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Spirit Greetings from Priscilla Stone and his sister Kate and Mary Kennedy

November 23rd, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother:

I want to say one word to my son before you stop writing, as I feel so much love for him tonight and am so anxious to let him know that I am with him and feel that he is my dear loving boy, whom his mother is so much interested in and so thankful to God that he has found the way to the Father's love.

Oh, my boy, if you could only know the happiness that you have given your mother by having sought and found this love of the Father, you will also thank God, that you had the opportunity to make your mother so happy.

I am your own dear mother, and will always love you and pray to the Father for you and for your happiness and well being of your soul. Your sisters are here too, and they are among the redeemed, and enjoy the happiness which the Divine Love gives to them, and they want me to tell you that they are happy too, because you have found the great love and mercy of the Father.

So press forward in your soul development and you will find a wonderful happiness and love, not only on earth, but when you come to us as well.Your Mary loves you too as you know, and her love for you is something wonderful and beyond what we can tell you, and beyond your comprehension.

I will not trespass longer tonight as your friend is tired and should not write much more, but I must say that I am so glad that you met him, and have the benefit of his knowledge and experience of these higher things of the spirit world.

Be always friends and you will both realize a wonderful outflowing of love from the higher spirits, and from the Father, and also from Jesus, who is the most wonderful and loving spirit in all the Celestial Heavens.

I will stop now and in doing so, give you all my love and blessings of a mother whose love is without limit.

Your loving mother,

Priscilla Stone

I want to tell my brother that he must not leave until I tell him that I love him too, and am praying for him with all my heart, and am with him very often trying to help him. So he must believe me and love me too.

I can't write more - but I love him.


Sister Kate

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

November 23rd, 1915
Spirit Photo of Mary Kennedy
taken in 1916 by William Keeler

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

Your wife did not mention my name and so I thought that I would tell you myself, for I am of much importance to my dear as any of them that she mentioned. I wanted to tell him that I am right here and close to him, and won't let even his mother take my place, though I love her very much and she loves me, but she knows that I am entitled to the first place, and that I won't let anyone take my place.

I am with him nearly all the time, trying to help and comfort him, and make him have good thoughts, and wish for me. So he will understand when you read this to him that I intend that he shall know that I am with him and won't let him forget me even if he wanted to, which I don't believe.

I was with you on Friday night, but I did not write or say anything, as his mother and grandmother and sisters and brothers were so anxious to communicate with him; but now, while I am here and have the opportunity which is mine by right of love, I intend to be first to write him. He must not think I am a bit jealous, for I am not; but you know that when a sweetheart has a chance to write to her soulmate, she is going to do it or try very hard. They can write too, but they must wait until I get through, and then they can tell him whatever they wish. So tell him to love and think of me and wish that I may be with him very often.

I am progressing in my soul development and I am very happy; and the only thing that when he is around makes me happier is to have him with me, but that will not be very soon, for he has a work to do before he comes over, and he will have to wait until he does that work.

I am so glad, though, that he has this work, and as he is doing it and helping others, he will also help himself, so that when he does come over he and I will not be separated for a very long time.

I suppose I have written enough under the circumstances, and should let others write, but I certainly wish that I could have one evening when I could take my time, and tell him of a great many things that I want him to know. So tell him that I am not stopping because I want to, but because decency requires it.

He is my own true love, and I love him with all my heart, and sometime he will know what this means.

So with all my love for him and my sister's love for you, I will stop.

His own true,


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Dr. Stone's Legacy

Dr. Leslie R. Stone
Those books had a profound effect upon Leslie, for the faith in the religious doctrines which his mother, a strong Baptist, had taught him, could no longer interest him as the repositories of the Father's truths. He believed in the existence of a great spirit world and in the communication of mortals and spirits.

But at the same time, however, Spiritualism as it was being taught did not, he confessed, completely satisfy his soul longings.

Eleven years later he was advised by spirit guides to move to Detroit, Michigan in America. Due to the production of automobiles it was impossible for him to maintain a living in saddlery work so once again on spiritual advice he moved to Buffalo, New York.

It was in Buffalo, New York where he worked and studied in a hospital for seven years and finally became a graduate nurse. That period of his life was, he felt, an important one, in that it gave him an interest in healing which later induced him to study Chiropratic.

Men's Ward at Buffalo State Hospital when Dr. Stone worked there.

