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Dr. Daniels gives his conclusion of the messages from Jesus

Dr. Daniel G. Samuels

Whatever one may believe regarding the source of the Messages from Jesus and Celestials, the contents are so new and revolutionary, yet so compelling by their logic and sublime simplicity, that a serious study of them must be undertaken in order to comprehend their significance and challenge.

In these messages Jesus of Nazareth stands forth as the Master of what he calls the Celestial Heavens, wherein only those spirits possessed of the New Birth through prayer to the Father for His Divine Love can dwell in light and happiness, and conscious of their immortality through their at-onement with Him in soul nature.

If these messages are authentic as coming from Jesus and his celestial spirits, then mankind has at last been given the true mission which Jesus proclaimed on earth. This mission taught the transformation of man's soul from the image of God--the work of the original creation--into the very essence of God through the bestowal of the Father's Love upon whomsoever should seek that Love in earnest longing.

It revealed that Jesus himself first manifested the Father's Love in his soul, thus making him at one with the Father in nature and giving him that clear consciousness of his kinship with the Father and his immortality of soul. It showed that in this development of soul Jesus was indeed his Father's true Son, not in the metaphysical and mysterious way of a hypothetical virgin birth, but through the Holy Spirit, that agency of the Father which conveys His Love into the souls of His creatures who seek it in earnest prayer.

It brings to light that Jesus was born of Mary and Joseph, of human parents like other human beings, but that he was none the less the Messiah promised to the Hebrews and to mankind in the Old Testament. For wherever he taught the "glad tidings" that God's Love was available, and that it was this Love which bestowed immortality upon the soul filled with this Love, Jesus brought with him the nature of God--the Kingdom of God. 

At the same time Jesus tells us that neither was he God, nor was his mother Mary the mother of God, nor a virgin after her marriage to Joseph, but that she was in truth the mother of eight children, of which he was the eldest, and that he had four brothers and three sisters in the flesh, and not cousins, as some versions of the Bible relate.

In addition, he relates that he did not come to die on a cross, nor did, or does, his shed blood bring remission of sins. He also shatters the time honored statements now found in the New Testament that he ever instituted a bread and wine sacrament on the eve of his arrest at the Last Supper. 

This pious statement, he declares, was never his, nor did any of his apostles or disciples ever teach it, but was inserted about a century later so that such a doctrine might accord with the ideas then prevalent among the Greek converts to Christianity. Communion with the Heavenly Father can never take place through the mistaken notion that he had to be impaled on a cross by Roman soldiers, on the order of Pilate, the Procurator of Judaea, and in accord with the uncomprehending high priests, so that he could appear as a sacrifice for sin.

There is no sacrifice for sin, affirms Jesus, and his dried up blood cannot do what only man himself must do, by turning in repentance and prayer to the Heavenly Father, to effect that change in his heart whereby his soul will give up evil and sin, and embrace what is righteous. 

The Father's help in the elimination of sin from the human soul is His Divine Love which, on entering the soul through prayer, removes sin and error from that soul and provides not only purification but its transformation into a divine soul, at-one with the Father's great soul in nature. This real communion, which Jesus himself had achieved, is, he declares, the only communion between God and His children, which He has provided for their salvation and eternal life with Him.

The vicarious atonement, Jesus states, is a myth, and its appearance in the New Testament is one of many false statements inserted therein to make it harmonize with later concepts concerning his relationship to the Father, which these later Greek and Roman copyists did not understand. It is a terrible thing to believe that God, in order to bring about His Son's sacrifice, approved the unlawful arrest of Jesus on the Passover, the bloody scourges, the treachery of Judas, the palpably unfair trial by high priests and Sanhedrinites, as well as Pilate's fear of Judaean revolt against Roman rule, to encompass the inhuman death of Jesus, His Messiah, on a cross. As though God needed to bring about through wickedness and sin the very wickedness and sin He seeks to blot out in His children.

In the light of these messages, a new interpretation of Jesus' death on the cross is certainly in order. We are told by the orthodox churches that Jesus gave himself up willingly as a sacrifice for sin because he loved humanity to the degree of self sacrifice, and because as the Messiah he had come for that purpose.

He is supposed to take the place of the Hebrew sacrifice, the lamb, and he is called in the New Testament the Lamb of God. As a matter of fact, the Old Testament sacrifice of an animal was never intended to take away sin, and this is shown by the fact that although these sacrifices were not permitted during the Babylonian captivity, the people still put their faith in redemption through turning away from sin and seeking God through a life of moral and ethical conduct.

Jesus did sacrifice himself, indeed, but in a way never related or understood by the writers of the New Testament.

Jesus went to his death because he would not deny his mission: that, as the first human to attain through prayer an immortal soul filled with the essence of the Father--the Divine Love--he was in this way the first true son of God and therefore the Messiah.

Jesus could have saved his life if he had retracted at his trial, but he died because he remained true to himself, true to his Messiahship, and true to the Father who had sent him.

Jesus sacrificed his whole life preaching the Father's Love: he gave up home, his chance to marry and have a family of his own, a chance to devote himself to the quiet pursuits of a Nazarene carpenter.

