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Professor Salyards tells of spirits entrance into the Spirit World

Joseph Salyards
February 25th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Prof. Salyards.

Well I am very happy and desire to write you on some phases of spirit life that I have observed in my experience of progressing.

I have noticed that the spirit when it first comes into this life, is very often in a condition of darkness, not realizing where it is or what its surroundings are, and in many instances, it requires quite a long time for the spirit to realize that it is not still of earth. 

But in many cases this is not the condition of the spirit, for it seems to have an immediate understanding of its condition and surroundings. 

I attribute the first mentioned condition to be due to the fact that, when on earth, the mortal had no definite belief as to what the future life might be; and in many instances believed that the soul went into the grave with the body, to await the great resurrection day.

Some of your religious denominations are preaching that doctrine now, and, the consequence will be, that all those who believe the doctrine will experience the condition of darkness and the want of knowledge of the continuity of life that I have spoken of.

The second class of spirits, or those who appear to realize immediately that they have passed from earth to spirit life are those, who, while on earth, believed that the spirit when it left the body passed immediately into the Heavenly Spheres, or into the opposite - I mean the place of the wicked. 

I know that many of this class have hardly realized that they were in heaven or hell, for some little time after their entrance into spirit life.

Well, as soon as the spirits realize fully that they are no longer of earth, they commence to inquire as to where they are, and many of them ask questions that indicate that they are disappointed in not realizing the expectations that they had while on earth. It is very difficult at times to convince them that there are no such places as the heavens and the hells as taught by the churches; for while our spirit world may be a heaven or hell to them, yet the heaven or hell that they expect to find is not here.

Some, on the other hand, do not seem to understand that they have really left the earth, because, they say, if we had left the earth life, we would know nothing - quoting Job and some of the preachers: "the dead know nothing."
I have been very much interested in observing these different phases of the departed spirits' beliefs and thoughts. 
Now all this shows the absolute necessity of mortals understanding the truths pertaining to life and death.

This affords a very strong argument why Spiritualism should be more extensively and earnestly taught to mortals and why the false doctrines of those who teach either that the dead know nothing, or that the departed spirit goes either to heaven or to hell in the orthodox sense, should be shown to be not only a false belief, but injurious to mankind.

Let the believers and teachers of Spiritualism make greater and stronger efforts to refute these harmful teachings, and they will be doing the cause of truth and of man's happiness a great good.

I am not only interested in these phases but in all others, which show that the spirits, even after they realize that they are still alive, and must live as spirits continue to show the fact that their orthodox teachings are false. 

Some say, that they may yet be able to go back into the body and await the great resurrection day for deliverance, and say that they will soon see God, and that He will take them into His heavens, where they will find that eternal rest and peace that they were taught to expect when on earth; and the wicked, even, look in dread to have some devil come and carry them to the hells where torture of the most terrible kind they think awaits them.

From all this you may understand that we spirits who know the truth have a great work to do, to enable these darkened spirits to understand and believe that their false hopes and dreadful fears have no foundation in truth and will never be realized.

This work many spirits are engaged in doing, and these spirits are not necessarily of the higher kind, for many spirits who occupy the earth plane and have no real spiritual enlightenment, are engaged in this work.

I am not now engaged in causing these dark spirits to see the truth, for I have progressed to higher things, and my mission is to teach the truths of the higher life, which I have been taught by spirits who live in higher spheres.

This work to me is one that is not only interesting, but which gives me the great happiness that comes with the realization that I have been the means of leading a spirit to learn to love God, and to receive the happiness which the love of God gives to spirits. 
I tell you that this teaching is the grandest that I ever engaged in in all my life. When on earth, as I taught and saw the young mind develop, I found much happiness in the knowledge that I was doing some good, but here, in my teachings, when I see a soul develop, I realize that I am doing a spirit that greatest of all good in bringing it at one in love with the Father; and happiness here and that of earth, is as the soul development is so much greater than the development of the mere mind.

My work is not confined entirely to this teaching; I also am engaged in trying to assist mortals to a true conception of the life here - I mean the spiritual part of this life. 
No man is entirely without spirit influence, whether good or evil. Many are susceptible to the influence of the evil spirits, and for that reason the work of the good spirits is so much more difficult. 
There is in man's nature that which leads him to evil thoughts so much easier than to good thoughts. 
This is an old saying, I know, but is a true one, and the fact that it has been said so often and for so long a time, does not decrease the importance of it as a truth. 
So while men have felt this evil inclination in their nature, the fight between the good and evil influences will be somewhat unequal. The advantage though with the good influences is that what they suggest is truth which will never die, while the suggestions of the evil influences last only for a comparatively short time.

When the material gives up the spirit being which it clothes, that being will then be relieved of many of these natural tendencies to evil thoughts and deeds; and while this mere separation does not make a devil a saint, it makes it so much easier for the spirit to get rid of many of these evil tendencies, and makes him more susceptible to the influence of truth and goodness.

You must not think from this, as soon as they have been in the spirit world for a little time, they become good spirits, for that is not true. Many evil spirits have been in the spirit world for a great many years, and yet have their evil thoughts and desires, and all the evil qualities of hatred, malice, envy, etc., as when they were on earth.
Their giving up the earth life did not deprive them of their will, the greatest force or power that God gave to man, except that of love. And many of these spirits refuse to exercise their will in a way that will enable them to rid themselves of these evil thoughts and desires.

