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Leslie attends a Spiritualist Meeting in Toronto

Queen West street early 1900's
One day after his arrival, Leslie, while walking the streets of Tornoto looking for work, he chanced upon a notice of an advertisement in a window of for a Spiritualist Meeting. Never having attended  one his curiosity was aroused and  he decided to go.

During the meeting the medium at the podium looked at Leslie and told him his father William was there.

The medium went on to give a detailed description of Leslie's father that was so convincing  Leslie could only believe that it was indeed his father who had appeared.

This was a great turning point in Leslie's life and resulted in his study of spirit communications. One of the first books he read was titled "The Great Harmonia" by the author Andrew Jackson Davis.

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Leslie leaves the homeland of his birth

At one point in his life Leslie Stone decided to spread his wings and move to London where he also found work as a Saddle Maker.

1922 British Automobile "The Rover"
Due to the invention of the automobile business began to slacken and he was forced to move back home to his family in Aldershot.

After careful consideration and prayers to the Father for guidance his mother Priscilla advised him to join his brother Harold in Toronto, Canada and look for work there.

So it was in March 1903 when Leslie was 26 years old he took a train to Liverpool, England and boarded a ship
 "The Bavarian" that took him to Canada leaving behind his family and homeland on a journey  that changed his life forever.

Port of Liverpool England
The Stanley Docks, Liverpool England

The Bavarian 1899 of the Alan Shipping Line



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Jesus selects Dr. Stone to do a work for the Kingdom

December 15, 1915  
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

I have heard what you have said to your friend, Dr. Stone, and I must say that while you have some appreciation of the Great Love that came to you last night, yet you cannot fully understand, for no mortal can, although you did experience a wonderful feeling of its inflowing.

But let me emphasize that if you continue to have the great longings and desires that you had last night, the Father's Love will come to you in increased abundance.

And I want further to say that the same Love that you received is waiting for Dr. Stone and will be his if he will only let his longings go out to the Father with all his soul's earnestness.

While I have selected you to perform the great task of receiving my truths and spreading them to all mankind I have also selected Dr. Stone to do a work which will be of great importance and will involve a labor of love on his part, and much physical as well as spiritual exertion.

He must not only believe in me and trust in the Father, but let all his longings and prayers and desires go to obtain the great Love, and it will be his.

I am glad that you two men have come so closely together in your beliefs and in your faith in the Divine Love; and I will further tell you that you will both receive a happiness that can never be taken from you, even while you are on earth, and when you come to the spirit world this happiness will be increased beyond all human conception.

I am also glad that you can exchange thoughts on these important subjects of my religious teachings, and feel that you both have a work to do, and, above all, am happy that you are willing and anxious to do it.

I am with you in all my love, and will make both of you the special objects of my care and keeping - and in the great hereafter when you shall end your work on earth, you will both receive a reward that Angels would wish for and wonder that you two could receive it.

So I will give you both my love to-night, and will also pray to the Father to bestow upon you His Great Love and blessings.

So believe with all your hearts and the Father's Love and blessings will be poured out upon you.

Your friend and brother,

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Dr. Stone is born in Aldershot, Hampshire England

Wellington Street located between
High Street and Victoria Road in
Aldershot Hampshire England. 
Dr. Leslie Rippon Stone
On a cold and snowy day November 10th, 1876 at number 9 Wellington Street in Aldershot Hampshire England, William Stone, a  Master Saddle and Harness Maker, his wife Priscilla Phoebe and their eight remaining 
children, (Ernest Sidney having died in 1873) Frederick William age 15, Percy Cuthbert age 13, Edith Mary age 9, William Edgar age 8,  Priscilla Frederica
Augusta age 6,  Kate Beatrice, age 4  Ethel Marie age 3, and baby  Lilian
age 1, welcomed the arrival of a son and little brother, Leslie Rippon, to the family.

Two years later in 1878 little Blanche Eveline was born followed by little Harold Hubert in 1879 then Ellen in 1881.

Wellington Street during 1892
 in Aldershot where the Stone family lived.
Number 9 Wellington Street still exists today.