In Buffalo he continued to be interested in the study of Spiritualism where he received another personal proof of spirit life.

At one Spiritualist meeting in Lily Dale, he was seated next to a woman who happened to be a medium. She suddenly turned to him and said, "Your mother is here with you." he replied, "You must be mistaken, Madam I had a letter from my mother quite recently and she is in good health."

Lily Dale Spiritualist Center
The medium shrugged and replied, "Your mother never lived in this country. She tells me she lived in England and died a short time ago." 

She went on to report what his mother presumably had died of, described the funeral and mentioned the names of those present.

She told him that he had a sister Edith, from whom he would receive a letter confirming what she said. The letter arrived just as the woman had predicted, and corroborating her statements.

St.Paul's Church in Rusthall, England where the Stone family
held Priscilla Stones funeral services.

If he ever had doubts then as to the truth of spirit communication, he lost them at that point.

The Entrance to Lily Dale

During his work in the hospital he become interested in Chiropractic, and on the suggestions of spirits who communicated messages to him through mediums at Lily Dale,New York, he studied at the Palmer Gregory College of Chiropractic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and graduated in 1912.

Dr. Stone's  Post Graduate Certificate of Chiropractic

After graduating from the Palmer Gregory Chiropractic College in Oklahoma City he went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with plans of opening an office, but, on receiving messages from many of his relatives in the spirit world through a medium named Mrs. Bledsoe, he opened an office instead on the boardwalk of Atlantic City where he was successful and instrumental in restoring many patients to good health.

A young newsboy of about nine years of age, whose name was George Hutton, suffered from paralysis in the legs due to polio and used crutches to swing his legs.

Dr. Stone offered to give this boy treatment without charge to which his mother consented. After two treatments the boy was able to walk again without the use of his crutches. Because of this miracle an osteopath and M.D. By the name of Dr. Walton, approached him about it. "I saw the newsboy today walking without his crutches, he said, and he told me you had treated him so I came to find out if it is true. Later George came in and confirmed the healing. Dr. Stone felt that this instance of healing, as well as many others, was due to spiritual forces operating through him.

Although he was able to kept busy at his boardwalk practice during the summer months, autumn found business so slack, due to the closing of many hotels and departure of people, that he was compelled to find another location. Again he went to Philadelphia
and consulted with Mrs. Bledsoe who, through her spirit contacts, advised him to go to
Washington, D. C.

Dr. Stone arrived in Washington D. C. in November 1912 and there opened an office on 14th Street, N.W.

Dr Stone's signature

The Apartment on 21st street where Dr. Stone lived in Washington D.C.
from the time he arrived in 1912 until his passing in 1967.

It was here where he fortuitously met a gentleman with whom he had become acquainted with at Lily Dale.

His name was William Plummer and he was from Frederick, Maryland. On occasion Mr. Plummer visited Dr. Stone at his office where they shared discussions and conversations about Spiritualism. At one meeting Mr. Plumber had expressed his interested in procuring a copy of "Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist"  by Nettie Maynard Colburn.

The Gravestone of William Plummer located in Frederick Maryland.
 William Plummer passed over in June 1921
Mr. Plummer wanted to find the owner of the copyright, for he wished to have the book reprinted.

In his search he had found the name of a Mr. Rollison Colburn of Takoma Park, but was informed that the latter was not related to the writer. 6

The search, however, had not been entirely futile, for the Rollison Colburns proved to be interested in Spiritualism and a common interest between them and Dr. Stone developed into a close friendship.

Leslie found the Colburns to be very kind and lovable people who were greatly interested in psychic experiences and it was through their son, Arthur Colburn, that he learned of and was eventually introduced in September 1914 to Mr. James E. Padgett at his law office in the Stewart Building, 6th and D Street, N.W., where he was practicing.

Leslie became interested in him at first because he seemed to be a fine gentleman and, what was also most important to him, a genuine medium. Because of their mutual interest in Spiritualism and Mediumship they developed a bond of friendship that resulted in their mutual respect and brotherly love for each other that grew in time and continued until Mr Padgett's passing in March 17, 1923.

This meeting with James Padgett became for Dr. Stone the end of his travels and spiritual search and so it was here in Washington D.C. that he adopted as his new homeland where he remained until his passing in January of 1967, fifty-three years later.