So you see, the mere fact of becoming a spirit does not mean that the mortal has become a good and saintly spirit. 
No, I am sorry to say that many men who were very evil on earth are still evil as spirits; and their happiness, which they think they have, is only that happiness, which they, as men, thought they realized from the exercise of evil thoughts and acts. 
Yet there is one great redeeming fact connected with their dark and sad condition, and that is, that in the end, whenever it so pleases God, all evil will be banished from the spirit world, and all spirits will be given that happiness which comes from a nature free from sin and error. 
Not by the fiat of God, but by men seeking and doing those things that will free the soul from sin and error and again come into harmony with God's laws. Just such I imagine as Adam and Eve enjoyed in the historical Garden of Eden.

But that happiness, while of a character that brings much contentment and peace, yet is not the true happiness which God is waiting to give all His children who ask and seek for the inflowing of the Divine Love in their souls.

I will not discourse on this great happiness to-night, as it would take too long and you are somewhat tired; but will say, that all men should seek for it both on earth and in the spirit world. 
When on earth I did not have it, but since I came here I found it, and now possess it, thanks be to God and His loving kindness.

You folks all have it, and many others too numerous to mention.

Let me stop now as I am tired and you need to rest.

So with all my love and best wishes, I am your old professor,

Joseph H. Salyards 

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Jesus explains the Way, the Truth and the Life

January 13th, 1915.
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Yes, I am that Jesus. You should not doubt as I have told you before that I am.
They are in a condition which prevents them from seeing that I am the true Jesus, and they will all be lost unless in some way they get an awakening to the fact that only through me can they obtain the Love of the Father which will enable them to enter His kingdom.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, as I long ago said. They will be forever shut out of His kingdom and will live in the spirit land without this love to comfort and make them happy. I do not mean to say that they will all suffer eternal punishment, for they will not. The Father loves them all, but their state will be one of only comparative happiness and they will not have within them that Love of the Father which is necessary to make them supremely happy.

You will know in proper time all these things which make for the happiness of my followers. You must wait until I am ready to explain these matters to you.

Yes, I know you are helping the darkened spirits and some mortals; but you must not let every spirit who seeks your help cause you to give your strength to them in the way of writing, for as your wife has told you, the laws of communication must be obeyed, or you will suffer in your power to receive these messages.

Yes, very much. You have great faith and I am somewhat surprised at it myself, but you have it, and God hears and answers your prayers. You must continue to pray and believe.

You must not doubt that I am with you and wrote to you; neither must you doubt that I can help you in every time and heed.

Yes, you will receive that inflowing of the Holy Spirit as they did, even while you are on earth, and will be able to know that God is your Father to the extent that they knew.

Only you must pray more and believe more. You will not only receive that but you will also receive power to convince men of my teachings and lead them to my Father's Love, and also to show that you possess this Love by being able to heal the sick by merely praying for them.

This I tell you now, because you will soon commence to take my messages and you must have these powers and faith.

Yes, I hear your prayers to the Father and I try to let you feel my love, and you do sometimes. But you must not let your prayers come to me as God; I am only your friend and brother. 

Yes, I know, but these sayings I did not say at all. I merely claimed to be my Father's son and messenger. I did not claim to be God.

Yes, I said that my Father sent me and that is true. I did live before I came to earth with my Father in the heavens and so did you.

I meant that in the Kingdom of God there are homes and that I would go and prepare a place where my followers should have a home with me, separate from the homes of the spirits who are not believers in or followers of me; that my kingdom was to be a separate kingdom from the other parts of the spirit lands, and that those who wanted to live with me would have to get this love of God in their hearts to do so. 

My kingdom is one where Love is supreme and where it is manifested in the purest and highest degree. I have not seen God in the sense that I have seen you, but that in the sense that my love is so very abundant and so truly His Love, that He appears to my soul's eyes just as plainly as you appear to my natural eyes.

Many of my sayings were merely symbolical and not intended to be taken literally. 

My Father cannot be seen by anyone of His children, and no man has ever seen Him, for He is not of form or substance that can be seen. You are now very near where you will see Him with your soul's eyes, as I did, and when you do, then you will be able to know that His Love is in your heart to its fullest. 

Why you are so greatly blessed with this Love and Faith I really do not know, even though I do know so much of His truth and Love. But I see that you have great possibilities of faith and love which will make you a most wonderful man doing His work of saving souls for His kingdom.

Well, I can readily see how you may doubt; but as I know, you must believe me for I am telling you the truth. It will leave you as the Love flows in, and you will then be able to realize that you are free indeed. 

They will not after the time appointed shall end. No more will the opportunity come, and no more will God give His Love and Grace to men or spirits. They will love only with the natural love that belongs to them as mortals. 

They will never receive this great Love which comes by the operation of the Holy Spirit. They will continue to live forever, but their happiness will not be of the kind that my followers will have and they will not be contented in that happiness. 

They will forever long for something that they can never get.

I will not let you write more tonight as you are now in a condition of more happiness. 

Well, I love you with a love that will never end and that will keep you in all your troubles and worries free from everything that tends to make you doubt God's love or my teachings.

So with this love I now bless you, and pray that God's love may come into your heart more abundantly.


Monday, July 15, 2013

How the divine love enters into the soul of man

I am here, Jesus.

I am here according to promise, and desire to write you on a subject that all men should be acquainted with. "How the Divine Love enters into the soul of a man."

As I have told you before, man is a creature of God, having a body, spirit and soul; and all these are necessary to make the perfect man. But these three parts of man are different in their characteristics and functions, and are separate and distinct, and have qualities that are unlike in their composition as well as in the duration of their existence.

