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Nicodemus describes his experience receiving the Father's Divine Love

July 30th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

A master in Israel, and yet I did not understand this New Birth. How few understood it then, and how few now.

Oh, the long years that have gone by since Jesus told me that I must be born again to inherit eternal life, and how comparatively seldom this great truth is taught by the churches and the teachers of religious matters.

This truth is at the very foundation of mankind's redemption, and until a man receives this New Birth he cannot possibly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Men may claim to have faith in God and believe on Jesus' name and conform to all the essentials and sacraments of the churches, and yet, unless they have this New Birth, their faith and works as Christians are vain.

This I know from my own experience as well as from the teachings of the Master, and I desire to emphasize, with all the powers that I have, that it is the only important requirement to immortality.

The New Birth means the flowing into the soul of a man the Divine Love of the Father, so that that man becomes, as it were, a part of the Father in His Divinity and Immortality.

When this truth comes to a man he commences to take on himself the Divine nature of the Father, and all that part of him that may be called the natural nature commences to leave him, and as the Divine Love continues to grow and fill his soul, the natural love and affections for things of the earth will disappear, and as a result he will become at-one with the Father and immortal.

Why don't those who profess to be teachers of Jesus' truths - which are the truths of the Father - and all followers of him, pay more attention to this vital truth?

When you shall have received the messages from the Master, I think you will find this Truth of the New Birth to be the one thing that Jesus will emphasize and reiterate most . It is the most important thing for men not only to hear about and acquiesce in their intellectual beliefs, but also to actually experience.

I wish that I had understood it when on earth as I do now. He meant as no man could see the wind or tell from whence it came or whither it was going, so no man who received this New Birth could see the operations of the Holy Spirit or know whence it came. But this latter expression must be modified, because we all know it comes from the Father; but just how we do not know. The Holy Spirit is as invisible as the wind, and yet it is just as real and existing.

But men need not trouble their intellects to know exactly what this Great Power is, for it is sufficient to know: that which causes the New Birth is the Divine Love of the Father coming into the souls of men. I must stop as I have written enough for to night.

So let me subscribe myself a brother who has received the New Birth, and a lover and follower of the Master.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

False beliefs retard the souls progress to higher spheres

June 24th, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here and want to write a little tonight with the permission of your band and yourself.

You will remember me when I tell you that I am an old friend of yours and a brother in the profession.

You knew me as G. H., and I knew you as my young lawyer friend.

I am living in the third sphere and am comparatively happy, and am trying to progress to the higher spheres, but somehow the old beliefs that I imbibed, when on earth, seem to retard my progress. 

As you know, I was a Methodist and believed in the Methodist doctrines, and yet was not so spiritual as I should have been.

I have learned or rather unlearned and learned many things since I have been here, and, as a consequence, I am in a better condition to appreciate the truth than when on earth.

Well, I know now that the blood of Jesus, as such, does not wash away sin, and also that he is not the saviour of men because of any vicarious atonement. 

These were great stumbling blocks to me when I came into the spirit world, and my disappointment growing out of these beliefs was very great, and almost caused me to believe that there never was any Jesus or any God. 

But thanks to some of my spirit friends who knew the truth, I was prevented from becoming an unbeliever in the truths of salvation and so was saved from what might have been a great stagnation of my soul and its progress.

Yes, and I am somewhat surprised at Riddle's progress, for I must tell you that he is in a higher sphere than I am, and is more filled with this Love of the Father. 

He has told me somewhat of his experience, and how you first started him to right thinking, and then how your band, I mean your grandmother, and the rest of your kinfolk, came to him and helped him to see the light, and the necessity of seeking and obtaining God's Love. He is now a very bright spirit and has much faith. 

So you see, a man may have his doubts on earth and yet succeed in progressing more rapidly than one, who, though he believes in God and the Bible, yet because of his erroneous beliefs, stands still.

Well, I must say that I have been with you a number of times when the spirits were writing to you, and I was very much surprised at first that such a thing should be; and I saw that you were doing the dark spirits a great deal of good in the way in which you helped them out of their darkness and sufferings . 

When I was on earth I did not suppose that there would ever come a time when you would be in this kind of work - in fact I did not know that there was such a work to be performed by any one. Yes, I have seen Jesus writing to you a number of times, and only tonight did he do so.

My views as to him have changed very much since I was on earth. As you may have thought, I then believed him to be God or one of three that constituted God, and that he was a way up in the heavens, sitting on the right hand of the Father, controlling the heavens and the earth.

But since I have been in the spirit world my beliefs have changed, and now I know that Jesus is not God, but only his highest, best son, and a spirit such as I am. 

He has at times talked to me and told me of many erroneous beliefs contained in the Bible and in the dogmas of the churches. He is a wonderful spirit - the brightest in all the spirit world, and the one that is closer to the Father than any of the others, ancient or modern.

He is so very filled with the Divine Love of his Father that we adore him as our Master-not worship him as God. I have been surprised at the great interest he has in you, and the abundance of love that he has for you. But I know that I need not have been surprised for he has selected you to write his messages to the world.

What a fortunate man you are. I don't sometimes understand how such a thing can be, but he says that the world must have all the truths of the Father, and he selected you because he saw that you could carry out his desires better than any other mortal; and so you are favored.

Well I must stop as I have written a very long letter and some others wish to write also. So my dear brother I will say goodnight.

Your old friend,
G. H. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who are the Angels?

July 8th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, your grandmother.

I want to tell you tonight of my experience in my new home, among the redeemed spirits who have entered that Kingdom.

I am living, as I told you, in the second Celestial Sphere, and am surrounded by everything that makes me happy and in unison with the Father.

I am also in close attachment with the Master, although he lives in a sphere much higher in the Celestial Heavens, and which, he tells me, is close to the fountainhead of God's Love.

I have with me a great number of spirits who have received the Great Love of the Father in great abundance, and who are so good and beautiful that they are as of the Father. And here I must tell you that all angels in His Kingdom, which is ruled over by Jesus, are the spirits of mortals who once lived on earth, and not what the Old Testament called angels are.