During the time of Dr. Stone's meeting with James Padgett, the Women's Suffrage movement
 marched from New York to Washington DC. It is quite possible that Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett
watched the ladies as they marched past their offices in Washington DC.

 Interestingly is the sign  for American Nurses
 a profession that Dr. Stone trained and worked at.

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Prayer Reguest

Dear Friends, 

It has come to our attention that this stately English Manor Estate has recently come available for purchase.  The Trustees for Dr. Stone's Foundation would like to purchase this property for his legacy.

We are asking that prayers be extended to the Father on our behalf that the conditions be made available so we can purchase this property and go forward with the project of honoring Dr.Stone with this tribute.

The Trustees for the Leslie R. Stone Foundation

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Leslie attends a Spiritualist Meeting in Toronto

Queen West street early 1900's
One day after his arrival, Leslie, while walking the streets of Tornoto looking for work, he chanced upon a notice of an advertisement in a window of for a Spiritualist Meeting. Never having attended  one his curiosity was aroused and  he decided to go.

During the meeting the medium at the podium looked at Leslie and told him his father William was there.

The medium went on to give a detailed description of Leslie's father that was so convincing  Leslie could only believe that it was indeed his father who had appeared.

This was a great turning point in Leslie's life and resulted in his study of spirit communications. One of the first books he read was titled "The Great Harmonia" by the author Andrew Jackson Davis.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Leslie leaves the homeland of his birth

At one point in his life Leslie Stone decided to spread his wings and move to London where he also found work as a Saddle Maker.

1922 British Automobile "The Rover"
Due to the invention of the automobile business began to slacken and he was forced to move back home to his family in Aldershot.

After careful consideration and prayers to the Father for guidance his mother Priscilla advised him to join his brother Harold in Toronto, Canada and look for work there.

So it was in March 1903 when Leslie was 26 years old he took a train to Liverpool, England and boarded a ship
 "The Bavarian" that took him to Canada leaving behind his family and homeland on a journey  that changed his life forever.

Port of Liverpool England
The Stanley Docks, Liverpool England

The Bavarian 1899 of the Alan Shipping Line



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Jesus selects Dr. Stone to do a work for the Kingdom

December 15, 1915  
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

I have heard what you have said to your friend, Dr. Stone, and I must say that while you have some appreciation of the Great Love that came to you last night, yet you cannot fully understand, for no mortal can, although you did experience a wonderful feeling of its inflowing.

But let me emphasize that if you continue to have the great longings and desires that you had last night, the Father's Love will come to you in increased abundance.

And I want further to say that the same Love that you received is waiting for Dr. Stone and will be his if he will only let his longings go out to the Father with all his soul's earnestness.

While I have selected you to perform the great task of receiving my truths and spreading them to all mankind I have also selected Dr. Stone to do a work which will be of great importance and will involve a labor of love on his part, and much physical as well as spiritual exertion.

He must not only believe in me and trust in the Father, but let all his longings and prayers and desires go to obtain the great Love, and it will be his.

I am glad that you two men have come so closely together in your beliefs and in your faith in the Divine Love; and I will further tell you that you will both receive a happiness that can never be taken from you, even while you are on earth, and when you come to the spirit world this happiness will be increased beyond all human conception.

I am also glad that you can exchange thoughts on these important subjects of my religious teachings, and feel that you both have a work to do, and, above all, am happy that you are willing and anxious to do it.

I am with you in all my love, and will make both of you the special objects of my care and keeping - and in the great hereafter when you shall end your work on earth, you will both receive a reward that Angels would wish for and wonder that you two could receive it.

So I will give you both my love to-night, and will also pray to the Father to bestow upon you His Great Love and blessings.

So believe with all your hearts and the Father's Love and blessings will be poured out upon you.

Your friend and brother,

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dr. Stone is born in Aldershot, Hampshire England

Wellington Street located between
High Street and Victoria Road in
Aldershot Hampshire England. 
Dr. Leslie Rippon Stone
On a cold and snowy day November 10th, 1876 at number 9 Wellington Street in Aldershot Hampshire England, William Stone, a  Master Saddle and Harness Maker, his wife Priscilla Phoebe and their eight remaining 
children, (Ernest Sidney having died in 1873) Frederick William age 15, Percy Cuthbert age 13, Edith Mary age 9, William Edgar age 8,  Priscilla Frederica
Augusta age 6,  Kate Beatrice, age 4  Ethel Marie age 3, and baby  Lilian
age 1, welcomed the arrival of a son and little brother, Leslie Rippon, to the family.