Leslie's father William was born to William and Rhoda Stone on June 17th 1827  in York Town Surrey, England. William's father worked as a Master Saddle and Harness Maker a trade that he passed on to his son William.

When William Stone the son became a young man he met  Priscilla Phoebe Taylor (who was born and raised in Staines Middlesex England in 1840) and married her on July 10th of 1860 at the East Hills United Reformed Church in Wandsworth Surrey England. William was 30 years old and Priscilla was 20.

William's Saddlery and Harness Shop
 could have looked something like  this
After William and Priscilla married they moved to Aldershot, Hampshire England where William  set up his shop of Saddle and Harness Maker making saddles and harnesses for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria's Army that was located there in Aldershot.

A soldier in Aldershot on his horse showing
the saddle and harness that could have been made
at Williams Saddlery Shop.
William taught his sons, Frederick and Percy this same trade and they worked in their father's shop with another young man name Arthur Dance who worked for William as an apprentice.

William was quite successful in his business and left his wife in comfortable conditions after his death in 1883 when Priscilla found herself alone with the responsibility of raising her surviving eleven children.

Shortly after William died his sons and Arthur Dance carried on with the business then when Leslie finished his schooling his brothers Frederick and Percy taught him the family trade and Leslie went to work in his father's established business making saddles and harnesses.

Queen Victoria
There were many occasions when the Monarch, Queen Victoria, visited Aldershot to see her army. It is more than likely  that William and his family saw her many times when she traveled there with her consort Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert showed a keen interest in the establishment and the development of Aldershot as a garrison town.

In 1855, they had a wooden 'Royal Pavilion' built, in which they would often stay when attending reviews of the army.

In 1860, Prince Albert established and endowed the Prince Consort's Library which still exists to this day.

After the Crimean War, a division of regular troops was permanently based at Aldershot, and "the Division" at Aldershot,  including artillery at Christchurch Hampshire and cavalry at Hounslow  Middlesex became one of the most important home commands of the British Army.

In January 1876 a "Mobilization Scheme for the forces in Great Britain and Ireland" was published, with the Active Army divided into eight army corps based on the major Commands and Districts. The 2nd Corps was headquartered at Aldershot. This scheme disappeared in 1881, when the districts were retitled ‘District Commands’, with Aldershot usually listed as being number IX or X in rank. In 1898, (when Queen Victoria’s son, the Duke of Connaught, was General Officer Commanding Aldershot the "District Command" was ranked Ist on the list.

From 1901 to 1908 Aldershot Command was given the additional title of Ist Army Corps.
The garrison subsequently became the home to the British Army. This status has been reflected in the use of Aldershot as a headquarters for over the last 100 years.

This was the community  a "Military" environment in which Dr. Stone was born and raised.

Queen Victoria viewing her Army
William Stone's Saddlery Shop might have made the saddles and harnesses for these horses

A parade along Wellington Street in 1891 where Dr. Stone lived with his family.
 The children standing in the right bottom corner might have been
Dr. Stone and his siblings with their mother Priscilla.


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Sacred to the Memory of
Dearly loved husband of
Priscilla Stone
who departed this life March 21st 1884
aged 56 years
Also of Ernest Sidney Stone
beloved son of the above
who died April 19th 1873
aged 8 years
Priscilla Frederica Augusta Stone
beloved daughter of the above
who died October 4th, 1885
aged 16 years

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Meanwhile this is the Headstone of Dr. Stone's father William Stone who passed over on March 21st 1884. Buried next to him is Leslie's brother Ernest Sidney who was 8 years old when he died on April 19th, 1873 three years before Leslie was born and Leslie's sister Priscilla Frederica Augusta Stone who passed on at the age of sixteen on October 4th, 1885 a year and half after her father.
Dr.Stone was seven years old when his father William Stone passed on. His mother Priscilla Stone was left with eleven children to raise.

Aldershot Civil Cemetery where
 William Stone and his two children are buried


Monday, November 2, 2015

Jesus selects Dr. Stone for a mission of great importance

October 3rd, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I  am Here Jesus,

You and your friend (Dr Leslie R Stone) must believe what has been told you and continue to pray to the Father and seek more of the Divine Love. 