I am informed there are beings who never had the experience of living in the flesh. I have never seen any of these angels and I don't know where they live, but Jesus says they are a distinct class of God's creation, and that they live in spheres that are separated from the heavens that he rules in. I have often wished to see some of these angels, but it does not appear that they ever come to our Celestial Heavens.

So when you hear us speak of angels we mean only those who were mortals, and who have been redeemed by the Love of the Father and who are living in the higher spheres of our own Celestial Heavens.

Of course I don't know whether these other angels will ever know anything about our Heavens or not, but if they ever should, I doubt that they will ever realize the full meaning of a soul redeemed, because only those who have gone through the experience of living in the flesh and having all the sorrows of mortals and the redemption from their condition of sin and error by the Love of the Father, can ever fully understand what redemption means.

So I believe that no angel without this experience can ever enjoy the happiness that we who become inhabitants of Christ's Kingdom, enjoy. I may be mistaken in this, but this is my belief.

All ministering angels are spirits who once inhabited the physical body, and only such, it seems to me, can have that sympathy and love which fits them to understand and be able to sympathize with the sufferings of humanity.

Why, if you will think a moment, you will remember that even Jesus was not fitted to perform his great mission and to declare the Love of the Father, until he had entered into the physical body so that he could understand fully all the frailties and sufferings and longings of mortals.

At any rate, no angel that comes to mortal to minister is other than the spirit of one who has passed through these sufferings and sins of the mortal.

Well, as I have said, I am surrounded by many of these beautiful redeemed spirits, and they are all happy beyond conception by you who live on earth.

I am in a state of perfect happiness myself, and want for nothing that is necessary to make me realize that God is my Father of Love and mercy.

Yet I desire the progression that will take me to the higher spheres, but not on account of any discontent on my part, but because I am told that there are homes awaiting me and my companions in these higher spheres that are so much more beautiful than those which we now have.

And besides, the law of progression is constantly working here, and never are we permitted to cease our longing for the higher life and the greater abundance of the Divine Love that our Father promises us will be ours, if we desire and seek for it.

But you must never forget that while we strive to progress, we are never dissatisfied with what our Father has provided for us and what we possess.

My home here is a part of the Celestial Kingdom, and we who live in this sphere are all immortal, in the sense that that word has been explained to you.

We are greater in our attributes and qualities than were the first parents at the time of their creation. We can never die again and have passed beyond the second death, as it is written, for our Love is now so abundant that we are all partakers of the Father's divinity to such an extent that it can never be taken from us. No, not in all eternity.

And yet, with all this knowledge and consolation that it brings to us, we still have our love for those who live on earth, who have not yet acquired this Great Gift of the Father; and our work in trying to help mortals is a joy to us and never anything but a labor of love.

I will not tell you at this time how much our interests center in the work that the Master is doing for the salvation of mankind, but only say, that his love for man and his desire for their redemption are greater than they were when he was on earth; and all his followers - all who are in the Celestial Heavens as well as those who are in the spirit spheres - are working in unison with him to accomplish this great work to its fullest extent.

And many mortals are inspired by him and by his spirit followers, to assist in this work and make known to mankind the truths of his teachings and the wonderful Love of the Father which passeth all understanding.

So while the dogmas and teachings of many of the churches are not in accord with the truth, yet the teachings of the spiritual truths of Christ's mission, and of the gifts of the Father are now being bestowed upon mankind, and are the causes of many a soul being turned to God's Love and thereby securing their own salvation.

False beliefs and false doctrines as taught in most of the churches do much harm and retard the soul's progress, and keep many souls from the light while on earth as well as in the spirit world, but yet, with all these false teachings are mingled some truths of the soul's qualities for progress, and of the way in which it may find the entrance of God's Love into the soul and into His Kingdom.

I know that many men die with these false beliefs and retain them for a more or less longer time after they become spirits, yet the fact that they have as a part of their beliefs the faith in God's Love and in Jesus' teachings, will help them to grasp the real truth and to progress more rapidly after they have gotten rid of these false beliefs.

So while you must pity the followers of most of these orthodox churches because they are living in the security, as they think, of these false ideas, yet you would not be justified in attempting to do anything to abolish these churches in toto, because there is nothing to supply their places, and the truths which they teach would be destroyed and nothing left to serve the soul's interests.

But I tell you that the time is coming when the churches will teach the real truths of God's Love and of Jesus' mission and the way to man's salvation; and then humanity will be happier, and the Kingdom of Heaven will exist on earth as it does in our Celestial Heavens.

The time is now ripe for these churches to receive these truths, and men's longings for light and happiness will demand that the true gospel be preached, and it will be.

So my dear son, you see the necessity for providing the means by which these great truths may be conveyed to mortals.

The Bible is losing its hold on many - not only the students but the common people as well - and the truths which were intended that that book should contain must be brought to the knowledge and consciousness of men and women.

For many years the powers of the spirit world have been making efforts to have these truths communicated to men, but with very indifferent success.

Now I believe that I can see before me, as a vision, that many good men and women will develop their psychic powers to such an extent that they can be used as mediums of communication, and they will be so honest and earnest in their work, that men will believe the communications and learn the real truths that the Master is striving to teach.

I must stop now, as I have written a long time and you must rest awhile before you continue to write.

Your loving grandmother 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Helen explains the color of skin in the spirit world

June 28th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen

Well sweetheart, you are tired and must not write much tonight for it will make you feel bad. So when I tell you a few things, stop writing.

Well, I see you want to know if the spirits who wrote you last night, I mean the disciples and Solomon, really wrote you. I am glad to say that they did. They were whom they represented themselves to be and you must believe.

After he wrote I had a communication with St. John and he told me that you are on the way to the Kingdom.

He is so loving and so beautiful and seems so filled with Love that I really could not help from loving him. But yet he is not so glorious as the Master. None are - he is the one altogether lovely. But St. John is a wonderful spirit and he is interested in your work and will no doubt write you at times.

I did not talk to St. Paul as he left just as soon as he stopped writing, but I will sometime when he comes to you, as he says he will.

