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Mary takes Leslie on a trip to the Spirit World, one hundred years ago.

December 28th, 1916

Spirit Photo of Mary standing
 behind  Leslie. Her aura blotted
 out part of his face.
Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Well, if he had thought of me as much as he should, he would have guessed without any difficulty. 

It just shows you how little you can depend upon the men who profess to love you.

This is what I might say if I were a mortal, but being a spirit and able to see into his heart, I know that he loves me as I do him.

I have been waiting for these other spirits to write before I attempted to say a few words, and by the way let me say that all who wrote tonight are really the spirits that they represented themselves to be. 

If it were not so late, and you were not so tired, I would write a long letter and tell you of our frolic at Christmas Eve, when you came with us to our homes in the spirit world for the time being and partook of  all the love and greetings that awaited you.

As Mr. Stone wrote, there were many spirits present, and all were very happy in having you both with us, and the Judge especially enjoyed it after he got over his fright, if I may call it such, after seeing you two sail through the air in our arms, for you must know that we had you in our arms, and would not let you go until we reached the sphere, where we found a nice greensward to rest upon.

I must stop writing a description of this, or I may forget myself and continue longer than I should; just have a little patience and I will soon come and give you a full description. We will commence to write earlier in the evening and provide that there shall be no interference by other spirits.

Tell my dear that I love him very much, and will go home with him and let him feel my presence. 

So I will not write more now, and after I get my kisses, will say good night.


December 28th, 1916
Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Father.

I desire to write a few lines to my son as I see that he is in a condition that makes any communication from us very desirable to him.

*I want to tell him that I am very happy and am progressing very rapidly and will soon, I hope, be with his mother when my happiness will be complete for my love for her is so very  great that I am happy beyond desire when I am with her. This is a reality, and I know for I am with her at times, and feel the certainty of the truth of what I say. She is very happy also, and so are his sisters, who are here now, and who are with him so often and who would like to come in closer contact with his brothers and sisters of earth, if they would only believe that their spirit sisters so desire to make their presence felt.

But their want of belief and of desire to have their spirit sisters with them prevent a rapport being made, which is necessary  for the enjoyment of the close communion that I speak of.

Tell my son that I enjoyed his visit (to the spirit world)  a few nights ago and was sorry when he had to return to his body. We were all there and talked with him, and made him realize what beautiful homes we have, and the wonderful happiness that is ours. This is not mere imagination, or tale of magic, for he was actually with us, and saw and felt our spirit bodies and also experienced the  atmosphere of love that he ran into. Of course his soulmate  had him most of the time of his visit to herself, but she was very generous and told us to enjoy his presence to our hearts content, but, of course, we understood and withdrew.

I imagine that he may not quite believe all that he saw, but I want to assure him, with all the love of a father, that it is a fact, and that sometime I hope he may have a recollection of some of his experiences, and I know that he will.

Well, I must not write more now, except to say, that he must continue to pray and believe in the  divine love of the Father, for I can assure him that it is the one grand thing that makes angels  of spirits; and soon I hope to be one of the angels, as his mother now is.

So with my love I will say goodnight,

William Stone

December 28th, 1916
Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here. Judge Syrick:

Well, my friend, how are you this Christmas time and how is the Doctor? Of course I know full well, but I adopt the old earth way of greeting you both.

It has been sometime since I wrote you or had the pleasure of talking to you at Mrs. Ripple's, and I am glad of the opportunity to now say a few words.

Well, when I think of all the things that have happened since I left the mortal life and you two friends, I can scarcely comprehend what it all means. Here, I am a spirit who has found the love of the Father to a small extent, and enjoys the heavens which I used to wonder what it was like, and the company of a dear girl that I used to talk to you about as if I really knew her, and I did really believe in her existence, as my Rose. And you two who have found this love that you used to tell me about, and I didn't understand what you meant. You have your soulmates just as truly as I have mine, although the Doctor has never seen his, at least with his mortal eyes.

But I want to say, right here, with all the sincerity of old friendship, that your soulmates are just as real as is mine, and are with you just as certainly as mine is with me. As your friend, I think it is my duty as well as pleasure, to assure you as a witness bound to you by the bonds of the Divine Love, that both Helen and Mary are the spirits in all communications that they hare written you of.

Well, I can hardly realize that all this is true, but I don't have to prick myself to feel that I am not dreaming, and I am glad for your sakes as well as for mine.

I happened to be present a few nights ago when your two soulmates came sailing, as you might say, with the spirits of you two into our spirit sphere, and I must confess that I was surprised for I did not dream that such a thing could be. And you were there and I shook hands with you and greeted you and twitted you on being in possession of two such spirits as were they, and told you that they would never let you - return to earth, and you said you were glad of it.

Now seriously, this is not a fairy tale, and I assure you in all truth that it is a fact.

I, of course. did not stay with you very long, but you both expressed surprise that I should be such a handsome spirit, and I said I would return the compliment.

Well, there are stranger things in heaven and earth than men dream of in their philosophies and I know that this experience of yours is not among the least strange.

I am very happy now, and am progressing all the time, and I must tell you that you may, at times, experience some of this soul happiness, but when you come over you will find such happiness very faint in comparison with what you will then enjoy.

I must not write further now and will close, but in doing so must congratulate you on the great privilege you have enjoying the presence of your soulmates, and other spirit friends in this heaven of bliss, and while you are mortals.

So with my love, and Rose says hers too, I will say goodnight.

Your old friend,


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