Instead, he chose the hatred and opposition of those who understood not and preferred the status quo; he chose the incomprehension of his loved ones, who considered him mad and sought to have him leave Galilee.

He chose constant travels and journeys, so that often he had no place to lay his head; he chose to preach in the Temple at Jerusalem, chase the money lenders, defy the conspiracy of those who sought his death, and bravely faced the consequences of what he knew must inevitably occur.

Yes, Jesus did sacrifice himself, but it is high time to put aside myth and metaphysics, and to know and to realize what that sacrifice consists of. When we understand his sacrifice, then Jesus stands forth in all his greatness, in all his courage, in all his serenity and forgiveness and love for mankind, with his absolute faith in the Father and His Love, in that day of his teaching, tribulation, and death.

Jesus tells us many things about himself and his life in the Holy Land. He states that the Bible story of his birth, minus the many supernatural elements in it, is substantially true, and that he was born in Bethlehem, taken by his parents to Egypt to avoid destruction by Herod, that the Wise Men did come from the East to pay him homage and that he was taught the elements of the Hebrew faith from teachers; but that it was the Father Himself who taught him the truth of the Divine Love and made him realize what his mission was.

He tells us that John the Baptist,his cousin, was a great psychic and had some understanding of him as the Messiah and that both planned the Master's public ministry. He states that John never sent emissaries when in prison to be reassured that Jesus was "Him whom we seek," and that Jesus as a boy of twelve never appeared before the doctors of the Law in the Temple at Jerusalem.

Jesus also tells about some of the miracles which he performed. Most of these, he explains, dealt with his healing power; but that he never raised Lazarus or anyone else from the dead, nor has anyone else been able to do so, regardless of what the Scriptures say, for the spirit body cannot return to the flesh once the physical conditions of life have been destroyed. He also relates that he never quieted a storm by rebuking the waves on the Sea of Galilee, but that he did calm the fears of the disciples with him through his example of courage and assurance.

Some of the greatest messages which, to my mind, Jesus and some of the high spirits write are those connected with the Master's resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion.

Jesus informs Mr. Padgett that he did die on the cross and that he did appear to Peter, John, Mary Magdalene and his mother on the third day, but that the true explanation of this occurrence is quite different from the accepted views of the churches.

Here, Jesus is supposed to reveal his divinity by arising from the dead; but actually, Jesus' soul never died, as no man's soul dies with physical death, and the Master goes on to state that, with the power inherent in his soul with the Divine Love, he simply dematerialized his mortal frame, announced in the Spirit World the availability of Immortality to mortals and spirits through the Father's Love which he was the first to manifest, and then on the third day materialized a body like flesh and blood drawn from the elements of the universe; and that it was in this materialized body, which he was able to assume without mediumistic aid, that he appeared to Mary Magdalene and the others.

It is the reason, he states, why Mary did not at first recognize him and thought him to be the gardener and the same may be said of his disciples at Emmaus.

The great misconception of Christians of all ages has been to believe that Jesus revealed himself to be part of the godhead by this resurrection; that is to say, rising from the dead, but actually his feat consisted in the assumption of a flesh-like body, indeed, so real, as to convince even the doubting Thomas.

Dr. Daniel G. Samuels

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jesus disputes that he is God or that he was a sacrifice for the sins of man

January 10th, 1916
Received by:James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come to-night to tell you of a truth which is important to all mankind, and which I desire that you receive just as I write it, so give your best care to receiving just what I shall attempt to write.

I have read with you to-night many sayings contained in the alleged epistles of Paul and Peter, and I realize that they do not seem to be consistent with the truth that has been declared to you by myself and by the apostles who have written to you, and I desire that you shall understand some of these inconsistencies and discard from  your mind these sayings of the epistles wherever they do not agree with what we have written or what we shall write.

In the first place, the continual reference of these epistles to my being God is all wrong and must not be believed; also the statement that my blood washes away sin or that I died on the cross for the salvation of men, or that I took  upon myself the sins of mankind and thereby relieved them from the burden of their sins, and the punishment which 
they must suffer in expiation of their evil deeds and thoughts.

Again, when it said, that from the beginning the Father had foreordained my death on the cross that man might be redeemed from the penalties of sin in all men who lived thereafter, are all wrong and have no foundation as facts in the plan of God for the salvation of man and the restoring of the harmony of His universe and the eradication
 of all sin and error from the world.

Neither Paul nor Peter wrote these things, and never did I teach them, for they are not in accord with the great plan of salvation; and the further away will be the realization by them of the truth of the only plan the Father has provided for their redemption, which I came to earth to declare and explain to my apostles first, and then to the whole world.

In these epistles too much emphasis is given to the importance of faith and works. I mean faith in the mere beliefs  which these epistles taught followed by works - and not enough importance to the foundation truth of man's redemption from sin and becoming reconciled to the Father. I mean the New Birth by the inflowing into their souls of the Divine Love of the Father's through the ministrations of the Holy Spirit.