The body, as you and all men know, has an existence which lasts only during the life of the mortal on earth, and after that life ends dissolves into its elements, which no more can form the same body either in the mortal world or in the spirit world, for these elements are merely things of matter and may be and are used to form other bodies and manifestations of the material of nature; not necessarily in the form of human beings, for they enter into other forms both animal and vegetable, and are so disseminated that never again will they become parts of a resurrected body. Your orthodox do not teach this truth, but think in some mysterious way that the mortal body will sometime be resurrected.

No, the body when it has performed its function of maintaining and shielding the soul and spirit of man during his earth life, is no longer and cannot thereafter be a part of that man, and may be considered as something that is no longer a part of him.

This body though, as a matter of fact, even during the life of the mortal is not the same body during that life, for continually is there changes in the elements that compose that body; and one element or set of elements, gives place to others and becomes lost or absorbed in the great sea of elements that help form or constitute the universe of God.

By operation of the laws of attraction and repulsion, these elements as they replace others, which disappear, conform themselves to the general appearance or outline of the parent body, so that the identity of the body as well as of its appearance is preserved; and as a man grows older, the laws which make the changes in his appearance cause these new elements to conform to these changes, so that, even while the material continues to envelop the spirit during the short span of a man's life, yet that material is not the same for any length of time.

I make this preliminary statement merely to show that the material part of man is not at all connected with the real man, so far as the persistent nature for him is concerned, and this material need not be considered in discussing the subject that I desire to write about.

The spirit part of man is that part which contains what may be called the functions of life and the force and power existing in him and which immediately control him in his conduct and living.

This real, existing principle of life, unlike the body, never dies, but continues to live after the spirit drops its envelope of flesh.

This spirit part of man contains the seat of the mental faculties and reasoning powers, and uses the organs of the material body to manifest these attributes. These faculties live and exist even though the physical body may be in such imperfect condition that the spirit may not be able to make its manifestations in such a way as to enable the mortal to perceive or sense the material things of nature as they are called.

To specify, even though the material organs of sight may become impaired or destroyed yet in that spirit body, which is within the physical body, exists the actual sight just as perfectly and completely as if these impaired or destroyed organs were doing their functioning; and the same is true as regards the hearing and the others of what are called the five senses of man.

And as to the reasoning faculties and mental qualities, they exist in the perfect state whether the brain is healthy or not, or whether it performs its work or refuses to do so. These qualities do not depend upon the soundness or perfect workings of the organs of the physical body in order that these spirit qualities may exist in a perfect condition, but the proper workings of the physical organs, or rather the proper and natural movements and manifestations of the brain, and the conscious operations of the mental faculties, do depend upon the spirit faculties being able to use these physical organs in a proper way and in accordance with the harmony of the creation of the relative and correlative parts of man.

These spirit faculties, which man calls the intellect and the five senses, are a part of the spirit body which is enclosed in the material body and which in turn encloses the soul. When the material body dies, the spirit body continues to exist and live on in the world of spirit, and with it and as continuing parts of it, these intellectual faculties, performing all their functions free from the limitations that the physical organs placed upon them.

And when this change takes place, these mental qualities, notwithstanding that they have not the material organs through which they functioned when in the mortal frame, can conceive thoughts of things material and hear and see things of the material just as they did, and even more perfectly, when they were enveloped by the environments of flesh and blood.

So you see when the mortal dies, the only thing that dies and is left behind is the mere physical body, and with the spirit body survives all those things which can be said to be the real man so far as the mind is concerned. Hence, man never ceases to remember and to progress and to know that he is a being which death cannot destroy or change into something that he was not before death came to him. And thus I answer the question: "When a man dies shall he live again?" He never ceases to live, and his living is not a new life, but merely the continuation of the old life with all the things of mind and conscience that were his in the old life.

In the purely spirit life the spirit body continues to contain the soul and will be its protector and covering so long as that spirit body shall last. But this body then begins to change and by disintegration into what we may call spirit elements, and the formation of new elements to replace the disappearing ones.

This change in this body is not caused by the same laws that operated to change and disintegrate and replace the physical body, but by the law controlling the development of the soul which the spirit body contains.

The soul is the real man because it is the only thing or part of man that may become immortal. The only part of man that was made in the image of its Creator, and the only part of man that may become a part of the Substance of its Maker and partake of His Divine nature, I say may, for that is an important part of this great possibility.

I know this possibility of the soul becoming mortal by partaking of the Divine nature of God, is true; for it is a proven fact in the case of many souls who are now in the Celestial Heavens. I also know that there are many souls in the spirit world, who have been there for many centuries, who have never received this Divine nature and consciousness of immortality. Whether such souls who have not received this Divine nature shall become or are immortal, has never been demonstrated.

This I do know, that in the economy of God's plan for the forming of His Kingdom, at some time, when, I don't know, this privilege of partaking of His Divine nature and the certainty of immortality will be withdrawn from the souls of men and spirits, and then whether these souls who suffer this condemnation will partake of immortality no spirit knows, only God.

There are other things that I know and here tell you, and among them is this, that so long as the soul does not receive this Divine nature, the mind, which I have described as being a part of the spirit body, continues to exist and dominates both soul and body; and in its progress it may attain to a condition of purity and perfection such as were possessed by the first created living souls--our first parents.

Many spirits now are in this condition, but yet are mere men, and their souls remain only in the image of God--nothing more.

While God is mind, mind is not God, and also while God is spirit, spirit is not God. 

So that when men teach that mind is God and that men must seek to attain to that mind, and thus become like God, they fall far short of the truth. 

The mind is only an attribute of God, and beyond and back of that mind is the real God--the personality, and that is Soul, from which emanates all these attributes and manifestations which mortals as well as spirits may be conscious of.