Neither did I talk to Solomon, because he departed as soon as he had finished. You may think him a wonderful spirit in appearance, because of the great number of years since he lived on earth. But the years make no difference in appearance. He looks as young as do your own band, though more beautiful and loving. He is not a spirit who has any of his racial appearance, but as I have said, his appearance is caused by the development, no matter what race they may have belonged to on earth.

When a spirit who was a negro on earth gets this soul development, he goes into that sphere which his development fits him for, and no distinction is made between spirits on account of what their race may have been on earth.

When a spirit who was a negro on earth acquires this soul development the color that distinguished him on earth leaves him and he has the appearance which his soul development gives him. He is no longer a negro but a redeemed spirit and has the color of one.

So you see the color of a mortal on earth does not determine his color in the higher spheres.

In the earth plane the earth color clings to the spirit and sometimes it is intensified. In fact a purely white man may become very dark in that plane, and the negroes become darker. As I have said the condition of the soul determines the appearance.

So the heaven of all races may be the same, provided the individuals of those races obtain this Divine Love in the same degree.

How blinded we are on earth to the fact that all humans are God's children, and all loved by Him just alike, no matter what their color or nationality may be. Well, you must stop now.

So with all my love,

                                                I am your own true and loving,


Friday, June 13, 2014

Ninety Nine Years ago Jesus wrote why men should believe that he is writing these messages

June 15th, 1915

Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I want to tell you tonight that you are much better in your spiritual condition and I desire to write a message, and have you take it, if you feel that you are in condition.

Well, I desire to write on the subject of, "Why men should believe that I, who write to you, am the true Jesus of the Bible, and why I write to you."

When I lived on earth men did not believe that I was a God, or that I was anything more than a teacher of God's truths, possessed of wonderful powers, not then so well understood as they are now since men have comprehended to a limited extent the possibility of the spirit forms operating through the material world - that is, the spirits of men and the mortals of the other - have the power to communicate with one another, and that the powers possessed by the spirits, which are almost unlimited, may to a certain extent be conferred upon and exercised by men. This intercommunication and possession of powers and the conferring thereof on men, was not so well understood when I was on earth as they are now.

I, by reason of my soul development and my knowledge of spiritual things, was able to exercise these powers to an extent that made the people of my time suppose that I was the only Son of God, possessed of many of His powers and attributes; and as a matter of fact I was possessed of these powers and attributes. But I was only a mortal when on earth, and only a spirit after I passed from the earth to the spiritual life.

Of course, my development of the soul qualities were such as to enable me to do many things on earth which no other mortal could do, and after I became a spirit to obtain a position in the spirit world that no other spirit had obtained. Yet I am only a spirit, a highly developed one, possessing more knowledge of God's truths and having more soul development than any other spirit.

If I were God or a part of God, I would be something more than the mere spirit that I am, and my position would be such that I could not or would not communicate with you in the manner that I do. But I am only a spirit, having the same form and means of communicating with the mortals of earth that other spirits have, only to a greater degree. I am not doing that which should be surprising to mankind. My home, of course, is in a sphere far above that of the earth sphere, and my condition of development is far greater than that of any other spirit, and I am not of the earth in any particular, yet my powers are correspondingly great and my ability to communicate is in accordance with my powers and knowledge.

If I were God I would not resort to the means of communication that I do now, and it would not be surprising that men would not believe that I would so communicate. But as I said, not being God there is no reason that I should not communicate through you or any other qualified medium the great truths of my Father and the plan provided by Him for man's salvation.

So men should not think that because I am the Jesus of the Bible, and have for so many years been accepted and worshipped by so large a part of the human race as God, or rather a part of Him, that, therefore, it must not he believed that I, as a spirit, have not the qualifications and powers of other spirits, and because I do so communicate, that I do that which, as God, I should not do.

Well, I must not write more as you are not just in condition. But I will finish the next time you write, as I very much want men to understand my position with reference to them and to the spirit world.
I am not so much in rapport with you tonight as usual, and you are not in condition to take my meaning. We will try again, soon. I want you to pray more to the father and have more faith. I will come again soon. I will say good night.

  Your friend and brother, 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

One hundred years ago May 31, 1914!

It was one hundred years ago yesturday that James Padgett received his first automatic written message from his wife Helen who had passed over on February 12,1914.

He also received the following message from his father John Padgett.

May 31st, 1914 
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:
Yes, I love you and you know it. Come to bed and I will let you feel my arms around your neck and will hug you and put you to sleep so that you will feel better in the morning.

(James asks the question : Were you at the Bahai meeting?)
Yes, I was. I did not think much of the address of the woman from India, because it did not tell of what the Love of God is to the lost souls of man. You were not benefitted much by it, as you were very lonely and needed the Love of God to be preached. 

The other address was better, but it does not tell the way to truth and light that the Bible does. Be a Christian and love the God of the Bible.

Yes I am, and you know that I am in the spirit world. I can see that the things taught are the truth, for I am not in the flesh and am not bound by the limitations of the flesh as I was when alive. 

Yes, and I am trying to help you all that I can. Yes, you do and I will continue to help If you will let me. 

Yes, I look upon him (Jesus) as a man of God, not as God Himself. He is the one that should be your guide and friend. He is a very bright spirit and is far up in the Heavens and is close to God. He does come to us sometimes, and keeps us in holy rapport with the Father. He is the loveliest of all the spirits in the Heavens. He is not angry with you, for he loves you with his whole heart, and will do everything to help you. 

Yes, I am, but I am not in the Heavens yet, but I will soon be and then you will learn much more from me. 

He (Helen's father) is getting better; he is beginning to see that this life is not for the Christians who have not the Love of God in their hearts, but for those who love God with all their hearts and souls. He did not love God truly; he put too much faith in the literal words of the Bible, but did not have the spiritual love that he should have had.

She (Helen's mother) is progressing, too. 
Your father is in the Heavens, and is a bright and shining spirit and is your Guardian Angel. He is with you very much and he will help you to progress and to become a more spiritual man. 

