeur for a time and come into these earth planes just because I love him so much. Someday he will realize what this all means and then he will say to himself, How that little soulmate must have loved me.

Well, I will not write more, will close with my kindest regards to you, and my soulmate love to Leslie.

I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to write as I have.

Your sister in Christ, 

Mary Kennedy