But while God is Soul, yet that Soul is a thing of Substance with a nature Divine, and the seat and fountainhead of all the great attributes that belong to Him, such as love and power and life and omniscience and mercy. 

And here I must state one fact which may startle those who believe and teach that mind is God, and that is, that which is called the human mind is not a part of the mind of God, for this human mind and all its faculties and wonderful qualities are mere special creatures just as are the spirit body and material body of man. 

As I have said, man was created in the image of God only as regards the soul; and here always bear in mind that the creation was only an image.

The mind of man was a special creation just as were the minds of the lower animals, differing only in degree. And if God had not given to man a soul and the spirit body to envelop it, and in which he placed this mind of man, when man died the death of the physical body, that would have been the end of him, as such death is of the body which is not a part of this soul image of God.

As I have heretofore written you, when God created man and made him in His own image as to the soul, he also gave to man the possibility of obtaining the Substance of the Father, that is of having that soul which was a mere image become that soul which is of the Substance of the Creator.

 I have also explained to you how man, by his disobedience, lost that possibility, and for long centuries was deprived of this great privilege, and how it was again restored to him at the time of my coming to earth, so that he now and for nineteen centuries past has had the possession of this great gift or privilege of partaking of the Substance of the Father.

Well, when man by the way that has been pointed out to him, becomes possessed of the Substance of the Father's Divine nature, even in an initial degree, his soul commences to change and lose its character as a mere image, and to progress towards the attainment of that condition when this image disappears and the Divine Substance takes its place; and as the progress continues he receives so much of the Substance that his soul takes on the Divine nature of the Father, and his at-one-ment with the Father becomes so perfect that he becomes an inhabitant of the Father's Kingdom. This occurs when he becomes fitted to enter the first  Celestial Sphere.

And just here occurs another thing which may startle those who teach that the mind is the essence of God, and that the mind which man, both as mortal and spirit, possesses up to that point in the progress of the soul where the transformation into the Divine nature takes place, becomes a thing of naught, or rather becomes absorbed in the mind of the soul, which is the real mind of the Father, and then and ever after, only this mind of the soul is that which enables the real Divine man to understand the things of God to help him in his progress.
I will continue later. You are tired. But remember that I love you and you have me with you at all times to help and sustain and comfort you.
Good night my dear brother,

Your friend and brother, JESUS


The First Celestial Sphere is the one immediately above 
seventh spirit sphere.

Continuation from preceding message
I am here. Jesus.

I come tonight to finish my message and will do so, if your condition is such that you may receive it.

Well, as you may remember, my subject is: "How the Divine Love enters into the soul of a human being."

I have already explained to you the difference between, and the respective functions of the physical body, the spiritual body and the soul , and how the real man is the soul, which may live forever. I have also shown you how the physical and spiritual bodies change their component parts, and as such bodies, disintegrated and disappear in the form that they may have at any one time.
Well, the soul is the man and becomes the angel of God's kingdom. The soul may also become only the everlasting part of man in the spiritual kingdom as contradistinguished from the Celestial Heavens.

The only way in which the soul may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres, is by its obtaining of the Divine Love and thereby become a partaker of the Divine nature of the Father; and this can be accomplished only by the inflowing of the Divine Love, by means of the operation of the Holy Spirit, which is the instrumentality used by God to carry this Love to the souls of men.
As I have before said, this love never forces itself into the souls of men, and comes only when men seek for it in sincerity and with effort. It is waiting for all men to receive it, but never comes into the soul of its own initiative, and without invitation. So the important question is, how does it come into the soul and what must men do to induce its inflowing.

There is only one way, and that is by the opening up of the soul in such a manner that this Love, when it comes in response to sincere seeking, may find an entrance and a condition of development that will cause it to find lodgment and abiding place, harmonious and satisfactory to the qualities of its own existence. Of course, man cannot of himself open up his soul to this inflowing, for, while he has great power, yet the will is not sufficient; nor has he any other inherent qualities that will enable him to place his soul in such condition as to make possible the work of the Holy Spirit in causing the love to flow into the soul.

The only means by which this can be accomplished are prayer and faith. When a man in true earnestness and sincere aspirations, prays to the Father for this Divine Love, such prayer not only brings Love, but causes those portions of the soul which are capable of receiving this Love to open up to its coming and to work in such a way as to attract the Love.

The Holy Spirit never performs this work of preparing the soul for the reception of this Love, but merely brings the Love and causes its inflowing when the soul is in condition to receive it. In answer to prayer, there are other instrumentalities of the Father working to prepare the soul condition that is required, and these instrumentalities are the bright spirits of the Celestial Heavens, whose duties, among others, are to answer the prayers of the penitent in the way of infilling the soul with influences that turn the thoughts and aspirations to this Divine Love and its operations.

As I said when on earth, there is no other way to get into the sheep fold but through the gateway provided,--he that attempts to climb over the fence is a thief and a robber. 
But this should be modified to fit the exact fact, for there is no possibility of getting into this fold by climbing the fence. There is only one way--that through the gate of prayer and sincere longing.

I know that many men believe that the performance of church duties, and the observation of the requirements of the church as to baptism and the sacraments, etc., will be sufficient to enable them to get into the Kingdom; but I tell you that they are all wrong, and their disappointment will be very great when they come into the spirit world.

What are called moral deeds and good thoughts will not cause this inflowing of the Divine Love because these things are necessary steps towards the purification of the soul in its natural love; and no matter how pure this love may become, yet it is not the Divine Love or any portion of it.