Your mother is far up in the Heavens, and she is with you often and is trying to help you also. She is an exceeding bright spirit and is very strong and is filled with the Holy Spirit to a very high degree. She is one of the brightest spirits that I know. She comes to me often and helps me progress. 

Yes, she (Mr. Padgett's grandmother, Ann Rollins) is too pure and holy to come to me very often, but she is much interested in you and will come to you when you write sometimes. She says she will tell you of the life in the higher spheres, and also will come to you when you sit for a photograph, in her illumined form, so that you may see that she is living and is part of the Kingdom of God. 

She is the brightest spirit that I know. She is a very strong and powerful spirit, and will not let you be bothered by the evil spirits, or those who try to impersonate those spirits who are here and try to talk to you. She is here now and wants me to say that she is the loving grandmother that she always was, and will love you with her whole heart. 

He is not with her in the high Heavens (Mr. Padgett's grandfather), but he is a very bright spirit, and he loves you, too. 

Yes, they are in the Heavens (Grandmother and Grandfather Padgett). Their love was so pure and holy that they went to the Heavens of holy love. 

I must stop. 
     Good night.

*  *  *  *

May 31st, 1914 
Received by James Padgett.
Washington D.C.

I am here, your father:
Yes, I am. And I will try to tell you what you must do to form a band of spirit workers. Let me select them, and then you will not be troubled by bad spirits. You must not try to talk to every one who may come to you, for that will work injury to you and you will not be able to get the best results. 

Let me tell you who you should have form your band: your grandmother, your mother, Helen, Professor Salyards, Mr. Riddle, and myself - these are enough to help you in the investigation of spiritualism.

(Will they join?)

Yes, I will have them come, and you can ask them. 

(Grandmother, Ann Rollins):Yes, I will, and you will be a successful medium, and will not need to go to the séances where you went on Friday night, as they are not helpful to you in the way of progressing in your investigations. 

(Mother):Yes, I am. I certainly will, and you will not be troubled by bad spirits, for your father and grandmother will keep them away from you. 

(Prof. Salyards):Yes, I am, and I will be one of the band to help you. You will be my mouthpiece in my writing to the world the thoughts that I desire to make known on subjects that are of interest to mankind. Keep well and I will soon let you write my ideas of this life and of what I find to be the real truth of the Love of God and the love of mankind. 

(Asks him to write a verse.)
Yes. I am not in condition tonight, as you are too weak to write much more. Yes, I will show my face in the photograph, and then you will know that I am one of your band. 

(Mr. Riddle):Yes, I am, and I will be one of your spirit band. You will not be annoyed by any others than the ones your father has named. I will write you what my beliefs and thoughts are of the life here so that you may know that I am just a spirit in search of the truth. You will see that I am not one who knows everything, but will try to learn whatever is possible and will tell you what I learn. 

Yes, and I  will let you see that I have my mustache and goatee just as in my earthly life.
(Father):Yes. You can go to the photographer as soon as you find it convenient and we will be there, and you will see us all.  I will be in my naval uniform and then you will be convinced that I am living. 

(At the séance on Friday last, J. Shellington spoke to me and asked that he be permitted to join my band of spirits. I had not then thought of or had suggested to me a band of spirits. I suggested his name to my father, who wrote.)
(Father):He is not of the spiritual kind that will be helpful to you, and I do not think it wise for him to join. He is too much of the earthy yet, but will soon progress, and then we may have him join. 

Go to bed and rest.
Your father,
John H. Padgett

Monday, May 19, 2014

Celebrating Memorial Day

Memorial Day in the United States is a day when citizens honor the fallen comrades of this country who have died in a war by going to the Cemetery and placing flowers on their grave.

Many men and women have died in wars throughout the history of mankind. 

War among men has existed for thousands of years and most likely before the time when the Old Testament of the Bible was written. 

How sad this is that man has not evolved in his heart to "Love One Another" as Jesus proclaimed to his followers over two thousand years ago. 

After all this time when Jesus gave mankind this message men still continue to fight with their brothers. Wars still exist on earth. How sad this must be for the Divine Angels who reside in the Celestial Kingdom to come to the earth and watch the fighting and hostility, the cruelty and meaness that takes place among the children of earth.

* * * *

I am here, Jesus:
I am here tonight to continue my messages of the Gospel truths, and I shall continue with John on what commandment I gave my disciples and how obedience to this commandment would bring what has been called theComforter; for in John 14 I said, as it is reported in the New Testament:

 "If ye love me, you will keep my commandments. This is my commandment, that ye love one another even as I have loved you." 

And this statement meant that, as the Messiah, I was giving a commandment which was to be placed with, and above, the Ten Commandments of Moses; and this commandment was the Law of God's Love.

I told my disciples that they were to love one another, not merely that they were to love only themselves, but all mankind, for "one another" was a term which meant not for the circle of the disciples, alone, but for all people; and this love was to include human beings who despitefully used them, and they were to love their enemies as well as their friends.

And that love which they were to entertain for mankind was not the natural love given to all men at their creation by God, but the Divine Love which God had rebestowed upon mankind with my coming; and this Love could be obtained by my disciples if they believed that it was available and that it could be conveyed into their souls through the action of the Holy Spirit.

This was the meaning of the very important phrase, "as I have loved thee." For it meant that I had loved my disciples with the Divine Love which God had implanted in my soul because of my longings for His Love, and that my love for my disciples and, I should add, for all mankind, was the Divine Love which was in my soul and which I had obtained from the Father. So that my disciples, and all mankind, could, by prayer to the Father, obtain the same Divine Love in their souls which filled my own. And this Divine Love was to be the Love with which my disciples were to love one another and all mankind.

This was the only commandment which I gave to my disciples, and no other, for I did not command them to drink or eat bread in memory of me, for such an act could have no merit in bringing the Divine Love into their hearts and could only be an act of veneration which I could not possibly have wished to impose upon my disciples; and this regardless of whether or not I thought death might be near. But I did say, rather, "and I will pray to the Father and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may be with you forever." 