Many of their teachings as to man's conduct towards man and as to the lives that the recipients of these truths should lead as effecting their own purification and becoming in a condition of righteousness, are true, and are as applicable to the conduct and living of men today as they were in the days in which the apostles taught. But when the epistles teach or lead men in any particular to understand that these, what may be called merely moral principles, will enable a man by their observance, to enter into the Kingdom of God, or the Celestial Kingdom, they are false and misleading, and men when they become spirits will realize that while leading the lives which these  teachings call them to lead, they will become very happy and occupy conditions and positions in the spirit world that  will make their happiness far superior to that which they enjoy on earth and even enable them to become occupants of  higher spiritual spheres; yet they will never be permitted to enter the Kingdom of the Father, which can only be attained to by the possession of Divine Love.

So I say, men must understand and realize the difference between the results to them from leading merely good and  moral lives which affect and develop the natural love and those results which ensue from the New Birth.

I have attempted to explain to you why the great and important truth of my mission to earth, as I explained it to  my apostles, and as was taught by them and written by them, was not preserved and contained in the Bible as now written and accepted by the church as canonical.

The great desire in those days was to show and impress upon men those teachings which affected their conduct on earth, and to hold out to them the rewards that would follow
such living, and also the rewards which would follow their lives in the spirit world which would become their homes after death. And, as I have said, the leading of lives in accordance with these teachings would ensure men  a great happiness in the spirit world, but not the happiness which my teachings, if observed, would lead to.

In the various copyings and compilations of the writings of the apostles many changes from the originals were made, and those persons who performed this work, and I mean by this the dignitaries and rulers of the church, did not know the difference between those things which would bring about a purification of the natural love, and those things 
which were necessary to fit a soul for entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. And hence, when they came to perform this work they made the error of teaching that the living of the moral life would entitle the soul to a reward which they supposed, would be the Kingdom of Heaven and immortality.

And this erroneous teaching has prevented many a man from gaining the right to the Kingdom of Heaven, as they honestly and sincerely believed would be theirs, when they came to pass into the spirit world.

Many of these teachings are intended to make a reformation in the lives of men and to purge their souls from sin and error so far as the natural love forms a part of the condition of the soul; and I taught these moral truths to a very  large extent, for such teachings were necessary, because men's will were out of harmony with God's laws, which affected
the natural love, as well as out of harmony with the laws that affected the Divine Love of the Father; and it is the object and plan of God to bring into harmony both of these loves, and thereby enable man to enjoy those things which are provided and waiting for him.

As I said when on earth, "Narrow is the way and strait is the gate which leads to life everlasting and few there be that enter therein," I repeat now; for it is apparent from the observation of the way in which mankind from the beginning have exercised their wills, which God leaves free to their own volition, that a vast majority of men will never enter in at the strait gate, but be contented to live in the spheres and happiness which their natural love, in its perfect state and progress, will fit them for.

That all men will ultimately be brought into harmony with God, in either the natural love or in the Higher One, is certain, and that all sin and error will finally be eradicated from God's universe is decreed, but the time will depend to a great extent, upon the wills and desires of men, and, hence, while my great mission in coming to earth and teaching men, was to show the way to the Celestial Kingdom, yet a lesser part of my mission was to teach them a way to their redemption from sin and error that would result in the purification of the natural love; and to my great regret and to the untold injury to man, my moral teachings were more at large set forth in portions of the Bible, as now accepted, than were my teachings of the Higher Truths.

I will not write more to-night but will continue later.

Well my dear brother, I see that you are in a much better condition spiritually than you have been for some time, and you must thank the Father for it. Your conception of last night's experience is true, and you received a wonderful amount of the Divine Love, and I was was with you in love and blessing.

So continue to pray and trust in the Father and you will realize a wonderful happiness and power and peace.

I must stop now.
Your brother and friend,


Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Magical Power of the Father's Divine Love

January 6th, 1918
Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.:

I am here, Jesus.

Well my brother, I am glad to tell you that your communion with the Father tonight has been responded to. His love has inflowed into your soul in great abundance. 

His Holy Spirit has been bringing the Love in wonderful abundance and your soul is now filled with it, and the influence of this Great Love is working in your soul, and you realize its presence.

If you will meditate and long for and pray to the Father as you have tonight, your soul will soon be so filled with this Love that you will receive the knowledge, that you have a near at-onement with Him, and you will be conscious of the possession of a part of His Divinity, of which we have written you. 

The Pentecostal shower will come to you as it did to my disciples in the days that followed my departing from them; and I will be with you also just as I was with them, and power and essence divine will be bestowed upon you so that you will be able to display the marvelous presence of this Love just as they were able. 

So you must pray and long, and your experience tonight has given you some foretaste of what will come to you. There is nothing in all the world that can take the place of this Love in its power to draw you near to, and make you in at-onement with the Father.

All beliefs and faiths in any and every other thing will not suffice. Sacrifice and sorrow on account of sin and vicarious sufferings and mediators, will not work the transformation, because it is solely a conjunction between this divine love and your soul, that is capable of bringing you into this relationship to the Father, and the resultant consciousness that you have partaken of and possess, to some extent, His Divine nature in Love.

Now you are in condition that makes my rapport with you complete, and I have that possession of your brain that enables me to write as I may desire, and I know that I could convey a message to you tonight in a most satisfactory way; but I will not do so, for I think it best to permit the rapport to become a little more intense, and thus enable me to write a long message without the probability of tiring you; for as you know these messages of deep truths such as the ones on the "Soul" and "God" necessarily cause me to draw very intensely on your brain power.