Good thoughts and deeds, though, may help to turn the aspirations of the soul to these higher conditions, and open up its perceptions to a degree that may lead to prayer and faith, and, therefore, in addition to their work of purifying the natural love may prove to be of great value in assisting men towards the development of the soul so that the Divine Love may enter into it. But to depend on good thoughts and moral deeds and a life pure from sin to give man the right to an entrance into the Celestial Kingdom, is a great mistake.

The Divine Love is a thing entirely apart from the nature of man, even in its purest state, and was never conferred on man as was the natural love, and, consequently, when man obtains this Divine Love and it becomes a part of his soul qualities, his nature, as it were, changes, and he becomes a new creature. An additional something has been conferred upon him, and it becomes impossible for him to remain the mere man that he was, and he always would be, except for this change in his nature.

I know that men do not understand the distinction between a man with only the natural love and one with the Divine Love, but the distinction is so great, that the one, when possessed to a sufficient degree, makes the man a part of Divinity, while the other, no matter how fully possessed and how pure it may become, makes man merely man, though a perfect one.

Whosoever will pray in sincerity for the inflowing of this Divine Love will receive it. It is not a respecter of persons, and the sincere aspirations of the soul of any man, be he prince or peasant, rich or poor, will invariably cause this love to come into his soul and change his nature, so that he will become a new creature, and one not subject to death forever more.

The merely intellectual prayers are not efficacious, for it does not have any effect in opening up the soul, and neither does much of this praying do the work. One little moment of this true praying will be more effective in causing this Divine Love to flow towards the soul than a whole lifetime of idle repetition of prayers that come from a source merely mental. And here let me say that the mind is not the soul, and much less God.

Well, I think I have made plain how this love flows into a man's soul, and in addition what its effect is, when possessed by man. There is nothing in all God's universe that can take its place for the purpose of making a man at-one with the Father, and of causing him to become Divine in so far as he possesses this Love.
So I say to all men, pray and pray and never cease to pray for the inflowing of this Love, for there is no limit to its abundance, or the amount which man or spirit can obtain. Always in the Celestial Heavens, we spirits continually pray for an increased bestowal, and always our prayers are answered, but always there is more to follow.

I must not write more tonight.

I am satisfied with the correctness of your receiving my message, and will come again and write you another.
With all my love and blessings,
I am your brother and friend,

Friday, July 12, 2013

Saint John explains the true meaning of the end of the world

October 1st, 1916
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Saint John.

I come to-night to write a few truths upon the subject of the preacher's sermon, as I was present with you and heard his declarations as to the end of the world.

I know that among men there are, and have been since the time of the Master, differences in opinion as to when this important event is to take place, and as to the meaning of the end of the world.

Well, men know just about as much now as to the time of this event as they have known all down the centuries, and understand the meaning of these prophecies as well as did men from my day down to the present.

In the first place, I will say, there will be no end of the world from any of the causes mentioned by the preacher, and in the next place, there will be no end of the world at all as understood and declared by the orthodox preachers, and as is expected by most of the professing Christians.

The world, meaning the earth, will not have an end in the sense of annihilation, but it will continue to revolve on its axis, and to have seed time and harvest, and produce and reproduce those things that are necessary to sustain human life, and have its appropriate seasons of heat and cold, and move along in its orbit as it now does, until some change, we know not of now, may come and destroy it; but such change, not any of the prophecies of the Bible, admitting that there are prophecies, can apply to the end of the world in the sense that the preacher understood and declared.

If humanity would only understand that the world that was lost by the disobedience of the first parents, was the world of man's immortality and happiness and not the physical world, and that Jesus came to declare the restoration of that world upon condition, and the end of that restoration, then would they know that the material world is not involved in the plan of man's salvation, or in Jesus' mission, or in the declarations of Jesus as to the coming of the end.

Men will continue to be born, live a short time and die the physical death, and as to each individual man the end of the material world comes when he dies, for, thereafter, his habitation will be in the spirit world, and never more will he have life on earth. 

All men at some time will have to die the physical death, then why should it be necessary to include in the plan of God for the salvation of men the destruction of the material world? 

For planets and worlds and stars to crash together and destroy, would mean that the orderly workings of God's laws must be interfered with, in order that men might be destroyed or saved, according as they might be snatched up into the air, or left to their own weakness on earth.

Such interpretations of God's intentions or plans, or of Jesus coming again to earth is all wrong and absurd. 

Jesus will never come to establish his kingdom on earth and reign as Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords, for the Kingdom which he and all his followers, both on earth and in the spirit world, are seeking to establish is in the Celestial Heavens, and it is the Kingdom of God, not made with hands or by the mere fiat of any spirit no matter how high he may be, but made and populated by the souls of men who have experienced the New Birth and received the Divine Essence of the Father. 

Of this Kingdom Jesus is the Prince, but only because of his great and exceeding possession of the Divine Love of the Father, and his more perfect at-onement.
Jesus is not seeking to establish a kingdom on earth, but is working for the purpose of leading men to the New Birth of the spirit, and of showing them the way to the Celestial Kingdom; and also is he working to help men by his love and suggestions, and so also the other good spirits, to cast sin and error from their hearts, and strive to regain the condition of perfect manhood in the perfection of their natural love; and also to help men to get in this condition of soul regeneration, or in that of the purification of their natural love while they yet live on earth, so that love to God in the divine sense, and love to God in the created sense and brotherly love will cover the whole earth, and men be at peace and happy while yet clothed in the flesh.