Two years later in 1878 little Blanche Eveline was born followed by little Harold Hubert in 1879 then Ellen in 1881.

Wellington Street during 1892
 in Aldershot where the Stone family lived.
Number 9 Wellington Street still exists today.

Leslie's father William was born to William and Rhoda Stone on June 17th 1827  in York Town Surrey, England. William's father worked as a Master Saddle and Harness Maker a trade that he passed on to his son William.

When William Stone the son became a young man he met  Priscilla Phoebe Taylor (who was born and raised in Staines Middlesex England in 1840) and married her on July 10th of 1860 at the East Hills United Reformed Church in Wandsworth Surrey England. William was 30 years old and Priscilla was 20.

William's Saddlery and Harness Shop
 could have looked something like  this
After William and Priscilla married they moved to Aldershot, Hampshire England where William  set up his shop of Saddle and Harness Maker making saddles and harnesses for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria's Army that was located there in Aldershot.

A soldier in Aldershot on his horse showing
the saddle and harness that could have been made
at Williams Saddlery Shop.
William taught his sons, Frederick and Percy this same trade and they worked in their father's shop with another young man name Arthur Dance who worked for William as an apprentice.

William was quite successful in his business and left his wife in comfortable conditions after his death in 1883 when Priscilla found herself alone with the responsibility of raising her surviving eleven children.

Shortly after William died his sons and Arthur Dance carried on with the business then when Leslie finished his schooling his brothers Frederick and Percy taught him the family trade and Leslie went to work in his father's established business making saddles and harnesses.

Queen Victoria
There were many occasions when the Monarch, Queen Victoria, visited Aldershot to see her army. It is more than likely  that William and his family saw her many times when she traveled there with her consort Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert showed a keen interest in the establishment and the development of Aldershot as a garrison town.

In 1855, they had a wooden 'Royal Pavilion' built, in which they would often stay when attending reviews of the army.

In 1860, Prince Albert established and endowed the Prince Consort's Library which still exists to this day.

After the Crimean War, a division of regular troops was permanently based at Aldershot, and "the Division" at Aldershot,  including artillery at Christchurch Hampshire and cavalry at Hounslow  Middlesex became one of the most important home commands of the British Army.

In January 1876 a "Mobilization Scheme for the forces in Great Britain and Ireland" was published, with the Active Army divided into eight army corps based on the major Commands and Districts. The 2nd Corps was headquartered at Aldershot. This scheme disappeared in 1881, when the districts were retitled ‘District Commands’, with Aldershot usually listed as being number IX or X in rank. In 1898, (when Queen Victoria’s son, the Duke of Connaught, was General Officer Commanding Aldershot the "District Command" was ranked Ist on the list.

From 1901 to 1908 Aldershot Command was given the additional title of Ist Army Corps.
The garrison subsequently became the home to the British Army. This status has been reflected in the use of Aldershot as a headquarters for over the last 100 years.

This was the community  a "Military" environment in which Dr. Stone was born and raised.

Queen Victoria viewing her Army
William Stone's Saddlery Shop might have made the saddles and harnesses for these horses

A parade along Wellington Street in 1891 where Dr. Stone lived with his family.
 The children standing in the right bottom corner might have been
Dr. Stone and his siblings with their mother Priscilla.


Sunday, February 21, 2016


Sacred to the Memory of
Dearly loved husband of
Priscilla Stone
who departed this life March 21st 1884
aged 56 years
Also of Ernest Sidney Stone
beloved son of the above
who died April 19th 1873
aged 8 years
Priscilla Frederica Augusta Stone
beloved daughter of the above
who died October 4th, 1885
aged 16 years

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Meanwhile this is the Headstone of Dr. Stone's father William Stone who passed over on March 21st 1884. Buried next to him is Leslie's brother Ernest Sidney who was 8 years old when he died on April 19th, 1873 three years before Leslie was born and Leslie's sister Priscilla Frederica Augusta Stone who passed on at the age of sixteen on October 4th, 1885 a year and half after her father.
Dr.Stone was seven years old when his father William Stone passed on. His mother Priscilla Stone was left with eleven children to raise.