And while I did not say this in so many words, or with those exact words, I simply meant that I would, as I always did, pray to God so that their souls would be opened up to the Divine Love, which is what the writer meant by the Comforter; and that this Love would continue to be conveyed in more and more abundance into the souls of my disciples throughout all eternity. I did not mean that I could pray to the Father to send His Divine Love to my disciples merely because of my prayers, but I meant that the souls of the disciples would have to long for the Father's Love so that it could enter the souls that were in that condition to receive it.

I also said, "If a man love me he will observe my message; if ye keep my commandment ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in His Love," which was another way of saying that those disciples who believed I was the Messiah and loved me would believe that my soul was an immortal one through the Divine Love and pray to the Father for His Love as the way to at-onement with Him and immortality, which was the message I taught and which I asked my disciples, and all my hearers, to apply to themselves and actually pray, and the result would be that they would be filled with the same Love as I was and that we could thus have a mutual Love for one another in the same way that as I prayed to the Father and received more of His Love, I loved God more and more, and His Love for me was in my heart.

These writings from John are correct, in that they show that Love was the great subject of my teachings, but they do not explain the Divine Nature of the Father's Love towards His children, or the fact that I was filled with His Divine Love and sought to have my disciples obtain it as well, through the one way it could be obtained -- through prayer. It does not explain that this Love with which my disciples were to love one another was something more than the ordinary love which humans have for each other, or the special nature of my love for them and humanity. But, if these interpretations are added, then the real meaning of these passages from the Gospel are made manifest.

I have written you tonight on the subject because of your desire to obtain confirmation as to the truths of certain portions of John's Gospel which needed explanation, and because you felt they were close to, if not possessing, the truth; and I shall come again and write you on more material in the Gospels which originally dealt with my teachings of the Divine Love before they were stricken out, or so mutilated as to be unrecognizable.

I think I have written enough for tonight, and so I shall say good night to you and the Doctor  and with my love and blessings to him and to you, I shall close and sign myself your friend and elder brother,

Jesus of the Bible
Master of the Celestial Heavens

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mary Mother of Jesus

Sunday May 11th people in the United States will be honoring their mothers in the celebration of Mother's Day. The following message was received by Jesus second pen and hand instrument, Daniel Samuels, from Jesus mother Mary. In honor of the Mother's Day celebration we share with you this beautiful message that the worlds most famous mother wrote about her son Jesus.

Received by Dr. Samuels
I am here, Mary:

It has been a considerable time, as mortals count time, since I have written you, and that very little. Neither would I communicate with you without having first received approval from my son, who has been giving to mankind for the first time an account of the natural love and those forerunners of the Divine Love which finally led to the fulfillment of the Father's promise in the person of my son Jesus.

Since the time when our Heavenly Host exulted in the opportunities to get serious messages to earth through Mr. Padgett, to whom I wrote like many others of our high spirits, it has been possible to continue our instructions through you; and my son has undertaken to supplement the basic understanding of Divine Love with a study of the religious writings of the Jews to show how this was finally achieved and how it was that my son, the Messiah, attained that soul condition that made him know that this title was his and that something from God, Himself, had permeated his soul, making it At-one in actual substance with the Father.

This soul development of my son, which is very important for mankind to realize if they would understand what enabled him to be the Messiah of God, is the purpose of my son in writing at the present time. He hopes to explain by this not only the Old Testament as the background to his soul development, but the Talmud, some of which was available when he lived, and these non-canonical writings of the times just prior to his coming that will show the mind of Jesus, his thinking, his understanding, his insight and intuition that lifted up his heart and soul to the Father, our God of Israel who poured out His Sacred Love upon my child and made him, in time, His real, only begotten son and thus brought to light eternal life for His creatures.

Most of what the New Testament says about me is untrue. I was married legally to Joseph, my husband, who was a young man, and not the decrepit, impotent old man he is described as by the writers who seek to make me a virgin and mother to a son whose Father has no body or spirit, only an All-Soul filled with Divine Love and Mercy, even in the taking by death of loved ones whose bodies can no longer function or sustain life as it is found on earth. No, I was wife and mother to eight flesh and blood children, my first-born being Jeshua, or Jeshu, for the people spoke differently and pronounced differently in northern and central Palestine, as people speak differently in various parts of your own country. He was born exactly like other babies, and neither he nor Joseph, nor I, had any inkling of what his career was to be; and this is the truth and entirely contrary to what is stated in the Scriptures.

Jesus as a child was serous, studious, pious, one who drank eagerly at the fountainhead of religious instruction and knowledge of God's demands for right living through obedience to His Laws and love for Him. He learned that one day a Messiah would come to help give salvation to the Jewish people; and this thought, which possessed my son because he believed in the writings of Jeremiah and the prophets as well as the precepts of the rabbis, clung to him and became part of him, despite the conflicting ideas that clashed and merged in the religious Palestinian atmosphere and confused many Jews, especially of the north country, into believing that the Messiah was a patriot who would lead his country to freedom from Rome.

It was a long time before Jeshu showed any signs of a love different from the love he showed for me and his father, or for his younger brothers and sisters. He was kind and gentle, but possessed a certain mysticism - a relationship with the hills and the sky, a way of looking at the distant clouds and drinking in, a love of the bright blue heavens, an intense way of holding dear the words of the religious teachers - that separated him from us.

He began to be more and more different; he spoke more and more of God and His Love which, he pointed out to us, was proven by our Scriptures, and by the time he was twenty, wondered if it could be him. This we did not understand. We thought we brought into the world a typical pious Jew of the Chassidic sect - people who had let themselves be butchered rather than do violence to their religious beliefs. Our other children, like Judah and Jacob, were more given to throwing out the Romans; they were very patriotic, as were many of the young boys of this area. (See comment at end)

Jeshu expressed his love for his family by working hard for them and helping my husband. He was dutiful, obedient, protective to the younger children, seeking to live a life of devotion to his family and to avoid the sins of commission and neglect as understood by our community and our religion. He was patriotic, too, but possessed a patience which contrasted with the energy and impatience of his younger brothers. They could not understand how the God of Israel could permit the cruelties which Romans practiced in our country-killings, scourgings, impossible taxes, all kinds of impositions, restrictions and violations which they committed and were sanctioned by the Jewish high priests and the Sadducees.