When the time comes I will inform him of the work which he shall do, and it will be an important one and one which will bring him in close contact with me, and the higher forces of the Celestial Spheres.

He is now in a condition to receive this soul development, and he must let his mind and soul expand to their fullest extent, so that when it comes, I mean the Divine Love, with the great and wonderful power which will accompany it, he will be in a condition to receive it.
I am your friend and brother and his also, and you must both believe that I am writing this to you, for I am that Jesus that all the spirits have told you about, and if it were profitable, I would come to you, as I came a few nights ago, and show my glory and power. But this is not necessary for you will believe without this and so much the stronger will be your belief.

I must stop now.

So with my love and blessings for you both and my peace which the world cannot give you, I will say goodnight.

Your brother and friend,


October 3rd, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I came merely to say that you have received from the Master a communication which has more importance than you at this time appreciate.

I am referring more particularly to that part of it which Jesus states that your friend Dr. Stone has been selected for a work which is of great importance.

I know how important that work will be, and he will be impressed at it and will probably hesitate to undertake it, but he must not falter for he will be given all the power that will be necessary for him to have in order to do what shall be required of him.

You both are highly favored in being selected for these missions and you must not let doubt as to your being selected or as to the Master writing to you or as to your having the power conferred on you which will enable you to do the work.

I am interested in both of you, and you must recollect that, while you are both weak and unimportant mortals, yet you have behind and sustaining you the great power of the celestial world, with Jesus as the leader. What a wonderful thing this is!

Why when we were selected as mortals, to become the disciples of the Master we never had such power to sustain us, because Jesus himself was not then as powerful as he is now, and he had not then formed the Celestial Spheres with all the powers that now exist there.

So I say there is no reason why you two should not be greater in your works than were any of us who worked with the Master while he was on earth or who worked afterwards as long as we remained mortals.

Do not think that this is improbable, for it will come true; and while you may doubt, considering the fact that you are weak mortals with all the deficiencies of mortals, yet you must remember this one fact and that is, that so far as you are personally concerned, you are not of importance in doing the work, but as mediums and instruments through which it will be done, you are of the greatest importance to the plans and designs of these higher spirits. Of more importance than any other mortals at this time.

So there is no reason to flatter yourselves because of the great powers that will be given to you, and of the importance that you will be to the salvation of mankind, but you may congratulate yourself that you have been selected from all humanity to do this work.

And further, remember this, that as a result of your doing this work you will receive such an abundance of the Divine Love, and come in such close association with the Celestial Spirits, that you will probably find yourselves in that condition of soul development as will enable you to enter those spheres where your Soulmates may be living at the time, without having to go through the experiences of the lower spheres.

I will not write more tonight as your power has been greatly called on by the messages which you have received.

So with all my love for you both, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jesus confirms what Paul wrote about the false belief of his blood saving man from sin.

September 19th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I heard the discussion between you and the other man about my blood saving from sin, and I felt that you were not benefited by what was said, because his faith is based on ignorance of the true plan of salvation and my mission on earth.

But he is so firmly fixed in his belief that no argument that you might make would convince him that anything but my death and atonement could save from sin. So I do not think it would do any good to attempt to argue with any of these people in reference to the matter of my blood as the means of salvation.

They have received the Divine Love to a considerable degree and the Holy Spirit is with them in their worship and is in their hearts, but it does not come to them by reason of their belief in my atonement, but because they pray to the Father for its coming and making them a new being so far as their soul development is concerned. They do not know that only the flowing of this Divine Love into their hearts in answer to prayer is what gives them this New Birth.

They think that my blood has something, or rather that it is the great and only cause of this New Birth and they will continue to think so. I would not let this matter deter you from attending their meetings because, as I have said, the spirit is present with them. Of course they will learn differently when they come to the spirit world and see that I am not God.

Yes, I know that is what all the orthodox believe but that does not make it a fact, for no devil ever comes and teaches the things that I have written you.

I will not write more now.