Aldershot Civil Cemetery where
 William Stone and his two children are buried


Monday, November 2, 2015

Jesus selects Dr. Stone for a mission of great importance

October 3rd, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I  am Here Jesus,

You and your friend (Dr Leslie R Stone) must believe what has been told you and continue to pray to the Father and seek more of the Divine Love. 

When the time comes I will inform him of the work which he shall do, and it will be an important one and one which will bring him in close contact with me, and the higher forces of the Celestial Spheres.

He is now in a condition to receive this soul development, and he must let his mind and soul expand to their fullest extent, so that when it comes, I mean the Divine Love, with the great and wonderful power which will accompany it, he will be in a condition to receive it.
I am your friend and brother and his also, and you must both believe that I am writing this to you, for I am that Jesus that all the spirits have told you about, and if it were profitable, I would come to you, as I came a few nights ago, and show my glory and power. But this is not necessary for you will believe without this and so much the stronger will be your belief.

I must stop now.

So with my love and blessings for you both and my peace which the world cannot give you, I will say goodnight.

Your brother and friend,


October 3rd, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I came merely to say that you have received from the Master a communication which has more importance than you at this time appreciate.

I am referring more particularly to that part of it which Jesus states that your friend Dr. Stone has been selected for a work which is of great importance.

I know how important that work will be, and he will be impressed at it and will probably hesitate to undertake it, but he must not falter for he will be given all the power that will be necessary for him to have in order to do what shall be required of him.

You both are highly favored in being selected for these missions and you must not let doubt as to your being selected or as to the Master writing to you or as to your having the power conferred on you which will enable you to do the work.

I am interested in both of you, and you must recollect that, while you are both weak and unimportant mortals, yet you have behind and sustaining you the great power of the celestial world, with Jesus as the leader. What a wonderful thing this is!

Why when we were selected as mortals, to become the disciples of the Master we never had such power to sustain us, because Jesus himself was not then as powerful as he is now, and he had not then formed the Celestial Spheres with all the powers that now exist there.

So I say there is no reason why you two should not be greater in your works than were any of us who worked with the Master while he was on earth or who worked afterwards as long as we remained mortals.

Do not think that this is improbable, for it will come true; and while you may doubt, considering the fact that you are weak mortals with all the deficiencies of mortals, yet you must remember this one fact and that is, that so far as you are personally concerned, you are not of importance in doing the work, but as mediums and instruments through which it will be done, you are of the greatest importance to the plans and designs of these higher spirits. Of more importance than any other mortals at this time.

So there is no reason to flatter yourselves because of the great powers that will be given to you, and of the importance that you will be to the salvation of mankind, but you may congratulate yourself that you have been selected from all humanity to do this work.

And further, remember this, that as a result of your doing this work you will receive such an abundance of the Divine Love, and come in such close association with the Celestial Spirits, that you will probably find yourselves in that condition of soul development as will enable you to enter those spheres where your Soulmates may be living at the time, without having to go through the experiences of the lower spheres.

I will not write more tonight as your power has been greatly called on by the messages which you have received.

So with all my love for you both, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jesus confirms what Paul wrote about the false belief of his blood saving man from sin.

September 19th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I heard the discussion between you and the other man about my blood saving from sin, and I felt that you were not benefited by what was said, because his faith is based on ignorance of the true plan of salvation and my mission on earth.

But he is so firmly fixed in his belief that no argument that you might make would convince him that anything but my death and atonement could save from sin. So I do not think it would do any good to attempt to argue with any of these people in reference to the matter of my blood as the means of salvation.

They have received the Divine Love to a considerable degree and the Holy Spirit is with them in their worship and is in their hearts, but it does not come to them by reason of their belief in my atonement, but because they pray to the Father for its coming and making them a new being so far as their soul development is concerned. They do not know that only the flowing of this Divine Love into their hearts in answer to prayer is what gives them this New Birth.

They think that my blood has something, or rather that it is the great and only cause of this New Birth and they will continue to think so. I would not let this matter deter you from attending their meetings because, as I have said, the spirit is present with them. Of course they will learn differently when they come to the spirit world and see that I am not God.

Yes, I know that is what all the orthodox believe but that does not make it a fact, for no devil ever comes and teaches the things that I have written you.

I will not write more now.

So with the assurance that I am with you very often, and that I will guide you in the ways of truth, I will stop.
                                                            Your brother and friend,