My son Jeshu counselled peace and forbearance, for he said our God would deliver us from our enemies as in the days of Moses, and that a leader would come forth to deliver the people.

Jeshu began to talk as though he was such a leader. My sons would listen to him and be willing to go with him, and they saw in him a faith in God not found in the high places in Jerusalem nor in the hotheaded youngsters of Galilee, nor among the practical farmers and tradespeople nor even in the rabbis and Pharisees of the land.

But when he began to talk about the personal relationship to God, as having God's Soul Quality in his own being, then we thought he was insane, for to our training and knowledge a thing like this was an utter impossibility, come from a mind of one whose religious studies had deranged his mentality. We could not in all truth understand what we did not possess. Only he knew what he felt; and when he finally left our home to liberate his people, we thought he was a Zealot leader gone to fight Rome, yet bewildered, because he was not belligerent but spoke of peace with Rome through God's Love in man's soul. Thus we thought of him as deranged.

My daughters Leah and Rachel, although in their hearts they loved him dearly, wanted nothing to do with their brother's idealism but were firm in the old tradition of Law and Torah; and my husband, Joseph, who understood Jeshu's soul to a small degree only when Pilate delivered his body to him for burial, felt himself cursed for having such a son, then wept bitterly when he began to realize the worthiness of our son's soul and the sacrifice unto death which he had made, not as a blood sacrifice as most Gentiles believe, but as the sacrifice of his life to carry out his mission - the preaching of God's Divine Love in man's heart - to the opposition of the high priests who feared such unorthodox teachings and Roman response to all mention of Messiahship, which they interpreted to mean "anointing by God of a King of the Jews," especially when he was whom the Romans thought of as rebels against Caesar.

As I, and as we all here in the Celestial Heavens now understand it, Jeshu's love for his family was a natural love, purified. It later became Divine through prayer; but when the conviction that he was the Messiah came to him, he told us that he must attend to his Father's business of proclaiming the glad tidings of His Love, and that for this was he born.

His natural love, which as a young man would have turned him to thoughts of love and marriage, deepened into Divine Love and, absorbed by it, held a marvelous feeling of filial and fraternal devotion and made him feel like the dearest brother to all men and women - all mankind - taking away from him the thought of women and family life. He loved all people with a love which showed itself in kindness, in service, in helping others, in healing wounds of sicknesses, in alleviating sorrow and giving sympathy and comfort for the depressed, the bereaved, the heartbroken and the helpless.

He brought hope and taught salvation to thousands. Even when they did not understand, there was a sincerity, an absolute faith and conviction in the eternal life of the soul which spoke to people's hearts, if not to their minds, and many felt he was the light to the Jewish people who would show the way to God and to peace, in this world and in the next.

Jeshu showed this faith and conviction and love up to the last, on the cross at Golgotha; it was a courage and a patience beyond human capabilities. And, at last, at the foot of the cross, I understood something of what he said and what was in his soul, even just before the end, when I grieved for the one I considered a good son, dying because of a disturbance which manifested itself in a different path in religion and defiance of Roman power.

How mistaken was I, my family and my husband! We understood, yes, after his death, when pain and grief and love had brought some of the Divine Love into our souls. Joseph preached away from home; Jacob founded the Jerusalem sect; Judah and Thomas became his apostles.I tell you these things because they have been requested now, because I now have the opportunity created for me by spiritual forces. I want to tell you most sincerely that I could perceive nothing different in Jeshu's love as a child, nor even as a growing boy, because there was nothing within me to distinguish anything beyond except my mother's love. We did not have a formal Bar Mitzvah at 13, for this was not common at our time, but a later development; yet, he did love to discuss the Scriptures with religious elders.

His Divine Love turned him to God, to think of God and long for God's Presence; to pray, to avoid sins, to take on in his character virtues of kindness, of humility, of service and consideration of others so as not to hurt their feelings; and these were to him of the highest importance.His, too, were qualities of firmness, faith and conviction; of courage, of fortitude and high resolve that faced and found death with tranquility, patience and a oneness with the Love of God that shatters all imagination. Such was my son Jeshu on earth.

As for myself, I speak to you now as a spirit who once was the mother of daughters as well as sons. And I can penetrate into your hearts and see the struggles, the aches, the courage and the faith that animates you.You know that, as a result of this great tragedy in our lives, which gave rise to the turbulence and persecution, and eventual tearing asunder of our holy religion, which my son never sought to destroy but to fulfill its promise, my home life was broken. My husband departed on preaching missions to calm his anguished heart and to proclaim what his son had given his life for, and my sons followed this example and met death in their missions.

I speak to you as a mother who has known sorrow and troubles and tragedy, and who experienced them when least able to meet and surmount them - without the Father's Love to console, to bind up, to heal, to fortify, when they would have meant most. And it is only later that my love for my son deepened into the Divine Love and gave me the courage, the serenity, the love for others, and the certain knowledge of eternal life with God that enabled me to face life and death with peace and love in my soul, and prayer to Him for His Love and Mercy.

Keep faith with God, and be open to His Love, and you will overcome with confidence and, indeed, peace of mind, optimism and happiness, those circumstances that seem to mar the fulfillment of your years. And I pour out upon you - those who feel my motherly love and guidance - all my love, and bless you, and your children. 

Your dearest friend
Mother of Jesus

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jesus' Crucifixion

In the  Padgett Messages  Jesus tells us of his displeasure that mankind places so much emphasis on his crucifixion rather than what was in his heart.

He tells us that it is his wish for mankind to take him off the cross and seek the Father's Divine Love and that it was this Divine Love that transformed his natural love nature into the divine love nature that is the essence of God's soul and for this love that he possessed and proclaimed to his followers as the reason for his crucifixion.

Today many Christians around the world are celebrating the event of Jesus life. 