Such a condition of mortal existence may be called the Kingdom of God on earth, but it will not be the kingdom which Jesus came to earth to establish - that is the Kingdom of Heaven. This Kingdom has its seat and abiding place in the Celestial Spheres whence it will never be removed.

So then, when the Bible teaches of the world coming to an end and passing away it does not mean the material world, but the world of men's thoughts and deeds and sinful conditions that are not in harmony with God's laws or the laws of His creation. 

This is the world that shall be destroyed when righteousness shall cover the earth as the waters Even today there are some men living on the earth who are so separated from the world, that as to them the world has no existence, not the material world, but the world of sin and unrighteousness, which is the only world to be destroyed.

There shall be wars and rumors of wars and times of trouble , etc., such as never were, and then shall come the end.

Not the wars of the cannons' roars or the bursting shells or the mutilated flesh, or the making of widows and orphans or the ruthless changing of mortals into spirits, but the wars of the spirits of good and evil, of love and hate, of purity and sin, of joy and despair, and of knowledge of truth and belief in error - all to be fought in the souls of men with such intensity and earnestness, creating such mind and spirit trouble as never has been, and causing rumors thereof to flood the earth and the habitations of men.

Then shall come the end of the world - the world of evil and sin and despair, and hatred and belief in error. This world shall pass away, and truth and love and peace and good will shall be established on the earth forever. The earth of this present day, then becoming to men so peaceful and filled with love and brotherly kindness, that to them it will seem as if the City of God had been let down from heaven on to earth.

Let mortals know that Jesus has already come to earth and is among men, and that since the time of his becoming the Prince of the Celestial Kingdom he has been with men and spirits teaching them the way, the truth and the life.
By the Holy Spirit have the truths of the Father spoken to men as a still small voice, and by the communions of souls has the Master led men to the love and mercy of the Father.

As in my time when he came to the Jews with his message of love and life eternal, they knew him not and rejected him, so now many men, and spirits too, refuse to listen to him and learn the way through the straight gate to the Father's love and immortality.

Let men study the prophecies and the times and the seasons, and calculate the time of the end, and predict the near approach of the Master's coming in the clouds, and prepare themselves to be snatched up in the air and become of the heavenly hosts, yet they will find that all these things are vanities of vanities, and only as each individual passes beyond the veil of flesh will he realize the end of his mortal world has come, and then will all his speculations as to himself become realities, and the certainty of the world's end become an established fact. But men will continue to live on earth and die, and in succession others be born to die, and so on until.... only God knows.

So I say to men, prepare not for the passing away of the heavens and the earth, but for the passing of themselves from the earth to the great world of spirits; and remember, that as they sow, so shall they reap - a certainty that is never changed - a truth that no speculation can make untrue.
The end of man's world comes each day to some mortal, and that end may lead to a glorious immortality, or to a temporary or a long darkness and suffering.
Thus are the prophecies being fulfilled and the speculations of preachers and teachers and leaders of the unthinking are robbing men of the vital truth that the end of the world is coming each moment and day and year.

Oh! preacher and teacher and leader, your responsibility is great, and the accounting must be made. The reaping must follow the sowing as certainly as the day follows the night, and what will your harvest be?

The end of the world for some mortal is the important now!

I have written enough for to-night as you are tired. So believe that I love you and am praying for the Father to bless you, and to so fill your soul with His love, that when the world comes to an end for you, you shall find the Kingdom of Heaven waiting to receive you.

Your brother in Christ,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lamlestia, an ancient spirit, discusses reincarnation and theosophy.

December 17th, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here Lamlestia,

I was an inhabitant of India when that country was not known of to modern nations, and I lived near the great Himalaya Mountains on a plain that was then fertile and peopled by a vast number of inhabitants who worshiped the Gods of whom the later Brahmans have written in their sacred books.

It may seem surprising to you that I should come and write you, and the explanation is, that I became in rapport with you tonight at the meeting of the Theosophists.
I saw that you were psychic and that I could communicate to you through the medium of the pen.

There were many spirits present who, when mortals, lived in that far away country, and were, and are now believers in the mysteries of the occult as claimed to be known now by those who profess to be leaders of the Theosophical movement. A number of their names were mentioned by the lecturer; and these spirits were attracted to the meeting by reason of the similarity of beliefs which the mortals present possessed, and they, the spirits,possessed.

I, also, was present because of that attraction, for when on earth I was a great believer in these doctrines, and especially those that teach reincarnation and karma, and I still believe in these things. Although I have been a spirit for many centuries, yet these earth beliefs cling to me and hold me to the binding force of their truths, as Iconceive these truths to be.

Many of those present, whose minds I could read as they thought, believe in these doctrines, but very few of them have any conception of what are the truths taught by such philosophy. Even the lecturer has a very slight comprehension of the scope and import of these teachings, and her attempt to explain the objects and workings of the principles of true theosophy was a very inefficient effort, for in order for her to be able to teach these doctrines, it is absolutely necessary that she have a knowledge of the same, which she does not have.

No, the knowledge that she, and many others like her, have, as to the fundamentals of this philosophy or religion, if it may be called such, is very superficial, and the fact that it is a system of mysteries, of which they have discerned, in a few instances, the explanation, causes them to conclude that their grasp of the scope of this philosophy is greater than it really is, and affords them a kind of satisfaction that arises from the consciousness that some mysteries which the world knows not of, they know.

She spoke about the great Masters being in India, who have a full knowledge of these mysteries and, in certain conditions or circumstances, will be able to and will initiate the searcher into the esoteric meaning of these great truths. Well, these Masters know something of mysticism and of occult powers and principles, but such knowledge is not sufficient to qualify them as teachers of the great truths of theosophy, as I understood and now understand these truths.