So with the assurance that I am with you very often, and that I will guide you in the ways of truth, I will stop.
                                                            Your brother and friend,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

One hundred years ago today St. Paul disputes Bible Writers that He taught the blood of Jesus saves men from their sins

August 20th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Paul.

I merely want to write about the truth of the New Birth, because I speak, or rather it is written, that the blood of Jesus saves men from condemnation, and sin and death.

This is not true, and I never wrote such declarations of what purports to be true.

Jesus did not save men by his death or sacrifice, and as I am informed now, and learned when on earth, he never claimed that his blood or sacrifice saved men. 

And I hardly see how that could be so, because the blood did not have any efficacy to affect the condition or spiritual development of men, and his death could not help men to become redeemed from any condition of evil or defilement that they might be in, and, hence, there can be no possible connection between his blood or sacrifice and the condition of men, whether good or bad.

I know that it is claimed that the blood of Jesus tended to appease the wrath of God towards men as did his death, but this presupposes that God had a wrath against men and that only blood and death could satisfy it. What a barbarous assumption!

God was never a God of wrath, but always of Love, and men can come to Him in reconciliation through Love only, and not through any sacrifice. Jesus never taught this doctrine of sacrifice and does not now, but repudiates it and says that it is a doctrine that is doing his cause and the salvation of mankind a great harm.

If men will only think for a moment, they will see that the only relation between God and man is that which arises from the soul's condition. God, as I said, is Love, and for man to be at-one with Him, man must become Love; I mean that his soul must be filled or permeated with this Love to such an extent, that it will become impossible for anything that is not of love to be or remain a part of his soul.

I do not mean that it is necessary for men to obtain this Divine Love in order to live and enjoy a happiness which is far above the happiness that they have on earth, for that would not be true. God has given to man a natural love, which, when enjoyed in all its intended purity, is sufficient of itself to make men comparatively happy; but this love does not make man a part of God's oneness, or enable him to partake of the Divine Essence of the Father. And this oneness is absolutely necessary for men to become reconciled to God as Jesus taught.

So, while the large majority of men may never become reconciled in the sense that I have mentioned, yet they will be able to enjoy this inferior happiness in the spirit world, and to such a degree that no sin or evil will be permitted to mar it.

A small minority will become reconciled to God and enjoy the superior happiness which such reconciliation will bring to them. They will be in their nature and substance like the Father, having his Divine Essence and partaking of His immortality.

But this reconciliation can only be obtained by what is called the New Birth, which comes to men not by reason of any power or effort on their part only, but by the operations of the workings of the Holy Ghost, the instrument of God in bringing about this New Birth.

And yet man has his part to perform also, in this great renewal of his spiritual being. He must open his soul to the inflowing of this Divine Love, and must pray to the Father for the inflowing of the Holy Ghost, and with his prayers, must believe that the Father is waiting to bestow it.

Without the desire on the part of man to receive this Divine Love with prayer and faith, it will not come to him, for God never forces any human soul to a New Birth against its will.

I tell you this, because in my opinion this is the one great important truth of the mission of Jesus on earth, and the one that human beings should understand and try to comply with.

I know now, as I never knew on earth, the full meaning of this truth, and I thank God all the time for His goodness and mercy.

Only those who receive this New Birth become Divine angels, all other spirits remain mere spirits and subject to all the changes and conditions that belong to spirits; for there is nothing fixed as to those who may remain mere spirits any more than there was in the case of the first man and woman. We know now that changes may take place in the conditions of these spirits during the workings of God's plans.

Many men may, even when they know of the things that I have written, be content to remain mere spirits and live their spiritual lives in the happiness which their natural love gives them, but it seems to me that all men, if they will think a little and understandingly, will seek for the greater Love and happiness and immortality.

I wanted to write this tonight, for I see that some of the teachings of my Epistles may tend to lead men astray on this most important question as to what saves them from their sins and reconciles them to God. I will not write more to night, but will come at times and write you in regard to the various spiritual truths of this Kingdom

I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,


Thursday, July 30, 2015

One Hundred Years ago today Nicodemus tells his story

July 30th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

A Master in Israel, and yet I did not understand this New Birth. How few understood it then, and how few now.