There are many productions of re-enactment of this event. How is it that so many people on earth are so blind to Jesus ministry and  his  love for God that they continually seek to expose children to the brutality and violence that our beloved King and Master suffered?  

It is appalling that the preachers and ministers and priests of the Christian churches make such a big issue of and impose this event on the souls of little children. 

Children today have enough burdens to carry on their shoulders why do these people continue to persist in imposing more burdens with this kind of teaching when it is something that is not pleasing to Jesus. 

Jesus did not die as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. For people to believe that God would make such a demand of one of his most beloved and devoted children show how ignorant mankind is of the majesty of the creator. People who continue to practice this kind of belief are actually believing in the old  ancient custom of human sacrifice for the sins of mankind.  How deplorable it is that mankind in general has not elevated their thinking beyond an ancient custom that is not pleasing in the sight of God. How can a man with love in his heart for his own son actually think that God would think less of his own beloved son by having him killed. If mankind would listen to their own heart and let God speak to them they would see the absurdity and insanity of practicing such a foolish teaching that only hinders people in their spiritual development and holds them back from becoming the kind of people that God seeks for us to become.

I am here, Jesus:
I am glad to be here tonight to write you on the various points that have come up in your discussions, and I will commence by stating that my knowledge of dematerializing my body was the result not of any psychic powers that I did possess at the time, but due to the soul knowledge which was in me with that sufficiency of the Divine Love which I had obtained through my prayers to the Father at the time.
The story of the crucifixion is one which has appealed mightily to many writers of this and of passed ages, and is the one phase of my mortal existence to which I would least refer; and yet it is a factor which must be considered as part of the life of Jesus, the Messiah, and so I will write a few facts about it.
In the first place, it was not in April that I was arrested and put to death, as has been written so often, but it occurred in March, and there are some indications of this in the New Testament, the first being that the day preceding my arrest I taught in the vicinity of the Temple and it thundered so that some of the people who were listening to my discourse thought that an Angel, or God, had spoken to me, so that the weather was cloudy and changeable at night. It was cold, for, as it is recorded in the New Testament, Peter had to warm his hands in the courtyard of the high priest, and the next day at the scene of the crucifixion it grew dark and cloudy, and there were many who thought that this darkness was an indication of God's anger at the deed.
Now, the fact is that God is Love, and His Divine Love was open to those who were responsible for my death, and He did not express anger because there is no anger in Him; and the storm that darkened that day over Jerusalem simply obeyed the natural order of a new-settled spring at the time.
I wish to say that the trial by the Sanhedrin was in accordance to a rudimentary but superficial degree with the Sadducean laws, but that in the state of that body at the time and its relationship to the ruling priests, they were willing to accept my death by unfair means through perjured witnesses in order to eliminate one whom they considered importunate and dangerous to the Hebrew religion and a source of potential danger to their harmony with the Roman authorities.
I also wish to state that my father, Joseph, was present at this unfair trial and watched me buffeted and condemned, and he was sick at heart at the treatment I received and at the confirmation of his worst fears. And his eyes were opened to the stagnant state of the Sanhedrin at the time, and he realized that what they considered religion was merely farce. And his eyes were opened to the enormous gulf between what was the religion as practiced by its most august body and what I proposed in its place, to not only restore its pristine authority and purity but to impart to it its culminating sublimity and grandeur. And, from this shame and humiliation which he suffered at seeing his first-born son condemned and executed as a criminal, was born the conviction of his son's innocence and the righteousness of his cause, and the truth of his mission.
And I should say, also, that while my body was torn and exhausted by the blows and brutalities of my execution, not once during that time did I lose faith in my Father nor in the truth of my mission; and the burning in my soul constantly told me that I could die only in the flesh and that I would retain my consciousness after my passing over. And this is true: for this same burning in my soul continued as I became a spirit and I looked upon the body which had been pierced. 

It is also true that the Roman Centurian who was officiating at the crucifixion was deeply convinced of my innocence and, while he did not say, as it is recorded in the New Testament, that I was the Son of God (because he did not understand that term), yet he did state that he believed in my innocence; and later, at the Pentecost, and with the preaching of my disciples, and being convinced that I was resurrected, he was converted to Christianity. And the same was true of the lancer, Coriginus, as he is called, who poked his lance into my heart to determine my death: he also became imbued with my teachings in the days that followed the Pentecost, and some others of the Roman soldiery were also affected.
The story of the crucifixion is otherwise substantially the same as recorded in the New Testament, but I never voiced any complaints or doubted that God was with me; and the words attributed to me, "Oh, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I never uttered but were inserted by a copyist many years later to make my death accord with the words of the Psalmist to that effect. It is true that I was placed between two malefactors, but never did one seek to be converted nor did I tell him he would be in Paradise with me, for that was a boon I could not grant, for his place in the world of spirits depended upon his condition of soul.
With respect to the Doctor's friend, I should like to say that it is easier to contact the spirit world than is understood, for there are many spirits who abound ready and eager to make that contact; and the difficulty lies with mortals who live only for the material world and believe that the spirit world is simply a fable and not to be believed; and it is this that prevents rapport. And the type of rapport depends upon the condition of the mortal's spiritual development.
So the Doctor's friend must not think that because we have no tangible evidence of his contacting the spirits is a reason for disbelieving or not having faith in his contacting them, for the fact is that he does, and his efforts to aid them has their effects depending upon the wills of the spirits he communes with and their desire to improve their lot. And I should like to state that this also applies to the Doctor; for although he has been told that before, I think it would encourage him to continue if he hears this confirmation directly from your friend and elder brother, who is

 Jesus of the Bible
Master of the Celestial Heavens

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Helen Padgett enters the Celestial Kingdom and receives a new garment

March 10th, 1915 
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.
I am here, Helen.
Well, I am very happy, and you are happier and feel better. 
I am now going to write you about my home, as I promised, and you must not think I am not in condition to write, if I should not be able to describe it as you may think I should; the only reason for my failure will be that I cannot find words to express myself.