But soon now, I will come and commence to deliver my messages and continue to do so if our rapport can be maintained. And it can be, if you will only meditate and pray as you have done tonight.

I have been with you very much today, entering into your thoughts and endeavoring to influence the longings of your soul. I was with you at the spiritualist's meeting and sometime I will write you in reference to the claims of the speaker, and the real facts as to how much of what she said was inspired, or as she claims, was spoken through her by a controlling spirit.

I now want you to think more than ever of the importance of your work and of the necessity for you putting all your energies and desires into the work. No one can conceive of what it means, and above all you must realize its great importance and the place that you occupy in carrying it to a successful issue.

I will be with you very often and I know that you will feel my presence and influence, and, as you do, turn all your thoughts to the Father's Love, and let all your longings go to Him.

Tonight, I will not write more, but will soon write as I have said. Have faith and know that you have been selected to do the work, and that upon you rests the responsibility that is upon no other man.

With my love and the Father's blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,


Sunday, January 1, 2017

From Jesus one hundred years ago

January 2nd, 1917
Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have been present as you read the article on Christian Science and was interested in your comments, and am pleased to assure you that your annotations were correct, and that in the particulars that you criticized the statements of the writer the same were erroneous and not in accord with the spiritual laws of truth and the understanding thereof.

Sometime I will come and write you a message at some length on the doctrines of Christian Science, for the reason that I think a correction of the claims of this cult is very important.

The doctrines that it proclaims to the world contain many truths and are beneficial to mankind, and are doing much good, both spiritually and physically, but some of the claims are so much in violation of the truth that they must not be permitted to pass as truths uncontradicted.

The founder of this science or discovery, as her writings and followers claim, is here now, and deplores the fact that she left to the world so many false and misconceived concepts of the truth that so many persons believe and teach. She is a spirit of much soul development, and is in possession of much of the Divine Love, which she did not conceive the meaning of by her carnal mind, as she called it, and was not therefore able to teach what this Divine Love is, and its operations upon the souls of men, and the effect of its presence in such souls.

She never conceived any higher ideal for man than the perfect man. One who should become wholly delivered from the sins and errors which all men have to a more or less extent. And her teachings that sin and error and disease are not things of reality, because God did not create them, are all wrong, for they have a reality that not only makes men unhappy and causes them suffering in the mortal life, but also prevents their progress towards her ideal of the perfect man in the spirit world.

God only is good, and everything that He created is necessarily good, and cannot contain that which is evil or in conflict with His creations; but, as we have explained to you, while He created man perfect, knowing only good, yet He bestowed upon him that great power of free will, and after his disobedience, he exercised it in such a way that he violated the laws of his being, and sin and error resulted - this made man the creator of evil.

Mary Baker Eddy
Mrs. Eddy will write you very soon on the subject of her Science, as she is very anxious to remedy the errors that she taught, and we have determined that it is advisable that she do so, on account both of her followers and her own account, for her work here and so far as possible in the mortal world, is to unteach, as it were, the errors that she taught.

I expected to write my message, or rather finish the message which I partly wrote a few nights ago, but you are not just in condition to receive it, and I prefer waiting until you feel better in this respect.

I am glad that you are so much interested in that message, and when you receive it, I don't think that you will be disappointed, for as you say, the subject is the one fundamental truth to be made known to mortals. I will deal with it in all its phases, and you must try to get in the best possible condition to receive it.

Well, I do not think that that will be necessary for there will be such powers present, that the presence of any mortal and the favorable influences that he may attract will not afford any assistance to you.

You must know that I have greater power than all the other spirits have, and when I come to you the assistance of the powers of any other spirit is not needed. If you will only get your soul in the best condition possible, so that I can make the proper rapport, nothing else will be needed.

I will not write more tonight. I love you very much and am with you quite frequently, throwing around you my love and influence, and trying to help you develop your soul condition and become in greater at-onement with the Father.

Yes, I have kept my promises, and when you call for me to come with you and pray, I come, and send up my earnest supplications in your behalf, and I know that the Father answers my prayers, not only because of the faith that I have, but because I can see the effect in your soul's condition.

Well, you must not think that I am God or one of the Godhead, for as I have told you, I am only His son, and the possessor of so much of His Divine Love that I get very close to Him, and have communion.

I have my home in the Highest Heaven, that the spirit of man has not yet so far reached, but, notwithstanding, I am not of so exalted a condition, or in such position, that I do not come to you in love and sympathy and as your elder brother. 

In my exaltation, I am most humble, and I must tell you that humility is a certain and eternal accompaniment of great spiritual and soul development.

And because I am the highest of the Father's sons, you must not doubt that I come to you, and deliver my messages and pray for you and throw around you my love and influence.

I have explained to you the great reason why I am doing this, and this reason is one that involves the salvation and good of all mankind, and you. I will tell you now that you are engaged and made a co-worker with me, and the spirits who write you, in the greatest work that any spirit or man can engage in. And I want further to say, that you will accomplish the work, and successfully; and when the time comes for you to lay down this work and come to the spirit world, your reward will be beyond all conception, and your happiness will be complete.