Oh, the long years that have gone by since Jesus told me that I must be born again to inherit eternal life, and how comparatively seldom this great truth is taught by the churches and the teachers of religious matters.

This truth is at the very foundation of mankind's redemption, and until a man receives this New Birth he cannot possibly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Men may claim to have faith in God and believe on Jesus' name and conform to all the essentials and sacraments of the churches, and yet, unless they have this New Birth, their faith and works as Christians are vain.

This I know from my own experience as well as from the teachings of the Master, and I desire to emphasize, with all the powers that I have, that it is the only important requirement to immortality. 

The New Birth means the flowing into the soul of a man the Divine Love of the Father, so that that man becomes, as it were, a part of the Father in His Divinity and Immortality.

When this truth comes to a man he commences to take on himself the Divine nature of the Father, and all that part of him that may be called the natural nature commences to leave him, and as the Divine Love continues to grow and fill his soul, the natural love and affections for things of the earth will disappear, and as a result he will become at-one with the Father and immortal.

Why don't those who profess to be teachers of Jesus' truths - which are the truths of the Father - and all followers of him, pay more attention to this vital truth?

When you shall have received the messages from the Master, I think you will find this Truth of the New Birth to be the one thing that Jesus will emphasize and reiterate most. It is the most important thing for men not only to hear about and acquiesce in their intellectual beliefs, but also to actually experience.

I wish that I had understood it when on earth as I do now. He meant as no man could see the wind or tell from whence it came or whither it was going, so no man who received this New Birth could see the operations of the Holy Spirit or know whence it came. But this latter expression must be modified, because we all know it comes from the Father; but just how we do not know. The Holy Spirit is as invisible as the wind, and yet it is just as real and existing.

But men need not trouble their intellects to know exactly what this Great Power is, for it is sufficient to know: that which causes the New Birth is the Divine Love of the Father coming into the souls of men. 

I must stop as I have written enough for to night.

So let me subscribe myself a brother who has received the New Birth, and a lover and follower of the Master.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saint John encourages James to pray for the Father's Divine Love

July 11th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here. St. John.

I heard your prayer and know that this Divine Love is flowing into your soul and that now you have a great abundance of its possession of which you are conscious. It will never fail you when you pray in earnestness and with the real longings for its coming. It is always ready to respond to your aspirations and to make you feel its presence and the happiness that comes with it.

I, as you know, am your special friend in my work of helping to develop your soul, and whenever you pray to the Father, as you have just prayed, I come to you with my love and influence to help open up your soul to the inflowing of this Love. Have faith, and you will have the certainty of the presence of the Love, and that it is yours - seeking to come into your soul in greater and more abundance.

You are blessed in that you have the knowledge of the existence of this Love, and that it may be yours if you so will it to be, and pray with the true longings of your soul's desires.

You cannot doubt the truth of what I write, for, as in the ordinary things of life, there is nothing so convincing as personal experience, and your experience is such that there has been no room for doubt. So if you would keep the consciousness of the presence of this Love continually alive, pray and pray whenever the opportunity presents itself, and by this I don't mean that you shall wait for a time when you are not engaged in your business affairs, but at moments when the mind may be free, even if only for a moment, from these business affairs. The longings, if exercised only for a moment, will bring their results; for God's ear is always open and ready to cause the responses to such longings.

One moment of true soul felt longings is more effective than hours of prayer where these longings are not present. The prayers of the lip or of habit arises no higher than the escaping breath, and does not cause the Love to respond and flow into the soul. Remember this, and then realize how futile are all the prayers of preachers and ostensible worshipers when the soul's longings and desires are not present.

Only soul can call to soul, and love responds only when such soul calls. The mere desires of the mind, if I may so express my meaning, do not in the least affect the soul, and as mind can operate only on mind, there cannot possibly be any activity of the soul's faculties, when only mind is in operation. Hence, you will see, that all the worship that comes merely from the mind will not effectuate the working of the Love or bring into operation the Spirit's work.

I write this to further encourage you, and also to make plain the necessity for the true prayer.

                                                                      Saint John