We have in the spirit world and have had for long centuries, communities of theosophists, who believe and teach to whomsoever will listen to these doctrines, and many of these spirits attempt to teach mortals by impressions and thought transference these truths of ages, but with indifferent success; and, hence, for most of those who think they would like to understand this philosophy, the great attraction is the mystery, which they believe, because of its being a mystery, must contain the truth.

The progress and understanding in the search for the key to the opening up and solving of these doctrines, and the supposed mystery in which they are shrouded, is very slow, and we who have been, as I said, for centuries engaged in this great effort have never had demonstrated to us the existence of our supposed truths; and we are still plodding the weary way, supported by the faith that at some time light will come to us, and that which has so long been enveloped in darkness will come into the pure light of understanding and comprehension.

But as yet, very few of these mysteries have been solved, and the truths supposed to be concealed therein been manifested, and to some of us doubt has commenced to rear its head and cause disappointment. Such being the case with us, what can these mortals who are groping in speculation and discord expect to succeed in disclosing?

Tonight, I heard the lecturer declare that Man is God potentially, and that when he develops into perfection he will become God. 

Never was there a more delusive and untrue declaration of a supposed fact ever uttered, for we who have lived in this invisible world long enough to have had come to us the realization that we are gods, all know that we are only and merely the spirits of men who lived on earth many years ago, and believed that when in the far distant future by our own exertions in renunciation, we would become gods.

No, such is not the fact, and while we have renounced many of the sins and errors of our mortal lives, yet we are still spirits, with all the limitations of mind and souls that spirits are by nature bound.

And this I must say, that in all the centuries of my spirit existence, never have I known a spirit or the soul of a spirit to reincarnate, and in this my disappointment has been grievous. Many spirits of our association have become perfect through renunciation, and yet they have remained spirits and progressed to the highest heavens of ourpossibilities (the Sixth Sphere).

Yet, strange as it may seem in view of this experience, we still, to a more or less degree, cling to our old beliefs in reincarnation, thinking that there is something else, that we know not of, to be done in order for reincarnation to become the destiny of our souls.

Sometimes I think that my beliefs in this particular must be wrong, for in comparing the condition of mortals, the most advanced in their mind and soul development, I realize that they are not in a small degree the equal of us in development, and then I wonder and, wondering, cannot understand what good could be accomplished or what improvement made in our condition for progressing, should we again enter mortal bodies.

As true theosophy taught, as we conceived it, reincarnation was a supposed process of purification, and necessary in order that the spirit could attain to a state of perfection and freedom from everything that defiles his soul and prevents that soul from arriving at the blissful state of Nirvana, which means only that condition of soul where no longer reincarnation is necessary or possible; and when I know that many of our spirits - one time believers in these doctrines - have arrived at that condition and entered a state of perfect happiness, I hesitate longer to believe, and only hold the faith because I fear that the experience mentioned may be the results of special circumstances.

But if I cease to believe these teachings, what shall I believe? 

No one can tell me that this reincarnation will not take place, and I fear to surrender the belief.
I further believe that in order for the workings of karma, as the doctrines hold, reincarnation is necessary - that only in the mortal body could I do the reaping that my sowing demands, and yet, I see and know that karma has been and is working in this spirit world, to the extent that the reaping has all been accomplished, and the spirit made perfect, and this without any reincarnation; for as I have said, never have I known or heard of the reincarnation of a spirit or of anything that is connected with or represents the spirit.

Of late I have been much in cloudland as to these beliefs, and in my desire to find the light, I have visited the meetings of the theosophists in all countries, and especially in India, where the Masters who are supposed to have the full knowledge and enlightenment live, and in hope of finding the light, but all to no avail. My desires and longings cry for the light, but none can be found.

Tonight, I was attracted to the meeting where I saw you, and realizing that I could express to you my feelings and doubts, made a rapport and came home with you for the purpose of doing what I have done. I know from your condition of mind that you do not believe in these doctrines of the theosophists, and that your beliefs are of a different kind, and are new to me, although I have heard of the doctrines that are the objects of your faith. There are spirits with whom I sometimes come in contact, who attempt to tell me of another way to a higher heaven than the one that I know of, but as they are mere babes in comparison to my ancient existence, I do not listen to them, and hence I am not acquainted with their teachings.

I must not write more tonight and thank you for your kindness. Well, you seem to be very kind, and I thank you for your interest, and under the circumstances must accept your offer, and will, I assure you, listen attentively to what may be said to me.
I have looked and there comes to me a beautiful spirit who says she is your grandmother, and that she has heard your invitation, and will be glad to show me the way to love and light and truth. She seems so bright and beautiful and loving that I must go with her So I will say goodnight and go. 

Good night.



Monday, July 8, 2013

Condition of spirits and their experiences and beliefs that are below the Celestial Heavens; how they congregate together.

September 25th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St.James, Disciple of Jesus:

Let me tell you a few things concerning the spirit world, that is the world that is below the Celestial Heavens of which John wrote.

In the several spheres, which are seven in numbers, are many planes, inhabited by spirits of many nations and races of mankind, and these various races have to a certain extent the customs and beliefs that they had when on earth.

The lines of demarcation are just as strictly drawn as are those of the several nations on earth. The result of this, that many spirits who live in this exclusive manner never learn anything other than what their own leaders tell them and what their various sacred books may teach them.

The Mohammedan is a Mohammedan still, and so likewise the followers of Zoroaster, and also those of Buddha and of Confucius, and all of the various founders of religious sects.