I see that you have in your mind the thought as to what will be the future of your two friends. Well, they will perform their work and it will be a great and important work, that will bring them a reward similar to the one that is in store for you; and this reward is not the result of any special dispensation of the Father, but is the result of the work and the associations and experience that you all will have in doing and completing the tasks that are before you.

You, and they too, are now doing a work which is laying up rewards in the spirit world for you when you come over, and not only there but you are now experiencing some of the benefits that flow from your work. Continue in the efforts that you are making to show spirits and mortals the way to the Father's Love and my Kingdom, and you will find a wonderful reflex happiness come to you while you are yet mortals.

If you men could realize the love and spiritual influences, and the number of highly developed spirits that are with you so often, and the efforts the latter make to help you and bring happiness to you, you would feel that you are the truly blessed of the Father.

Well, I must stop now. Remember what I have said and believe that I am,

Your brother and friend,


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mary takes Leslie on a trip to the Spirit World, one hundred years ago.

December 28th, 1916

Spirit Photo of Mary standing
 behind  Leslie. Her aura blotted
 out part of his face.
Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Well, if he had thought of me as much as he should, he would have guessed without any difficulty. 

It just shows you how little you can depend upon the men who profess to love you.

This is what I might say if I were a mortal, but being a spirit and able to see into his heart, I know that he loves me as I do him.

I have been waiting for these other spirits to write before I attempted to say a few words, and by the way let me say that all who wrote tonight are really the spirits that they represented themselves to be. 

If it were not so late, and you were not so tired, I would write a long letter and tell you of our frolic at Christmas Eve, when you came with us to our homes in the spirit world for the time being and partook of  all the love and greetings that awaited you.

As Mr. Stone wrote, there were many spirits present, and all were very happy in having you both with us, and the Judge especially enjoyed it after he got over his fright, if I may call it such, after seeing you two sail through the air in our arms, for you must know that we had you in our arms, and would not let you go until we reached the sphere, where we found a nice greensward to rest upon.

I must stop writing a description of this, or I may forget myself and continue longer than I should; just have a little patience and I will soon come and give you a full description. We will commence to write earlier in the evening and provide that there shall be no interference by other spirits.

Tell my dear that I love him very much, and will go home with him and let him feel my presence. 

So I will not write more now, and after I get my kisses, will say good night.


December 28th, 1916
Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Father.

I desire to write a few lines to my son as I see that he is in a condition that makes any communication from us very desirable to him.

*I want to tell him that I am very happy and am progressing very rapidly and will soon, I hope, be with his mother when my happiness will be complete for my love for her is so very  great that I am happy beyond desire when I am with her. This is a reality, and I know for I am with her at times, and feel the certainty of the truth of what I say. She is very happy also, and so are his sisters, who are here now, and who are with him so often and who would like to come in closer contact with his brothers and sisters of earth, if they would only believe that their spirit sisters so desire to make their presence felt.

But their want of belief and of desire to have their spirit sisters with them prevent a rapport being made, which is necessary  for the enjoyment of the close communion that I speak of.

Tell my son that I enjoyed his visit (to the spirit world)  a few nights ago and was sorry when he had to return to his body. We were all there and talked with him, and made him realize what beautiful homes we have, and the wonderful happiness that is ours. This is not mere imagination, or tale of magic, for he was actually with us, and saw and felt our spirit bodies and also experienced the  atmosphere of love that he ran into. Of course his soulmate  had him most of the time of his visit to herself, but she was very generous and told us to enjoy his presence to our hearts content, but, of course, we understood and withdrew.

I imagine that he may not quite believe all that he saw, but I want to assure him, with all the love of a father, that it is a fact, and that sometime I hope he may have a recollection of some of his experiences, and I know that he will.

Well, I must not write more now, except to say, that he must continue to pray and believe in the  divine love of the Father, for I can assure him that it is the one grand thing that makes angels  of spirits; and soon I hope to be one of the angels, as his mother now is.

So with my love I will say goodnight,

William Stone

December 28th, 1916
Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here. Judge Syrick:

Well, my friend, how are you this Christmastime and how is the Doctor? Of course I know full well, but I adopt the old earth way of greeting you both.

It has been sometime since I wrote you or had the pleasure of talking to you at Mrs. Ripple's, and I am glad of the opportunity to now say a few words.

Well, when I think of all the things that have happened since I left the mortal life and you two friends, I can scarcely comprehend what it all means. Here, I am a spirit who has found the love of the Father to a small extent, and enjoys the heavens which I used to wonder what it was like, and the company of a dear girl that I used to talk to you about as if I really knew her, and I did really believe in her existence, as my Rose. And you two who have found this love that you used to tell me about, and I didn't understand what you meant. You have your soulmates just as truly as I have mine, although the Doctor has never seen his, at least with his mortal eyes.

But I want to say, right here, with all the sincerity of old friendship, that your soulmates are just as real as is mine, and are with you just as certainly as mine is with me. As your friend, I think it is my duty as well as pleasure, to assure you as a witness bound to you by the bonds of the Divine Love, that both Helen and Mary are the spirits in all communications that they hare written you of.