Well, my house is a beautiful white one of a substance that you might think of as alabaster, and two stories in height, with rooms on each side of a wide and beautiful hall. 

The rooms are very large and filled with the most beautiful furniture that you can conceive of. The walls are all hung with satin coverings, and between are lovely pictures. The parlor, as you would call it, is filled with the most exquisite and comfortable couches and chairs, and with beautiful tables and bric-a-brac, and also many pictures of landscapes and fruits and flowers. 

I don't know who painted them, but they are there and give me much delight, and satisfy to so great an extent my love for paintings and pictures. There are also many little curios that would make the heart of an aesthetic person rejoice and feel glad. My music room has in it instruments of various kinds, wonderful in sound and construction. I play some of them and also sing in my weak way, as you say on earth; but I enjoy the music more than I can tell you, and so do many spirits who call to see me.

I have other rooms, such as repose rooms, a library, and rooms for meditation and prayer. My library is full of books dealing with subjects that are to me now so congenial and necessary, for they tell me of God's Love and care for his children. There are also books that deal with the laws of the spirit world and of the other parts of the universe; but these latter I do not read much, for my whole study is so given to the laws pertaining to our own spirit world and its relationship to your world, and the Love of God, and the love that should exist among mortals and spirits, that I do not find time for these other studies; and, in fact, I have not the inclination.

There are books that you might call fiction, but really are not, for they describe the actual experience of spirits in such a vivid and interesting way, that if they were portrayed in your earthly books you would think it fiction.

Not all the books in my library deal with the higher or more substantial things of this spirit life, for we have our recreation for the mind, in the way of variety in reading, the same as you do on earth, and we are the stronger and happier for it. So you see, if you were here, I know that the library would be your place of rest from your work, although I know you like music very much.

We have a dining room also, but we do not need kitchens, as nothing is cooked, but everything eaten just as we get it from the trees and vines. We do not eat meat or bread or potatoes or things of that kind. 
Our food is principally fruits and nuts; and such fruits you never saw and never will until you come with me. The fruits, mostly, are pears and grapes and oranges and pomegranates - of course, not just the same as you know them on earth. I merely use these words of description to give you some idea of what they are like. We have them in great variety and always fresh and ripe. 

The nuts too, are of many kinds and qualities. None need nut crackers for them to be broken in order to be eaten. There are no cakes or candies or anything of that nature. We do not actually eat these things with our teeth and palate and use intestinal organs, as you do, but we inhale, as it were, the delicious flavors and aromas of the fruits; and strange as it may seem to you, we are just as much satisfied, and probably more so than you when you eat them with your physical organs. I cannot more fully explain to you just how this thing is, but, as we say, we eat the fruits and nuts.

We drink pure water, and nothing else; and spirits who say they have wines and other beverages, tell what I have never seen or heard of since I have been in the spirit world. Of course, I do not know every thing that exists in all parts of this great world of spirits. And this water is so pure and satisfying, that I cannot imagine any spirit would want anything else to drink. But, yet, as I say, I do not know as to this.

We do not actually drink the water, for we have not the internal organs that you have in the physical body, but we seem to absorb it in our system in some way that gives all the delight and satisfaction that you enjoy when you drink water.

We often have our "teas", as your fashionable women on earth might say, and very many of our spirit friends attend and help make the gatherings enjoyable and happy ones. Of course, the male spirits attend, for I must tell you that in this life there are no clubs or businesses that keep the sexes apart, as in your life. I mean that the two sexes are more together, and enjoy the society of each other to a far greater degree than in your earth life. Of course, I do not mean that these spirits have all found their soulmates, for that is not true; but each enjoys the company of the others, as friends and spirits having similar desires and aspirations. 

My companions are very similar in their love for the Father and in the development of their souls, and in their thoughts and desires for things spiritual. We discuss many questions pertaining to the soul and it progress, and to the Love of the Father, and to the love of spirits and mortals. While we are joyous and happy beyond compare, yet we do not indulge in frivolities or thoughts that have not a tendency to elevate us to higher things.
We have music and dancing, but our dancing is different from yours. We merely exercise ourselves in graceful and artistic movements, without any contact of spirit bodies, or the embracing of each other. Of course, we hold hands as we dance, but no familiarity, as you would say, is indulged in.

Well, I have a room for repose, where after working long and, to some extent, feeling tired, I rest on these couches that I tell you of. We do not sleep, but sometimes we go into a kind of dreamy state that gives us much refreshment and vigor. I am now resting from some hard work that I have been doing in your earth plane. I mean that when I am not writing to you, I am resting.

So, you see, we are not enjoying one continuous condition of feeling, as that might become monotonous.I am now trying to help some of the spirits who have recently come over from your city, and who were acquaintances of yours on earth. I will tell you of them when next I write you.

I am tired now and must stop.

So with all my love, I am your own true and loving,

December 22nd, 1915 
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen:
Oh my dear, how I wish that you could see me as I am now, and the great love that is in my soul, then you would never doubt me. 

Well my garment is a beautiful, white flowing gown which has all the splendor of the sun shining on the polished silver roof of some Turkish Mosque.

I am dressed all in white and have a golden girdle, and jewels, as you would say, on my head, and an aura that shows the condition of my soul development.My form is very beautiful, the spirits tell me, and my features are very classical and mobile also. 

But wait until you come over and you will see, and if you can't wait, ask your friend Judge Syrick, who is here, what he thinks of my appearance.

So sweetheart I will say goodnight.

Your own true and loving,


December 22nd, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Judge Syrick:

Well Padgett, I heard what your wife said, and I would like to tell you what her appearance is, but I have not words to describe it.

She is a beauty that you have never had the faintest conception or, notwithstanding what has been written you, and your vision also. But I tell you this, that she has a form of the greatest perfection, and countenance, which you have never seen the shadow of on earth, and hence; I can't give you any idea of it.

But her garments are all shining white, with a brilliancy that dazzles us, who look upon her, and her face - oh, what a beautiful face!

I want soon to come and write you a long letter. So I will say with my best wishes.


Your friend,

Frank D. S