Sometimes these spirits in their wanderings will meet spirits of other races than their own, and interchange thoughts, but very rarely do they discuss matters pertaining to their respective beliefs.

There are undoubtedly truths in the sacred writings and beliefs of all these races of spirits, and to the extent that these truths are taught and understood these spirits are benefitted. I am now speaking of spiritual truths, because as to the mere truths pertaining to the natural or material world, they all have the same opportunity to investigate and understand them.

There are no race or creed or doctrinal beliefs and teachings as to these truths affecting the material, and by this I mean, material as it exists in both the spiritual and earthly worlds.

But as I say, each of these races or sects has its own ideas and doctrines of the truth, and it can progress no further than the limits of these ideas permit it to progress.

No founder of any race or sect has ever taught the New Birth, or the inflowing of the Divine Love in contradistinction to that of the natural love.

And the teaching of Jesus are the only ones that reveal to man the existence of this Divine Love, and how to obtain it. So you see the importance of this Truth coming to man. I must say here, that without the possession of this Love no spirit can enter the Celestial Spheres.

The teachings of the other founders will show men the way to a life of happiness, and to what they may suppose, continuous existence.

But the teachings of Jesus are the only ones that declare and lead men to a realization of the true Immortality of the soul.

I have written too long already, and must stop. 

Your brother in Christ,  
St. James.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Writers of the New Testament Bible used stories of Buddha to fabricate Jesus being born of a virgin

April 12th, 1955
Received by Dr Daniel Samuels
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

Yes, I am here again to write you on the truths of the New Testament, and this time a few thoughts on the Gospel of Luke, dealing with the supposed virginity of my mother. 

 As a matter of fact, the entire conception of the virgin birth was not new in the New Testament days, and as I have pointed out previously to you, the Greeks conceived of Gods born in supernatural ways and without benefit of mortal fathers, and this idea goes back to the Buddhist religion. 

In their writings dealing with Buddha, it is described how Buddha's mother was transported to a mythical heaven and there impregnated in a mysterious way with the child Buddha, without the aid of a husband. 

The writer of the Gospel which is called the Gospel of Luke was very much affected by this story, and wishing to give me the status of God, ascribed to me events analogous to what he found in the writings on Buddha.

He was also inspired by these Buddha stories to relate the fable of my being tempted by the Devil, and this was also taken from the account of the Buddha withstanding the temptations of the powers of the "Prince of Evil," whose attacks against the person of Buddha, who was absorbed in holy contemplation, were frustrated by the holiness of Buddha. 

As a matter of fact, I never stayed in the desert for forty days, nor was I tempted by any devil, because there is no such being or entity in all the realm of God except as he exists in the soul of the mortal or spirit creating him in the likeness of his own desires and lusts.

And neither did I fast for forty days because I never did believe in fasting as a cure against sin, and the only fasting I believed in was the fasting of the soul's desires to act in a way contrary to the laws of God. 

The New Testament is substantially accurate in stating that I came eating and drinking, for the Divine Love of God is obtained through the soul longing and prayer, and not through the abstinence of legitimate material needs and wants.

So you see that the stories of my supernatural birth and the fasting and temptation in the desert are not in accordance with the truths of my life and teachings, and should be eliminated from the New Testament and the falsehoods exposed.

I should also like to state that when my disciples and I came to celebrate the Passover at Jerusalem, I remained near Bethany while my parents went into Jerusalem to arrange for the preparation of the Upper Room. 

Since my coming was fraught with danger, it was arranged for Peter and John to make known our readiness to come to the Upper Room by meeting a young man with a pitcher near the Kedron stream, and he would take us to my father's place for the occasion. 

And while it was not mentioned in the Gospels and many have conjectured as to the identity of this person with the pitcher, I should like to inform you that he was the writer of a Gospel and his name was John Mark.

I should like to also clarify a few statements found in the Gospel of John that have not been understood, and that is in John, chapter 13, Verse 8. I said to Peter, "If I wash thee not, thou hast no part of me."

And this was just before the beginning of the last Passover meal and Peter's objection to this ablution. Now, my purpose in this was to use the word and ceremony of washing not as a natural cleansing of the body, nor even a symbol of the spiritual cleansing with baptism. 

But I meant to use the word "washing" as a washing from sin, and I had to do this in order to make my teachings concrete and something my disciples could see and understand.

I meant, "If I show ye not how to be cleansed of sin so that ye be clean in heart through the washings of the Divine Love, thou hast no part of me." This washing was not symbolic of a purification of the soul leading to the perfect natural man, but transformation of the soul through the effects of the Divine Love and its cleansing action.

Peter as well as all the other disciples of mine needed the Divine Love in their souls to have this common bond of Love and Essence of God between us, providing in this way for a relationship of soul between us. But Peter understood this in a material way and thought I referred also to baptism. 

So you see that I used water to implement my teachings of the Divine Love in a way my disciples would understand, and I used many other illustrations in addition to water, such as bread, the door, the good shepherd, and the vineyard.

When I said, "He that is washed need not, save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit," I meant that he who has the Divine Love in his soul is clean and he has but to eliminate the defilements of the world from his soul and his soul would be clean in every aspect, but not completely so, for the process of cleansing, and by this I mean transformation of the soul, continues throughout all eternity. 

I did not say, "All of you are not clean," referring to Judas, for I did not suspect him of any treachery.

I think I have written you a fairly long letter, and so with my love to you and the Doctor, and with the information that we are all trying to help you in your financial and domestic affairs, I shall sign myself

Your elder brother and friend,
Jesus of the Bible