Well, I can hardly realize that all this is true, but I don't have to prick myself to feel that I am not dreaming, and I am glad for your sakes as well as for mine.

I happened to be present a few nights ago when your two soulmates came sailing, as you might say, with the spirits of you two into our spirit sphere, and I must confess that I was surprised for I did not dream that such a thing could be. And you were there and I shook hands with you and greeted you and twitted you on being in possession of two such spirits as were they, and told you that they would never let you - return to earth, and you said you were glad of it.

Now seriously, this is not a fairy tale, and I assure you in all truth that it is a fact.

I, of course. did not stay with you very long, but you both expressed surprise that I should be such a handsome spirit, and I said I would return the compliment.

Well, there are stranger things in heaven and earth than men dream of in their philosophies and I know that this experience of yours is not among the least strange.

I am very happy now, and am progressing all the time, and I must tell you that you may, at times, experience some of this soul happiness, but when you come over you will find such happiness very faint in comparison with what you will then enjoy.

I must not write further now and will close, but in doing so must congratulate you on the great privilege you have enjoying the presence of your soulmates, and other spirit friends in this heaven of bliss, and while you are mortals.

So with my love, and Rose says hers too, I will say goodnight.

Your old friend,


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jesus writes a prayer for the Father's Divine Love

December 2nd, 1916
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I merely want to say a word for the benefit of you and your friend, and that is, that I have listened to your conversation to-night, and find that it is in accord with the truth; and the influence of the Spirit is with you both.

Continue in your line of thought and in prayer to the Father, and, also, in your making known to others, whenever the opportunity arises, the importance of seeking for and getting the Divine Love.

As your friend said, the only prayer that is necessary is the prayer for the inflowing of this Love; all other forms, or real aspirations, of prayer are secondary, and of themselves, will not tend to produce this love in the souls of men.

Let your prayer be as follows: 
Our Father, who art in heaven, we recognize:
That Thou Art all holy and loving and merciful, and that we are thy children and not the subservient, sinful and depraved creatures that our false teachers would have us believe.
That we are the greatest of Thy creations and the most wonderful of all Thy handiworks, and the objects of Thy great Soul's love and tenderest care.
That Thy will is that we become at one with Thee and partake of Thy great love which Thou hast bestowed upon us through Thy mercy and desire that we become, in truth, Thy children through love and not through the sacrifice and death of any of Thy creatures.
We pray that Thou will open up our souls to the inflowing of Thy love, and that then may come Thy holy spirit to bring into our souls, this, Thy divine love in great abundance until our souls shall be transformed into the very essence of Thyself; and that there may come to us faith--such faith as will cause us to realize that we are truly Thy children and one with Thee in very substance and not in image only.
Let us have such faith as will cause us to know that Thou art our Father the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that only we, ourselves, can prevent Thy love changing us from the mortal to the immortal.
Let us never cease to realize that Thy love is waiting for each and all of us, and that when we come to Thee in faith and earnest aspirations, Thy love will never be withholden from us.
Keep us in the shadow of Thy love every hour and moment of our lives, and help us to overcome all temptations of the flesh and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround us and endeavor to turn our thoughts away from Thee to the pleasures and allurements of this world.
We thank Thee for Thy love and for the privilege of receiving it, and we believe that Thou art our Father--the loving Father who smiles upon us in our weakness, and is always ready to help us and take us to Thy arms of love.
We pray thus with all the earnestness and sincere longings of our soul, and trusting in Thy love give Thee all the glory and honor and love that our finite souls can give.                   


This is the only prayer that men need offer to the Father. It is the only one that appeals to the love of the Father, and with the answer, which will surely come, will come all the blessings that men may need, and which the Father sees are for the good of His creatures.

I am in very great rapport with you to-night, and see that the Father's love is with you, and that your souls are hungry for more.

So, my brothers, continue to pray and have faith, and in the end will come a bestowal of the love like unto that which came to the Apostles at Pentecost.

I will not write more now.

In leaving you, I will leave my love and blessings and the assurance that I pray to the Father for your happiness and love.


Your brother and friend,


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Joy To The World

Jesus tells the story of his life on earth

“I was born in Bethlehem, as you know, in a manger, and when I was a few days old my parents took me to Egypt, in order to avoid the soldiers of Herod who were sent to destroy me, and who did kill a great number of male infants of less than two years of age.”

“The Bible story of my birth and the flight of my parents and the murder of the innocents, is substantially correct; and I only wish to add to it, that when my parents arrived in Bethlehem they were not compelled to seek the manger of a stable in order that I might be born, on account of poverty, for they were supplied with funds and everything that was needed to make my birth comfortable for my mother; and as a matter of fact my father was not poor in the world's goods as poverty was considered in those days.”

“The Bible says the wise men came and brought offerings of gold and frankincense to my parents, or rather to me, but my parents have told me that it did not amount to so very much, so far as the money value of the same was concerned, and that their expenses of fleeing to Egypt was met by the funds that my father had prior to his reaching Bethlehem.”

“After they arrived in Egypt my father sought the home of a Jew, who was his relative, and lived there for a long time, doing the work that his trade fitted him to do; and by his work supported the family, and to an extent, educated myself and my brothers and sisters, for I had four brothers and three sisters, and were all, except myself, born in Egypt.”

