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One hundred years ago May 31, 1914!

It was one hundred years ago yesturday that James Padgett received his first automatic written message from his wife Helen who had passed over on February 12,1914.

He also received the following message from his father John Padgett.

May 31st, 1914 
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:
Yes, I love you and you know it. Come to bed and I will let you feel my arms around your neck and will hug you and put you to sleep so that you will feel better in the morning.

(James asks the question : Were you at the Bahai meeting?)
Yes, I was. I did not think much of the address of the woman from India, because it did not tell of what the Love of God is to the lost souls of man. You were not benefitted much by it, as you were very lonely and needed the Love of God to be preached. 

The other address was better, but it does not tell the way to truth and light that the Bible does. Be a Christian and love the God of the Bible.

Yes I am, and you know that I am in the spirit world. I can see that the things taught are the truth, for I am not in the flesh and am not bound by the limitations of the flesh as I was when alive. 

Yes, and I am trying to help you all that I can. Yes, you do and I will continue to help If you will let me. 

Yes, I look upon him (Jesus) as a man of God, not as God Himself. He is the one that should be your guide and friend. He is a very bright spirit and is far up in the Heavens and is close to God. He does come to us sometimes, and keeps us in holy rapport with the Father. He is the loveliest of all the spirits in the Heavens. He is not angry with you, for he loves you with his whole heart, and will do everything to help you. 

Yes, I am, but I am not in the Heavens yet, but I will soon be and then you will learn much more from me. 

He (Helen's father) is getting better; he is beginning to see that this life is not for the Christians who have not the Love of God in their hearts, but for those who love God with all their hearts and souls. He did not love God truly; he put too much faith in the literal words of the Bible, but did not have the spiritual love that he should have had.

She (Helen's mother) is progressing, too. 
Your father is in the Heavens, and is a bright and shining spirit and is your Guardian Angel. He is with you very much and he will help you to progress and to become a more spiritual man. 

Your mother is far up in the Heavens, and she is with you often and is trying to help you also. She is an exceeding bright spirit and is very strong and is filled with the Holy Spirit to a very high degree. She is one of the brightest spirits that I know. She comes to me often and helps me progress. 

Yes, she (Mr. Padgett's grandmother, Ann Rollins) is too pure and holy to come to me very often, but she is much interested in you and will come to you when you write sometimes. She says she will tell you of the life in the higher spheres, and also will come to you when you sit for a photograph, in her illumined form, so that you may see that she is living and is part of the Kingdom of God. 

She is the brightest spirit that I know. She is a very strong and powerful spirit, and will not let you be bothered by the evil spirits, or those who try to impersonate those spirits who are here and try to talk to you. She is here now and wants me to say that she is the loving grandmother that she always was, and will love you with her whole heart. 

He is not with her in the high Heavens (Mr. Padgett's grandfather), but he is a very bright spirit, and he loves you, too. 

Yes, they are in the Heavens (Grandmother and Grandfather Padgett). Their love was so pure and holy that they went to the Heavens of holy love. 

I must stop. 
     Good night.

*  *  *  *

May 31st, 1914 
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, your father:
Yes, I am. And I will try to tell you what you must do to form a band of spirit workers. Let me select them, and then you will not be troubled by bad spirits. You must not try to talk to every one who may come to you, for that will work injury to you and you will not be able to get the best results. 

Let me tell you who you should have form your band: your grandmother, your mother, Helen, Professor Salyards, Mr. Riddle, and myself - these are enough to help you in the investigation of spiritualism.

(Will they join?)

Yes, I will have them come, and you can ask them. 

(Grandmother, Ann Rollins):Yes, I will, and you will be a successful medium, and will not need to go to the séances where you went on Friday night, as they are not helpful to you in the way of progressing in your investigations. 

(Mother):Yes, I am. I certainly will, and you will not be troubled by bad spirits, for your father and grandmother will keep them away from you. 

(Prof. Salyards):Yes, I am, and I will be one of the band to help you. You will be my mouthpiece in my writing to the world the thoughts that I desire to make known on subjects that are of interest to mankind. Keep well and I will soon let you write my ideas of this life and of what I find to be the real truth of the Love of God and the love of mankind. 

(Asks him to write a verse.)
Yes. I am not in condition tonight, as you are too weak to write much more. Yes, I will show my face in the photograph, and then you will know that I am one of your band. 

(Mr. Riddle):Yes, I am, and I will be one of your spirit band. You will not be annoyed by any others than the ones your father has named. I will write you what my beliefs and thoughts are of the life here so that you may know that I am just a spirit in search of the truth. You will see that I am not one who knows everything, but will try to learn whatever is possible and will tell you what I learn. 

Yes, and I  will let you see that I have my mustache and goatee just as in my earthly life.
(Father):Yes. You can go to the photographer as soon as you find it convenient and we will be there, and you will see us all.  I will be in my naval uniform and then you will be convinced that I am living. 

(At the séance on Friday last, J. Shellington spoke to me and asked that he be permitted to join my band of spirits. I had not then thought of or had suggested to me a band of spirits. I suggested his name to my father, who wrote.)
(Father):He is not of the spiritual kind that will be helpful to you, and I do not think it wise for him to join. He is too much of the earthy yet, but will soon progress, and then we may have him join. 

Go to bed and rest.
Your father,
John H. Padgett

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