“When I became of proper age, I attended the common school provided for small children, and was taught those things that had to do with the religion of the Jews, and some things that were not religious in their nature. I was never taught the philosophy of the Egyptians or of the other pagan philosophies; and when it is stated that I received my religious ideas or moral teachings from any of these philosophers, they are mistaken.”

“My education as to these matters of religion was derived from the teachings of the Old Testament, or rather from Jewish teachers whose text book was the Old Testament.”

“My development in the knowledge of the truths which I taught during my public ministry, was caused by my inner spiritual faculties, and my teacher was God, who, through His angels and through my soul perceptions, caused to come to me those truths or rather the knowledge of them, and in no other way did I obtain it.”

“I was not born with the knowledge that I was the son of God sent to earth to teach these great truths or to announce to mankind the rebestowal of the great gift of immortality and the means of acquiring it but this knowledge of my mission came to me after I became a man and had the frequent communions with God by my spiritual senses.”

“I was never in the presence of the Jewish priests, expounding to them the law and asking questions when about twelve years of age, as stated in the Bible, and not before my first appearance, after I became a man did I attempt to show priest or layman, that I was the messenger of the Father, and sent by Him to proclaim the glad tidings of immortality restored and of the great love of the Father which was necessary to make all men at one with Him, and to give them a home in His Kingdom.”

“I never was a sinful boy or man, and did not know what sin was in my heart; and strange as it may seem, I never sought to teach others these truths until after my mission was declared by John the Baptist.”

“In my boyhood days I was the same as other boys and engaged in the plays of childhood and had the feelings of a child, and never thought I was anything else than a child. In no wise was I different from other children, except in the particular that l have named, and any account of me to the contrary is untrue.”

“My teachings were those that the Father had committed to me from the beginning, but which I was only conscious of after I became a close communicant of the Father, and learned from Him my mission.”

“So you must believe that I was a son of man as well as a son of God, and that in the literal sense. I would not have been true to my mission had I claimed that I was the only son of God, for it is not true - and men should not so teach it.”

“I know it was said that my mother was told of the object of my birth and what a blessed woman she was, but this is not true. My mother, as she has told me, had no reason to suppose that I was different from other children born of men. The story of the Angel of God coming to her and telling her that she must submit to the birth of a child who would be begotten by God or by His Holy Spirit, and that she, as a virgin, should bear and give birth to that child, is not true, for she never in all her life told me that she had any such visitor; and I know that she would be as much surprised, as are many men, that such a thing as the birth of a child by a virgin could take place. So you see the Bible account of my being begotten and all the attending circumstances are not true.”

“My father, Joseph, never supposed at anytime that I was not his child, and the story of the angel coming to him and telling him that he must not put her away because of appearance is not, true, because he never in all my conversations with him, intimated that I was other than his own child.”

“Between the time that I was twelve years of age and my public ministry, I lived at home with my parents, and assisted my father in his business of carpenter, and during all this time no hint ever fell from him that I was not his child, or that I was different from other children, except that I did not do sinful things.”

“When I commenced to get this divine love into my soul, I became very close to the Father, and this relationship resulted in my realizing that I was sent by God with a mission to perform and a great and important truth to declare; and, at last the voice in my soul told me that I was my Father's true son and I believed it, and commenced to teach and preach the truths of His love bestowed and the salvation of men.”

“I knew John the Baptist when I was a child growing up. He was my cousin and we often played together, and afterwards discussed the truth of my mission and the way in which it should be made known to the world.”

“John was a great psychic and saw in his vision who I was and what my mission on earth was, and, hence, when the time came, he made the announcement of my coming. He realized the difference in our missions, and spoke of his not being worthy to unloosen my shoes. But, yet, he did not fully understand my mission and the great truth of the bestowal of immortality upon man by the Father.”

“I first became the Christ when I was anointed by my Father, and that occurred at the time of my baptism by John.”

“I as Christ am different from myself as Jesus. Christ means that principle which the Father has conferred upon me, which made me at one with Him in the possession of this great love. Christ is that love itself made manifest in me as man. This Christ principle is universal and is everywhere, just as is the Holy Spirit, but I am limited in my place of occupancy just as you are.”

“I never as Jesus merely, promised the great gift, mentioned in the Bible, such as, where two or three are gathered together there will I be also; for it would be impossible for me to be in all places at the same time. But Christ, being without form or limitation, is omnipresent and, consequently, may fulfill my promise in this regard. Christ is as much alive today as ever. He was never crucified and never died as did Jesus.”

Your Brother and Friend


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone.

 I hope you all are keeping warm and cozy where you are!

Jesus first two messages through James Padgett

September 24th, 1914

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Be of good cheer for I am with you always. Do not let your heart fear, for the Lord is your keeper and He will be your guide and shield.

Only believe and trust in Him and you will soon be born again into the spiritual world of His Kingdom. Let me teach you and give you the thoughts that He gave me while on earth.

Let me show you that the things of this world are not the things that save the soul from sin and unhappiness. Be a true follower of your God. The New Birth is the flowing of the Holy Spirit into the soul of a man and the disappearing of all that tended to keep it in a condition of sin and error. It is not the workings of the man's own will but the Grace of God. 

It is the Love of God that passes all understanding. You will soon experience the change, and then you will be a happy man and fit to lead others to the truths of God.

Let your heart be open to the knockings of the Spirit, and keep your mind free from thoughts of sin. Be a man who loves his God and his fellow man. Your love is only now of the earthly kind, but it will soon be of the things spiritual.

You must not let the cares of this world keep you from God. Let His Spirit come into your soul. Your will is the thing that determines whether you will become a child of God or not. Unless you are willing to let the Holy Spirit enter into your heart, it will not do so. Only the voluntary submission to or acceptance of the Holy Spirit will make the change.

I was the instrument in God's hands of leading men to His favor and Love. When I said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," I meant that through my teachings and example men should be able to find God.

I was not God and never claimed to be. The worship of me as a God is blasphemous and I did not teach it. I am a son of God as you are. Do not let the teachings of men lead you to worship me as a God. I am not. The trinity is a mistake of the writers of the bible. There is no trinity - only one God, the Father. He is one and alone. I am His teacher of truth, the Holy Spirit is His messenger and dispenser of Love to mankind. 

We are only His instruments in bringing man to a union with Him. I am not the equal of my Father - He is the only true God. I came from the spirit world to earth and took the form of man, but I did not become a God - only the son of my Father. You also lived as a spirit in that kingdom, and took the form of man merely as a son of your Father. You are the same as I am, except as to spiritual development, and you may become as greatly developed as myself.

I am the only son when on earth who until then had become vested with the Divine love of God to the extent  of being wholly free from sin and error. My life was not a life of earthly pleasure or sin, but was given wholly to my Father's work. I was His only son in that light. He was my Father as I knew Him to be. He is not a spirit of form like myself or yourself.

I was born as you were born. I was the son of Mary and Joseph, and not born of the Holy Spirit as it is written in the Bible. I was only a human being as regards my birth and physical existence. The account in the New Testament is not true, and was written by those who knew not what they wrote. They have done the cause of God's truths much injury. Let not your belief in that error keep you from seeing that my teachings are the truth.

Be only a believer of God and His truths and you will soon be in the Kingdom.

You will soon be able to understand as I understand.

Good night.

Jesus Christ

December 17th, 1914
Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have come to write to you my first message and you are too weak to take it, but I will come again when you are stronger. 

You are not in a condition for me to tell you of what I have to write because you are too much worried by what you think of your earthly affairs. So I want you to let these things pass from you entirely as I cannot give you the thoughts that I desire you to write, until you are wholly free from your earth cares.  Be more faithful and you will be more in condition to do as I desire. I will not come again until you are free from these worries, for you are not in a condition to receive what I wish to write while these worries exist.

   (Unknown question asked by Mr. Padgett)

Yes I know, but you have not succeeded as I can see the condition of your mind and know that you are too much worried by the things that you have been thinking about during the day. You must trust more in the Father.

  (Other  unknown questions)

Yes, I do. So let that question rest.

Yes, I am that Jesus, and the men you have been reading about were my disciples and they are now enjoying the reward which their work and faith entitled them to. They are not in the heavens singing psalms or riding on clouds, as some of the  Christians of the present and past times believe and teach, but are still working for the salvation of human and spirit souls. They are with me still and are doing the same kind of work as when they were on earth.

They did not actually mean that, but spoke only in allegory, and meant that I was in the heavens where they all supposed God to be; but as to my sitting on the right hand of His Throne, that is not true.

I am in a sphere that is of the highest and closest to the fountainhead of God's love, but I am also working to save mankind from their sins, and bring them in unison with God's Love, which is all around men and angels, but not necessarily in or form a part of them.

Only when a soul is filled with this love, can it be said to be in the Kingdom of God. So do not think that because God's Love is all through and around the world that every man is a partaker of it. I tell you that only the man who has received this love into his soul and lets it fill that soul so that there is no room for anything that tends to defile it, can be said to have received salvation or to be at-one with the Father.

You are trying to learn the truth in this regard and are progressing to a degree that you will realize what the New Birth means, and without this New Birth no man can come into the full enjoyment of the Fathers Love or he supremely happy.

Men may when they come into the spirit world think that they are happy by reason of a great moral excellence or because of wonderful mental acquirements, but their happiness is not the kind that the love of God, filling a man's soul, will bring.

So let your faith in the one necessary attainment increase, and when you have realized it to the full, you will be very happy and in God's Kingdom. I must stop writing now, for you are not in condition to write more.

(Question and Answer)

No, I will soon come again, for you will be in condition to receive me. Yes, I will love you with all my heart and let you feel that I am in closer rapport with you and lead you to a greater happiness from now until you can find the more extensive and greater love of the Holy Spirit. It is with you to a large extent now, but not so full as you need.

You are very dear to me and I will never forsake you, so rest in that assurance and I know that you will be happier, for no man has ever yet been in condition of unhappiness who has my love as you now have it. Be only my own true follower and I will be with you to the end.

Your own dear teacher and friend,

Jesus of Nazareth

who was crucified but rose again from the dead,

as you will rise and live again in the Favor and Love of the Father